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Legal research refers to the process of identifying and retrieving information pertinent to support legal decision making. Legal research involves finding sources of authority law, in a given jurisdiction by law professionals such as lawyers and paralegals. If your business needs legal research work done, you can hire freelancers for the same. Simply post your legal research job today in order to get competitive bids from freelancers! Contratar a Legal Researchers


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    family law section 4023 6 días left

    I need to show case law, specially from state bar of CA stating that an attorney must only take cases that meet legal criteria (for example, I walk into a lawyer and say I need to file for divorce but I am not married ) I argue that family code section 4023 states the legal criteria for spousal support and that his client did not mee the legal criteria therefore taking the case is or ought to be unethical

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    business/legal writer 6 días left

    To Write Apointment letter, offer letter, term and conditions, Term Of service,

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    Alabama Probate Court Research 6 días left

    I need a motion to dismiss drafted with case law to support the pleading. Must be completed within 12 hours. Motion should be simple and include case law that show a redemption matters must be handled in probate court rather than circuit court.

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    I loaned my son who was married a onetime no interest loan from our family's savings for his divorce attorney's retainer. My son killed himself on 02/15/22 in our home, the remainder of the retainer was made out to his estate and was sent to our house (because it was his residence when he died. Now I have to file as an estate debtor being that there was not a will. I sent his wife a certified letter stating that I am needing to get my partial payment from cashing the check and that our son's estate will be responsible for the remainder. There is also text from my son's father-in-law stating that they needed all of his property back so all of the bills accrued can be paid

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    EB1 Letter writeup 6 días left

    Need EB1 Immigration Paralegal help in writing a letter based on Resume and accomplishments. Crisp Letter for EB1

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    Support pro se litigant in federal ct in Connecticut for civil rights violations and fraud filings Looking for an attorney that has experience in Federal Court litigation involving a Violation of Civil Rights under the 14th amendment to the US Constitution. The legal assistance I seek is to be sure I abide by all Federal Court Rules in the district of Connecticut. Also assist in drafting documents in the proper form required by Federal Court rules. The attached file is the formal complaint that has been served on all defendants. I have extensive evidence to prove all of my claims.

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    We need to check if there are any utility patent and design patent already exist in USA for one of our product .

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    We need to check if there are any utility patent and design patent already exist in USA for one of our product .

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    Acuerdo de Confidencialidad
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    Buongiorno, sono un'imprenditrice e lavoro online, precisamente nel settore risorse umane. Avrei bisogno di un contratto che tuteli entrambe le parti, me e il cliente, definendo con precisione il servizio acquistato dal cliente, le modalità, tempistiche di erogazione ed eventuali possibilità di rimborso, inoltre deve contenere tutto ciò che serve per la privacy e il trattamento dei dati. se poi il tutto si potesse firmare/approvare digitalmente sarebbe perfetto Solo chi ha reali competenze legali

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    We have an Accounting & Legal services in Viet Nam and need a Marketing or sales person who is able to sell our Services. If interested let us know.

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    Occasional paralegal work -- 2 5 días left

    I need a paralegal, from time to time, to look up case law. And sometimes to help me write up motions. I just need to know that you are there for me when needed.

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    Require a lawyer to assist me in a lawsuit against manufacturers of drugs, health professionals and University of Western Australia for failing to provide a duty of care and causing the development of neurological disorders from initial wrong diagnosis. The drugs administered to me have caused disabilities, and symptoms have worsen. There is no body in Australia that can assist me, or lacks expertise or capacity. Can you help?

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    I represented myself in an Estate probate proceeding in Dutchess County. I have drafted a detailed outline of fact and law but am looking for an experienced attorney to help put the appellate brief together for the NYS Supreme Court 2nd appellate department, and possibly even represent me in oral argument. The deadline for submission is August 8th and I will have to get the brief to the printers before that. If you think you can help, please let me know. Thanks, Caroline

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    Seeking a freelance attorney to help with multiple projects.

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    Hi there future candidate. I am looking for a lawyer who is skilled in Intellectual Property/ Copyright Law to provide me a consultation on some ideas I have for social media. This is strictly research based for now as information is needed prior to establishing and as such, there is the opportunity for future work and an ongoing contract.

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    legal services 5 días left

    I have a law firm in Saudi Arabia, I would like to write a proposal letter to the Embassies In Saudi. Where I can show them that we are capable to be listed on the Embassy's website as local Saudi attorneys, for both the employees of embassies and citizens of other nationalities that live in Saudi

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    I need 2 searches of the Westlaw database for the following: 1. OR(“raw data,” “test data,” “test materials” “MMPI-2”, “WAIS”) AND (“trade secret”) 2. OR(HIPAA, HIPPA) AND (“trade secret”) - not including references to misappropriation of customer lists searches should include all state and federal jurisdictions, all cases, no date limit

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    outsourse legal 5 días left

    This firm needs an outside expert for routine filings, I.E. a motion,

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    advise if complaint can be filed in fed court draft complaint and assist in filings for pro se

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    Trademark registration in US -- 2 4 días left

    I want Trademark registration in US of my brand.

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    I have a compensation dispute with partners in connection with LLC-plaza I managed, leased, & maintained. The partners asked me to do the work. Partnership provides for reasonable compensation. They now refuse to reimburse me after plaza sale. I’ll need expert witnesses in plaza management, leasing brokerage,, maintenance services to testify as to management/brokerage/& maintenance costs, so judge can order reimbursement. Hearings in chicago. I can provide additional details as needed.

