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Electrical Engineering is an engineering field that deals with the study and application of electricity, telecommunications, electronics, and certain components of electromagnetism. Electrical engineers are qualified and knowledgeable professionals who have an adept understanding of electricity, circuits, and electrical products to develop, design and operate electrical systems.

At we have a variety of Electrical Engineers that understand the complexities of the industry, who can help our clients in their projects. They can help them design, build and install the electrical system into their projects. They can identify potential issues in the design and could plan out problem-solving techniques to make sure the project is 100% up to industry standards.

Here's some projects that our expert Electrical Engineer made real:

  • Renewable energy projects
  • Repairs on wiring systems for homes and businesses
  • Projects involving electrical circuits and computer hardware
  • Projects involving testing, operating and maintaining equipment related to electricity
  • Troubleshooting electrical faults

Our experts in Electrical Engineering bring the highest level of precision to every project that they work on. They are equipped with the latest knowledge in the field along with extensive experience in research and development to develop innovative solutions.

When it comes to Electrical Engineering, we’ve got you covered! We would love for you to post your project on today so we can provide you with a wide range of experienced Electrical Engineers who can help you achieve the desired goal for your project.

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    1) Se busca programa para leer la huela con sensor de huella AS608 (Guardar, leer en base de datos) comparar una vez ingresada mediante servicio REST. 3) además debe leer tarjeta RFID.

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    I'm looking for a seasoned professional who can help me understand the intricacies of my hydraulic holding machine. Key Requirements: - In-depth knowledge of hydraulic systems, particularly holding machines - Ability to identify and explain the working principles of hydraulic machines with clarity - Prior experience in diagnosing and resolving issues related to hydraulic systems Your tasks will include: - Providing a clear explanation of the working principles of my hydraulic holding machine - Addressing any issues I might have with understanding how the machine operates - Suggesting any potential improvements or efficiencies in the machine's design or operation This project might lead to further collaboration in resolving specific issues and maintaining the machine in the l...

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    In this engaging project, I'm looking for an expert in Arduino programming who can help me set up LED control with a focus on pattern sequencing. My requirement is that the Arduino should control a single LED pattern, not multiple patterns at the same time or switching between patterns. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Profound experience in Arduino programming - Previous experience with LED control via Arduino - Solid understanding of pattern sequencing - Ability to work independently and meet deadlines. Your Tasks: - Development of an Arduino program for LED control - Implementation of pattern sequencing - Ensure the system controls a single pattern at a time - Testing and rectification of any issues. This is an exciting opportunity to showcase your Arduino programming skill...

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    Solid State Disconnect 6 días left

    I'm Looking for an Engineer that can develop a Solid State Disconnect. Space is a premium so it needs to be as small as possible. A continuous rating of 200 amp minimum is preferred and a surge up to 400 amp for 5 seconds. It can be directional, the input and output side will use a rad lock terminal and the trigger/ground will have a flying lead. A status indicator both onboard and as an output to drive a small light is needed as well. This will be use in a very high vibration environment. We can design the case and housing when the board design is complete.

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    I'm in need of an experienced Arduino developer around GTA(Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada)who can design and construct a prototype to a control DC motor machine Key Project Details: - Control: The machine consists of 6 DC motors. The prototype should be able to control and limit the speed of 6 motor independently and - Power: Replace power supply of the machine from 12V battery to 110 V AC adaptor - Interface: The control of these motors should be through a computer interface with software, which means your experience with coding and software development is crucial - Expertise: You should have ample experience working with Arduino and a strong understanding of how to manage and control multiple motors simultaneously Ideal Skills and Experience: • Proven experience with...

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    I'm searching for an experienced developer who can assist in developing a purpose-built, high-resolution camera board for photography. Key Requirements: - Strong background in camera board design and development. - Special focus on producing high-quality images. The camera board should have a high-resolution feature to capture crisp and clear photos. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Understanding of photography equipment and technology. Please note, the specific interface type for the camera board is not a priority and can be agreed upon later in the development process. Highlight your experience with different interfaces in your proposal. Looking forward to your bids.

