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Artificial Intelligence, known as AI, is an aspect of computer science that deals with creating intelligent machines that function and react just like humans. AI is designed to handle activities such as Problem solving, planning, learning, reasoning, speech recognition, perception, ability to manipulate and move objects, etc.

Artificial Intelligence has grown to become an essential part of the technology industry today, and functions carried out by AI are highly specialized and technical. Introducing common sense, problem-solving, and reasoning power in machines is a very tedious and difficult task.

A major field of AI is Robotics, which requires intelligence to execute tasks like object navigation and manipulation. AI is used in machines, automobiles, and even on the webs like chatbot.

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    Quiero desarrollar una app en android y apple que permita filtrar e identificar violencias de acuerdo con los parámetros de organizaciones multilaterales- el trabajo es único en su clase, quien participe, se le reconocerá y podría ser parte del desarrollo subsecuente en diferentes versiones. Necesito que estés a la altura de lo que es "state of the art&quo...

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    Hi, Looking for freelance tech content writers about Estimating crop water requirements by Artificial Neural Networks and meteorological variables 400 words for Introduction about importance of water and estimating crop water requirements 600 words for Methods about AI - The text should be able to pass the iThenticate - English native speakers are preferred - PLEASE do not request a higher fee th...

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    Intelligence Analysis 6 días left

    This should be done using a new software called Disciple CD [iniciar sesión para ver URL] an Intelligence question and a leading hypothesis. [iniciar sesión para ver URL] that hypothesis consider 3 items of evidence. [iniciar sesión para ver URL] the evidence to the hypothesis through an argument. [iniciar sesión para ver URL] each item of evidence assess and explain ...

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    Need to validate the script and perform some tests of the AI. I have already created Scilab version 5.5.2 script for the project of a non-linear optimization that will predict an currency exchange rate for 4 future periods based on the history. Prediction row is set as a parameter. This project should present the results as a 1) currency rates 2) rates of selected currency "basket" I ...

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    Use any open source computer vision libraries like OpenCV, Yolo etc to write an algorithm that takes in two images as input. One of the image would be a website screenshot. The other image would be a logo. The goal is to find the probability/chances that the logo is present in the screenshot image. Algorithms like SIFT (Scale invariant Feature transform) have helped in the past with this but the...

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    AI Email Sort 6 días left

    I need an AI Bot that sorts my emails into various folders based on my previous choices. I use outlook express.

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    Computation Intelligence 6 días left

    I require some solutions to questions i have for a computer science / computational intelligence project. If you are familiar with the following computational / artificial intelligence terms only then apply, else do not waste my time please. Thanks - neural network - Multi Layer Perceptron (MLP) - connection weight - crossover and mutation - evolutionary algorithm, - Single-Layer Perceptron (SLP...

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    Hi, I want to develop a carpooling application with Map support. Fare will be calculated based upon the distance traveled. Interested experts should contact if they have done similar kind of project before. Let me know the price of the project and time required to complete. I am very much concerned about privacy of my ideas and reselling such project/idea to any other customer is not allowed.

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    Neuromorphic Technologies NT is a Research and Development (R&D) enterprise with focus in Artificial Intelligence AI, Robotics and Intelligent Control [iniciar sesión para ver URL] Fernando Jiménez Motte CEO NEUROMORPHIC TECHNOLOGIES NT [iniciar sesión para ver URL]

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    There is an existing model and I would like to add another component and see what the results are. I have the code and everything but it may need cleaning and some changes little bit based on the new component we're adding

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    Algorithm to calculate FICO scores like the way Experian, Equifax, Transunion does it.

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    Specific Module Development 4 días left

    Dear Professionals, Please read detailly following keywords 1- System engineering 2- Network Engineering 3- Advanced Python Knowledge 4- Machine Learning 5- Artificial Intelligence 6- Project Based Working 7- NOT INDUSTRIAL TARZAN STYLE , idealist and academical style development will be followed 8- If you are familiar with following terms and if you developed something its great A. Pente...

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    I need a research paper based on IoT using AI techniques

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    Mobile app with AI 4 días left

    We are looking for artificial intelligence programmer who can develop operating software that can be used for ride sharing mobile app

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    I have a very long list of content to be written (including brand new website etc.) and am trying to find the right content writer to partner with over the long term. I felt that a whitepaper on processing unstructured data (info from pdfs, emails, contracts, etc.) with artificial intelligence (deep learning neural networks) was a logical place to start to determine if someone had the writing qual...