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    Shareholder agreement 3 días left

    I'm needing a shareholder agreement for a business I'm putting together. There are 19 shareholders altogether.

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    I want to make an nft project which would contain a smart contract that enforces a regular charity donation to the people who hold the nft

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    I want to make an nft project which would contain a smart contract that enforces a regular charity donation to the people who hold the nft

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    I need an experienced lawyer to Respond to a discovery filed by the other party. Write a Discovery to be served on the other party. Write a detailed complaint supported by applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Review the other pary agreement for posdible violation of any state and federal law and regulations. Thank you and look forward to speaking with you soon. Respectfully, Sam

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    Child arrangements for my 6 year old daughter

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    We need help to run a legal competition with a fee to entry

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    The whole research work is about finding recent Supreme court judgement where FIR has been treated as dying deceleration and presenting case summary and highlight on section 32(1) Evidence Act 1872

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    Sections 10 & 11 regarding invention development are concerning to me. I would like to have an attorney review the document.

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    write and respond to court for commercial court cases in Arabic and/or English language Cases in Saudi Arabia and in South Korea Prefer freelancer work experienced in Korea.

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    Hello, I need a lawyer to write the answer and discovery in a civiil case for credit card dispute, including a counter claim and a complaint for discrimination. The Discovery should include: Interrogatories. Admissions Production of Documents. Disposition.

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    I need help completing documents for a Motion that is set for Sept. 2022

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    I need help completing documents for a Motion that is set for Sept. 2022

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    Rush drafting, due tomorrow at 8am. Harris county texas family court 257 custody modification case motion for drug screen was filed followed by the proposed order I then filed my objection the same afternoon a stamp of the judges signature was placed on the order the next day without any hearing. there is no evidence of any hearing on the motion ever being set. the "heard on" line at the top of the order blank. The Respondents lawyer is treating this as valid and has not filed a motion for contempt. I want a document drafted pointing these things out to the court making it invalid and how this is being used to harass. There is no proof of anything stated in the motion or order. I have no history with drugs at all ever. no proof and no hearing. The order even instructs me to...

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    I was made an offer for a role in April and signed an offer letter. I have been working for the company whilst awaiting my visa to be be processed and signed an official contract of employment on 13th June. Today the company informed me that they will not be keeping me in work, from immediate effect. The contract stated 1 month notice must be given. They are saying this is invalid as they did not process the contract yet. The company employed me on a part time basis and have since been wanting me to take on other duties and work full time with no change in pay. I believe this is why they have sacked me.

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    Need help looking for answers

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    Need a legal writer -- 2 1 día left

    I am looking for a legal writer to rewrite this petition to meet a legal claim and stand against sovereign immunity. I am a non attorney and am trying to stand up against the system which infringed on constitutional rights

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    Need professional paralegal services to advise and prepare and file all necessary documents to the appropriate courts for a civil suit which I intend to bring to small claims court. The paralegal professional will need to have the experience and knowledge to hear my case, review my supporting documentation, provide legal advice, prepare and submit all required information to file for small claims court on my behalf.

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    Criminal paralegal 20 horas left

    Motion to dismiss before new judge. This matter was investigated and dismissed in 2017. Mentally unstable exspouse used FRO to falsely arrest me to interfere with court ordered custody and I was already expunged of it.

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    USA-based attorney required for terms and condition writing

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    Letter of complaint / demand for compensation. Notice before action. Would like it tidied up, proof read and be helpful for legal experience and language used. 1 - 2 pages Would prefer a UK native freelancer.

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    Paralegal service 14 horas left

    I need someone to execute a power of attorney and pickup title to a bus I purchased form the Georgia department of transportation in Gainesville Georgia

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    We require a writer with a legal background to create articles and content for our website. The topics will usually revolve around contracts and their applications. We are looking for someone who can write concisely for the general public. We want plain English, short sentences and the ability to break complex ideas down into simple language. The applicant should be familiar with Australian Law and preferably located in Australia. You should also be fluent or native English Speaker. This is ongoing work and we are looking for someone who can add to our team.

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    Tidy up a legal notice -- 2 5 horas left

    Letter of complaint / demand for compensation. Notice before action. Would like it tidied up, proof read and be helpful for legal experience and language used. 1 - 2 pages Would prefer a UK native freelancer.

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    PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION SO YOU KNOW HOW TO APPLY TO THE POSITION INFUSION 51a- Together we can change the world equal employment opportunity, gender equality Infusion 51a is an impact investment fund aimed at investing in ways that progress humanity within life science through precision medicine. Hiring Immediately/ start immediately We are hiring a JD IP Attorney to help us protect company IP in regards to ideas, designs, phrases etc. From a working environment, we are a fun group of professionals who work hard. We believe that if we enjoy our job we will perform better. I hope this gives a good understanding of who we are. WE EXPECT High moral value Background check Do’ers who take the initiative Leaders Highly organized is a must Strong verbal and written commun...

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    I had been denied a USA visitor visa twice due to the embassy stating that it has information on me about having the wrong profession. I am trying to apply to get my USA visitor visa but realize I will need an immigration lawyer to assist with this. Please let me know if this issue can be fixed once we have talked. I live in the UK and have a British passport and would like to obtain a USA Visitor Visa.

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