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    IoT Device for Home Automation 6 días left

    I'm looking for an experienced electronic developer to design a cutting-edge IoT device. The primary focus of this device is to enable home automation. Key Requirements and Responsibilities: - Design, develop, and test the IoT device. - The device should have a seamless integration with a home automation system. It should be able to control various aspects of a home such as lighting, security systems, and more. - Ensure the device is user-friendly and easy to install. Preferred Connectivity Technology: - The IoT device is expected to have a Zigbee connectivity technology. Experience with this technology would be a significant advantage. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in the development of IoT devices, especially those for home automation. - Strong understanding ...

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    I am in search of dynamic engineering professionals with expertise in materials engineering, gas engineering, and electronics engineering to collaborate on an upcoming project. The end goal is new product development which relies heavily on the following areas: * **Design and Analysis**: Given the nature of the project, a good understanding of design principles across all three engineering fields is required. Expected tasks include creating initial designs, simulating performance, and making necessary adjustments based on outcomes. * **Research and Development**: Key to this project's success is continued research and development which includes identifying and procuring the best materials, gas products, and electronics. * **Testing and Quality Control**: In order to ensure the fin...

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    I'm doing a very minor renovation to my office. I removed the existing drop ceiling in the conference room to install sprinklers and spray insulation. The Building Codes Department is now telling me I need an electrical drawing in order to re-install the drop ceiling. I need an electrical engineer licensed in the State of Tennessee to provide an electrical drawing acceptable for permitting. One issue they had was the existence of Romex above the drop ceiling. They want it shielded. This will need to be mentioned in the plan. I have attached an architectural drawing of the space as well as a picture. I can provide dimensions at a later date. Please provide an estimate for the completed drawings and an estimate on the time to complete once you have all the needed information. Thank y...

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    3.5kVa Inverter PCB Circuit Design 6 días left

    I need an experienced PCB designer to create a comprehensive and easy-to-read EDA drawing of a 3.5kVa inverter. The design should include transistors, capacitors, and resistors. Key Requirements: - The design should be through-hole. - The PCB should be easy to understand and follow for assembly and troubleshooting. Deliverables: - The design should include a full assembly instruction so that a technician can follow it easily. - Please ensure that the design includes all necessary transistors, capacitors, and resistors. Ideal Freelancer: - Experienced with EDA software. - Capable of creating a through-hole PCB design. - Able to provide detailed project proposals. - Previous experience in designing inverter circuits is a plus.

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    I am in need of an expert who can identify if a noise coming from the upper floors of my high-rise apartment building is due to settling or if it's mechanical. Here are some key details to consider: - The noise can be described as intermittent banging. - The occurrence of the noise appears random, with no specific pattern identified yet. The management said it is the building settling (it is 6 months old) and will not do anything to remedy the situation or move the resident. Ideally, you have experience with buildings and engineering, especially in noise analysis and troubleshooting for high-rise structures. Familiarity with different types of building materials and their acoustic properties would be beneficial. Your task would be to provide an accurate analysis of the cause of thi...

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    I'm in need of a skilled MATLAB/Simulink expert to develop a comprehensive model of an electric parking brake actuator. The model should include a control algorithm (microcontroller μC) ), sensory feedback, and simulate the dynamics of the chosen actuator, an Electric motor with gears and Lead Screw, PWM & H-Bridge. With control dashboard for simulate the problem (power loss) and switching to solution (Battery). Key Requirements: - Develop a robust control algorithm for the actuator - Incorporate sensory feedback mechanisms - Simulate and analyze the dynamics of an Electric motor with gears and Lead Screw - Provide detailed performance metrics like response time and force applied Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in MATLAB/Simulink - Experience with modeling and simu...

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    I'm in need of an experienced Analog Circuit Designer to assist with the conceptual design and simulation of a prototype. - The purpose of this project is to develop a prototype, not for research or educational purposes. - I'm currently in the initial stage of prototype development, so we're focusing on conceptual design. - The major components of the analog circuit I need assistance with are transistors and timers. - I have a preliminary reference circuit whose functionality to be replicated with equivalent circuit. Ideal candidates should: - Have prior experience in analog circuit design for prototype development. - Be proficient in using simulation tools. - Have a solid understanding of transistors and timers. - Possess strong problem-solving skills.