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    I want an AI model that summarizes online articles.

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    I have small example to manual solve TSP example using simulated annealing I want to solve it according to the algorithm step by step

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    Hello, I am looking to have a quick discussion with someone who is an expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning to discuss an idea based on AI and video surveillance. Please write to me with some of your background and if you can help. The task is just a quick chat on what would be needed for this idea. Kind regards

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    Need help in Data Mining task 3 días left

    Need help in Data Mining task.. mainly work on domain ontology

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    It’s an app for personal medical health care assistance

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    we are a startup based in Tanzania, East Africa. We aim to bridge a communication gap between people with hearing impairment and hearing people using a virtual sign language translator. The system should be able to accurately detect voice based on swahili and english speech as input, recognize speech and translate the voice and display output into sign language using a 3D avatar. The mobile app s...

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    Hello, Looking for a freelancer with expiration with setting up training environment for latest version of YOLO engine. Your job is setup training environment on our server.(windows 10 operating system) the training should accept images and create data modules for object detection. A well written documentation is required about how training environment is prepared as well as how to use newly ...

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    object detection based on PCA 2 días left

    object detection based on PCA using MATLAB

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    AI Drone System 2 días left

    that is highly classified i cant go in details but i made AI Drone for Indian army

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    Photo QR code 2 días left

    My name is Mohammad Afsal, I'm a business development officer. Our company is planning to create a new software. For that we are hiring a freelance software developer. Outline of the software:- The selected Image from a newly generate computer folder should automatically compress its file size and they must be upload into a server in JPEG format. The identity of that image must be generated...

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    A system based on the integration of text mining and semantic services for course specification according to quality standards. -- The user select a txt/word file which contains a computer lesson that is already exists on the computer Then by pressing, "extract" the program should give a 3 goals: 1- Skilled goal 2- Cognitive Goal 3- sentimental Goal The program only talks about computer ...

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    GoodDay Dear FreeLancers ! Iam looking for somebody who can help me build a Recruitment Website followed by Mobile App ! This is not a high end project and I dont need Huge Team to build the portal and quote me High bids ! An individual with strong Webportal knowledge would suffice the project ! Any Serious and Professional Freelancers interested to do the needful please reach me to discuss on the...

    $965 (Avg Bid)
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    Don't sent generic bid , It will be serious project and have long term future scope .My process has been to make contact with a developer, share our specs, schedule chat to answer any questions, and then receive a proposal and offer comments on it. technology Already mention in the Project heading : What exactly does the App do? In an intuitive manner, using the Office of the Ombudsman&rsqu...

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    Data Scrapper 1 día left

    I am looking for a professional who can do data mining for me and scrap data from website and help me uploading the same on my website.

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    i made a csv file of three most Famous player in my country (c_r,l_m,m_s) csv contain the (matches,goals,penalties,assists) in for columns and put them in plots use matplotlib modules in python the main ideas for this project to see the best player of all this player and why i choose them based in what?...

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    We are specialists in hair industry and we need an app or a landing page that we can let the customer use in order to choose the color of the hair that they want to apply before dying their hair and can use it to see the color on their head using the app or website .

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    For deaf and mute people, an application through which Indian sign language can be translated to text or speech and vice versa. We would require a prototype for this.

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    Design and develop a (software based) intelligent system , you are required to develop and implement a prototypical ontology-based intelligent information system for an application area of your choice, For instance, your system could focus on faceted browse and search functionality based on an ontology. An example would be an online retail system enabling users to search for different facets of a...

    $122 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, I would like to have a quote to write some parts of two academic paper about artificial intelligence Thanks The text should be able to pass the iThenticate Paper I: Estimating crop water requirements by ANN and meteorological variables 400 words for Introduction about water and estimating crop water requirements 600 words for Methods about AI Paper II: Reservoir Inflow Estimating by Deep...

    $113 (Avg Bid)
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    meplus tesla Final left

    We are a digital platform that aim to enhance human well being based on the knowledge of human brain functions. It is an AR application that will be available in smart phones and also AR glasses. We considered the power of gamification to design communities and self challenges in the real world. on the other side the user has empowered by the options that is provided by AI

    $1150 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a Machine learning expert for my multiple projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers.

    $7 - $69
    $7 - $69
    23 ofertas

    I need a Machine learning expert for my multiple projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers.

    $21 - $173
    $21 - $173
    23 ofertas

    I need a Machine learning expert for my multiple projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers.

    $7 - $69
    $7 - $69
    22 ofertas

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