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office building 2

I continue working, more work is remaining. roof and environment design is remaining. please give feedback.

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  • ahmedelkousy
    Organizador del concurso
    • 4 años atrás

    dear arch mamun thank you . let me comment on the tilt rain on the roof. you know, the first one was better , also if you unify the materials for the big column and please us the color that appear in the ground floor corner . ( gray ) it is better . . the next neighbor for the building is the same height so just put a white box to keep focus on the building itself only . one more thing . a suggestion ! :) the upper triangle shading on the roof is good , why not to make one more in the north facade but not mirror just as you take a copy and rotate ( if you have a vision for it , do it ...

    • 4 años atrás