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    I'm in need of an electrical professional to adjust the settings on our second and third circuit breakers. At the moment, a short is causing a malfunction whereby these breakers are not tripping in the correct order. The ideal sequence that needs to be achieved is for the first breaker to trip first, followed by the second, and then the third. It has been determined that the issue is not due to electrical overload or a mechanical fault, but rather incorrect settings. Skills and requirements for this project include: - Profound knowledge of circuit breakers and how they work - Problem-solving and analytical abilities - Extensive experience in adjusting circuit breaker settings I look forward to working with someone who can quickly and efficiently rectify this issue. Thank you.

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    I am seeking an experienced electrical engineer to assist with various tasks related to a commercial project. The scope of the project includes: Design and permit addition of 8 meters to office suites.

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    I'm in the process of designing a four-legged quadruped robot for exploration and research purposes. I'm in need of an electronic engineer with a deep understanding of Arduino, circuit design, programming, and prototype building. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a robust and efficient circuit design for the quadruped robot. - Write the necessary codes and implement the programming required for the robot's functions. - Construct a functional prototype of the quadruped robot. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in designing and developing Arduino-based projects. - Strong background in electronic engineering and circuit design. - Proficiency in programming languages suitable for robotics, particularly for quadruped robot movements. - Previous experience in protot...

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    I'm looking for a raspberry pi developer that has a raspberry pi 4 and a webcam to make this script. The script needs to: - Track my eye with a raspberry pi webcam in real time -Use this data to move a drawing of an eye that is output on a lcd display -use a light sensor to contol the size of the pupil.

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    I'm looking for an experienced Arduino programmer to design a unique and user-friendly vending machine. This machine will dispense multiple kinds of lottery tickets via a modern touchscreen interface. Key responsibilities will include: - Crafting a sleek, intuitive touchscreen interface. - Implementing an effective system to manage and distribute 3 or more distinct types of lottery tickets. Skills and experience preferred: - Strong background in Arduino and vending machine design. - Proven track record with touchscreen interfaces. - Experience in developing versatile ticket-handling systems. This project is a phenomenal opportunity to showcase your skill in bringing a creative vending machine concept to life. Your Arduino programming expertise will be crucial to its success. First...

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    I'm seeking a power system network design and simulation expert to specifically carry out fault level calculations using appropriate software. Key Responsibilities: - Utilize professional tools like PowerWorld or Neplan to design a single-line diagram and conduct accurate fault level calculations. - Ensuring the designed network is optimized in terms of power flow and efficiency. - Implementing the results to enhance the system's reliability and load management. Relevant Experience: - Previous experience with power system network design and simulation - Proficiency in utilizing PowerWorld and Neplan (preferred but not mandatory) - Understanding of power system analysis and optimization to help enhance efficiency and reliability. This project is time-sensitive, so prompt and ...

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    I have an Adobe Inventor technical drawing and I need a freelance CAD designer to create the part "shaft" . You'll need to verify the part's volume and then proceed to create detailed documentation. Key Tasks: - Create the "shaft" part in Adobe Inventor. - Verify the shaft's volume using iProperties. - Produce comprehensive documentation for the shaft, including dimensions and views. - Prepare the documentation in PDF format. Preferred Skills & Experience: - Proficient in CAD software, particularly Adobe Inventor. - Experience with creating precise and detailed technical documentation. - Ability to adhere to specific document formatting requirements. - Familiarity with producing PDF files. - Excellent attention to detail. Please note: The project r...

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    I am looking for an experienced engineer to provide Power and Signal Integrity (PI & SI) analysis using Hyperlynx tool. The simulation we are looking to perform is crosstalk analysis, which requires both pre- and post-layout simulations. require your support to do the simulation hyperlynx software, frequency response, eye diagram, S-parameter extraction, Insertion loss, return loss, signal integrity etc, so needs to support and train step by step how to use hyperlynx simulation to upload the PCB board and run the simulation.

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    To help with my project, I require a seasoned PCB designer with a keen focus on digital circuit design. The purpose of this circuit will specifically be for an industrial control system, hence, a good understanding of these systems, including their operation, challenges, and requirements, will be crucial for this role. Key Skills & Experience: • Expertise in digital circuit design • Previous experience with industrial control systems • Strong understanding of PCB design principles, tools, and processes • Excellent problem-solving capabilities. This role calls for precision, attention to detail, and creativity in design, to ensure a reliable and robust industrial control system. Success in this project will have a significant impact on the ongoing efficiency and sa...

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    Electric Cooler & Warmer 5 días left

    We are looking for an experienced engineer/designer to create a thermoelectric cooling and warming container with digital controls, IoT Matter integration, a removable battery, and a charging station. The project involves designing and developing both the hardware and software components to ensure a functional and user-friendly product. The project includes the design and development of a thermoelectric cooling and heating system using Peltier modules, integrated with heat sinks and fans for efficient heat dissipation. The unit should be well-insulated to maintain the desired temperature. The unit should also have 50 litres of space inside it for items to be cooled/warmed. The digital control system will be microcontroller-based and will include an LCD display and control buttons for sett...

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    Job Description: We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced professional to modify an existing recorder/speaker device by adding a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct receiver. The enhanced device should allow for the secure transfer of audio files between a custom mobile application (iOS and Android) and the speaker/recorder. Additionally, we require connections in sourcing and manufacturing the modified device at a reasonable price. For reference, the existing recorder can be viewed here. Responsibilities: • Integrate a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Wi-Fi Direct receiver into an existing speaker/recorder device. • Ensure the device can exclusively receive audio files from our custom mobile application. • Explore different audio file types to make it more difficult to send...

    $750 - $1500
    $750 - $1500
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    I'm seeking a skilled IoT Smart Meter Designer for a comprehensive project. Key Features: - Real-time energy monitoring - Remote control functionality - Energy consumption analytics - DLMS Protocol Integration -Two chip architecture for metering and communication - Forwarded metering / Net metering – paid for energy generation through solar power plants or other distributed generation methods - Open communication protocol (DLMS) stack - In-house development - Algorithms – Contains algorithms for energy calculation and management, theft detection, data logging, encryption algorithm based on standard NIST 800-38D (Mechanism ID 5) - Pluggable Network Interface Card (NIC): - Interfacing multiple wireless communication technologies like 2G, 3G, 4G, WIFI, Blueto...

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    My project requires a dedicated professional with expertise in electrical, plumbing, and title 24 engineering. - Electrical: The main focus must be on creating plans for lighting design, electrical wiring, and power distribution. Ideal for engineers proficient in - Lighting design - Electrical wiring - Power distribution Architectural plans will be provided but the creation of electrical plans is needed, as it is an integral part of the project. Please note, plumbing specifics have not been finalized. However, experience in water supply, drainage systems, and gas lines would be a significant advantage. A firm grasp of title 24 requirements is crucial. This job requires meticulous attention to detail, a deep understanding of electrical and plumbing systems, and a comprehensiv...

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    I am looking for a professional who can create a methodology to optimize power consumption in IoT devices. My project focuses on industrial sensors that are primarily used for temperature monitoring, and operate on Bluetooth wireless communication. Key responsibilities will include: - Development of innovative methodologies specifically aimed at minimizing power consumption in industrial sensor devices - Implementing these methodologies using hardware optimization methods - Ensuring that the optimization does not impact the device's primary function of temperature monitoring The ideal candidate for this project should have: - A profound understanding of IoT devices and their power requirements - Experience in developing methodologies to optimize battery usage, particularly in the co...

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    I am in need of a skilled developer to enhance the Magcharge amoled. This project will involve adding new features and improving the user experience. The main purpose of this project is to provide wireless charging capability, improve display quality, and enhance the overall user experience. Key features and functionality that will be required include: - Fast charging - Compatibility with multiple devices - Customizable charging patterns The target audience for this project is broad and includes general consumers, tech enthusiasts, and business professionals. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in wireless charging technology - Experience with display quality enhancement - Strong knowledge of user experience design - Ability to develop customizable feature...

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    I'm looking for an intermediate-level SIEMENS PLC programmer with expertise in the SIMATIC Manager software. The primary tasks for this role will be programming and configuring PLC systems. Key requirements: - Intermediate level experience in PLC programming - Proficiency in SIMATIC Manager software - Previous experience in programming and configuring PLC systems This project requires both a good knowledge of the SIEMENS PLC software and a solid understanding of how to effectively program and configure PLC systems. Your expertise will be crucial in ensuring that our systems run smoothly and efficiently. Please only apply if you meet these criteria.

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    Naše firma poptává elektro projektanta s praktickou zkušeností v E-Plan. Nabízíme spolupráci od 05/2024 - 11/2024. Máš zkušenosti s elektroprojektováním a hledáš práci, kde tvé dovednosti opravdu využiješ? Přidej se k nám jako EPLAN Projektant a staň se nepostradatelnou součástí týmu, který se zabývá zařízením na testováním baterií do elektroaut. U nás nebudeš jen dalším článkem v řetězci, ale člověkem, jehož rozhodnutí formují naše projekty od počátku až do finálního provedení. Jsme zavedená...

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    I'm after an IMMEDIATE TURN AROUND on this, if you can't do it within 48hrs don't bid. All components must be in stock at JLCPCB if not that must be in stock LCSC. Board 1 Simple WS2812 Board Circle, 80mm, 2 holes in center, with roughly 20 WS2812 around the outside. 2 x 2 lots of wire holes. eg. input/output, +, - Board 2 4 x WS2812 30x30mm JST Connector. Board 3 Input Output board for daisy chaining WS2812 - Input signal connector - Power connector Then has 10 JST connectors which are, input, output, +, - Board should have a small LED for seeing if it has 'power'. Board should also have some small capacitors on it as needed for power draw of WS2812. Board 4 (this design is done, needs minor modification). Very basic, mini Power Distribution board. 1 inp...

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    I am seeking a top-tier, experienced Engineering PhD thesis writer with a strong background in my subject area. - I aim to have a comprehensive literature review in my thesis, with a focus on the latest research in the field. - I already have the data ready for analysis, so you will not be required to assist with data collection. The ideal candidate should have: - An Engineering PhD or significant experience in the Engineering field - A proven track record of writing PhD level theses - A strong understanding of the latest research in the Engineering field and the ability to translate this into a comprehensive literature review Thesis of antenna theory and Rf engineering.

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    I am seeking a skilled motor control designer to develop an AC motor control system for use in industrial machinery. The design should focus on speed control, reverse functionality, and overload protection. Key Requirements: - Expertise in AC motor control system design - Previous experience working on industrial machinery projects - Proficiency in implementing speed control, reverse functionality, and overload protection features This project requires a professional who is adept at designing complex motor control systems and has a strong understanding of the unique challenges and safety requirements involved in industrial settings. The ideal candidate will be able to deliver a reliable, high-performance solution that meets all specified requirements.

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    Urgent KiCad PCB Designer Needed 5 días left

    I need a KiCad expert to convert my simple hand-drawn circuit diagram into a single-sided PCB layout. - The design is relatively simple, involving components such as RGB LEDs, switches, and 8-pin ICs. - I will provide a proper pin configuration document to guide the design process. - I'm looking for someone who can start on the project immediately and deliver high-quality work within a short timeframe. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in KiCad - Experience with simple circuit designs - Ability to work under tight deadlines

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    Electric Driven Weeder Machine 5 días left

    I'm looking to develop an electric-driven weeder machine primarily for the purpose of weed removal. The machine will be used on flat and open fields, so it needs to be designed to operate effectively in such terrains. Some key points about the project: - The primary goal of the weeder machine is for efficient weed removal. - It will be used on flat and open fields and should be designed for optimal performance in such terrains. - While the primary focus is on functionality, the environmental impact of the machine is also somewhat important. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Mechanical engineering background with experience in designing agricultural machinery. - Knowledge of electric-driven systems and their application in agricultural machinery. - Prior experience in design...

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    I'm in need of an experienced Electronics Manufacturer to develop my productivity-focused consumer electronic device. • The core of the job revolves around the creation and eventual mass production of a medium complexity consumer electronic device. • The primary function of the device is to increase productivity, therefore previous work experience in the same domain would certainly give you a leg up. Key Skills and Experience: • Proven experience in electronic manufacturing is a must. • Expertise in productivity gadgets would be a significant advantage. • Proficiency with consumer electronic devices of medium complexity. • Ability to interpret product specifications and transform them into a tangible electronic device. Please only bid if you have the ...

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    Electrical Engineer Needed 4 días left

    Responsibilities: Design the electrical system, including the power supply and charging mechanisms. Develop circuit designs and PCB layouts. Integrate rechargeable batteries and manage power distribution. Ensure electrical safety and compliance with relevant standards. Collaborate with the embedded systems engineer on hardware integration. Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or a related field. Proficiency in circuit design and PCB layout software (e.g., Eagle, KiCad). Knowledge of power management and battery systems. Experience with solar power systems (optional). Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Preferred: Experience in designing consumer electronics. Familiarity with waterproof electronic components.

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    Embedded Systems Engineer 4 días left

    Responsibilities: Develop and program the microcontroller (Arduino/ESP32) to control the cleaning device. Integrate sensors, motors, and pumps with the control system. Write firmware to handle sensor data processing and motor control. Test and debug hardware and software components. Ensure the system operates reliably in a variety of environmental conditions. Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or a related field. Experience with microcontroller programming (Arduino, ESP32). Knowledge of C/C++ programming for embedded systems. Experience with sensor integration and motor control. Strong debugging and problem-solving skills. Preferred: Experience with IoT devices and wireless communication protocols. Familiarity with power management for...

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    I am looking for an expert consultant with extensive experience in renewable energy solutions in civil and electrical engineering, preferably with hands-on experience in hydro power system development and implementation, to assist with interviewing potential candidates for Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering Hydro Power project. I need someone who can help with technical interview questions to gauge their needs experience and knowledge. Key Responsibilities: - Sit on a panel to interview perspective candidates for technical questions regarding their abilities across civil and electrical engineering. Ideal Skills and Experience: - 25+ years experience working with renewable energy project work - Proven track record in successful hydro power projects - Thorough understanding of...

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    I need an experienced engineer to integrate a PCB (device) with a SIMCOM A7672SA module for data tracking. Key Requirements: - The SIMCOM A7672SA module is essential for the wireless communication required for this project, supporting the tracking of location data. - The overall goal of this project is to enable the transmission of location data to a PWA. The successful integration will allow for real-time tracking, communicate some variables and monitoring of the device's location. Ideal Skills: - Strong understanding of SIMCOM A7672SA module - Experience in real-time tracking and data transmission In your proposal, please provide relevant experience and a clear understanding of how you would approach this project.

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    I am working on a project that needs a PCB to be designed. The primary task is to assess the battery capacity required for the PCB to last for 8 hours of continuous operation. (The PCB is already designed) Key Details: - The PCB contain a microcontroller, capacitors and resistors, sensors, SIMCOM A7672SA module, TI chip for switching external/internal battery and few other things. - Specific power requirements such as voltage range, current consumption, and battery type need to be considered and calculated accurately to reach 8 hours of autonomous functioning. Skills and experience in electronics, PCB design, and battery optimization are essential for this project. Your ability to accurately assess power requirements and suggest appropriate battery solutions will be crucial. It is impor...

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    I'm on the lookout for an engineering professional knowledgeable in particularly motors and hydraulic power units, to validate the amperage usage of a Power unit which is a 80mm 12V PM motor 0.8 kW, 0.50 GPM pump with a 1.5 liter reservoir or a .13 gallon size depending on need.. Key Points: - In terms of operation, anticipate intermittent usage. Ideal candidate should carry experience in: - Hydraulic power system design - Understanding of electrical load and power unit usage - Set efficiency testing standards under intermittent operation conditions. This project requires keen attention to detail, accuracy in testing optimization of motor usage and power consumption. Proven experience in similar projects would be a plus. The power unit being tested is a Monarch M-259 or similar...

    $750 - $1500
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    $750 - $1500
    17 ofertas

    I'm looking to hire a talented graphic designer with a deep understanding of mechanical engineering. The primary goal of this project is to design a new machine. Key Responsibilities: - Combine engineering principles with creative design to generate innovative machine concepts - Design detailed schematics and blueprints for the machine - Ensure that the machine design is both practical and aesthetically pleasing Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in graphic design software - Strong understanding of mechanical engineering principles - Proven experience in designing and creating machines - Ability to think creatively and turn ideas into practical designs - Strong attention to detail - Excellent communication skills to effectively collaborate with the engineering team.

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    I'm seeking a knowledgeable gas generator engineer to assist inspection of a proposed generator to be purchased and (700 kW and above) natural gas generator. This will function as a primary power source. Key responsibilities includes, testing, and validate technical report for the generator. Ideal Skills/Experience for the job: - Previous success with designing and testing large natural gas generators - Deep understanding of gas generator power systems - Excellent problem-solving skills - Strong technical knowledge in the use of natural gas as a primary power source - Capabilities to address any unexpected issues during the project quickly and effectively. Your professional advice and expertise throughout this project will be highly valued. I look forward to working with you and g...

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    I require a code written for Arduino, aimed at controlling a servo and a push button switch. The keystones of the project are listed below: - Power Toggle: The configured Arduino code should allow the push button switch to stimulate a power-off sequence, engaging power on for 1 second, taking a pause of exactly 12.5 seconds before it is ready for another activation. - Servo Control: On trigger of a proximity sensor, the code should direct a digital servo motor to rotate a complete 180 degrees and return to its initial 0-degree stance. This whole sequence should be initiated only once per each sensor detection and once per push button cycle only when proximity sensor is switched. - Sensitivity: The proximity sensor should be highly sensitive, reacting to objects placed within 5 cm of i...

    $451 (Avg Bid)
    $451 Oferta promedio
    54 ofertas

    I need to make a statemachine in Multisim, please let me know if you can do it, below are the requirements I have been assigned. If you can do this please let me know and I will give you the words I need to display. I need to use D flipflops, seven segment display, logic gates if needed, spdt switch, dcd_hex display and a minimum of 6 states. Design and simulate a State Machine that will spell out a specific word when En=1 and a different word (using the same list of letters) when En=0. For example, if you had states which displayed the letters AHINORT you could spell T-H-O-R-N if En=1 and spell T-R-A-I-N if En=0. Use the provided WORD LIST to find pairs of words that use some (if not all) of the same letters. Use a minimum of 6 states, no duplicate letters allowed. (Ex: “onion&rd...

    $154 (Avg Bid)
    $154 Oferta promedio
    7 ofertas

    I'm looking for a skilled professional who can design and implement an advanced E-bike controller system based on a Raspberry Pi, with innovative A.I. interaction capabilities. Key Project Features: - Real-time Data Monitoring: The circuit should offer comprehensive real-time data monitoring capabilities to ensure optimal performance and safety. - Smart Navigation Assistance: I need a system that can not only track my route but also provide intelligent navigation suggestions to optimize my journey. - Automatic Battery Management: The controller should be able to efficiently manage the battery, ensuring its longevity and maintaining optimal power output. Interface Requirements: - Mobile App Integration: The controller should be seamlessly integrated with a mobile application, allowi...

    $472 (Avg Bid)
    $472 Oferta promedio
    41 ofertas

    I'm looking for a skilled designer who can color my robot in a vibrant and abstract style. The aim is to bring out not only the aesthetic appeal of the robot, but also to have the colors convey a deeper meaning that resonates well with the overall design and purpose of the robot. Key Responsibilities: - Create a vibrant and abstract color scheme for the robot - Ensure that the colors chosen are not only visually striking, but also are in sync with the robot's intended purpose - Suggest and execute on the use of colors that can convey a specific meaning or theme Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in designing and coloring robots or similar mechanical entities - Proficiency in creating abstract and vibrant color schemes - Ability to align color choices with the inten...

    $21 (Avg Bid)
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    9 ofertas

    I'm in need of a talented PLC programmer to assist with a project that involves programming a Schneider Electric PLC system for machine control. Key Responsibilities: - Design and implement a robust and efficient control logic for the machine using Schneider Electric PLC. - Configure and integrate the PLC with the machine's various components to enable seamless operation. - Ensure the safety, reliability, and accuracy of the machine control system. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Schneider Electric PLC programming. - Strong understanding of machine control systems and processes. - Previous experience in designing and implementing PLC systems for machine control. - Attention to detail and a commitment to delivering high-quality work. If you have the expertise and experience req...

    $116 (Avg Bid)
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