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    cree un software en java para un proyecto escolar que simula un "juego" de turnos, implemente la clase socket para que pudiera ser milticliente, al correrlo en local funciono, pero la entrega final seria con un servidor (gratuito) en la nube. a la hora de trasladar mi serversocket a la nube, me dic cuenta que el protocolo que use en local no funciona

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    Problem statement : we have deployed grey log server which contain 3 syslog server and 3 elastic search server we are facing issue in configuring the 3 elastic server in cluster as well as connectivity with the syslog server Expected Output: The elastic server must be able to store log in syslog server being in active state with as well as work

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    Hey Guys, First let me introduce briefly myself. I am part of big email marketing agency (Hustler Marketing) handling 100+ client at this moment with 60+ emp...your work.. We can also look into the permanent arrangement as well. Looking forward to your responses. Preferred tech stack. 1. Flask 2. Python 3. Mongodb 4. Celery (For queue management)

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    Sensor display 6 días left

    Hello, I have a project car with a very compact instrument cluster. I’d like to combine fuel level, oil pressure, engine temp and voltage onto a 4” LCD screen. I’d also like the option for speedometer and RPM I’m looking for someone to build a shield for a teensy mcu that would have the inputs for the four sensors plus the tach and speedometer

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    solve an error I have with the elastic search cluster for 2 instances of magento2 on team view on dentos7 server here is the description [iniciar sesión para ver URL] payment only at the completion

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    Pacemaker cluster -- Linux 6 días left

    Pacemaker active/active cluster in Linux.

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    $14 - $27
    0 ofertas somewhat where relevant. For showing features, this "Safe waiting line, step by step" which is split in 2 columns is nice: [iniciar sesión para ver URL] We can consider using such style if it fits somewhere The site will have: - Home page - About - Projects - Completed/Ongoing - Solutions - Shop - Blog - Energy

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    Web socket error - 502 Bad gateway 6 días left

    Hello, I am setting up a project that needs web socket connection. But I am getting below error: WebSocket connection to 'wss://[iniciar sesión para ver URL]' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 502 I am setting up [iniciar sesión para ver URL] repo on linux

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    Sales force customization Expert 5 días left

    Scope of Work:- Capture all inbound leads from digital platforms as a lead in Salesforce. Each lead will then be assigned to a salesperson or queue for follow up. The platforms that can be connected to Salesforce for inbound inquiries are § Landing pages with forms § Contact forms on website § WhatsApp § [iniciar sesión para ver URL] o Customise the CRM to captur...

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    unity socket io reconnecting 5 días left

    Hello, everyone, I am looking for a developer who knows node js and socket io. When user disconnected in the game room, detect the disconnect state. When the user reconnect in the game room, then he should go on playing.. I want you to fix this. Thanks.

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    $40 - $50
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    Need to change java code in existin...using url and storing in database. The code is already written for other GPS device and reference protocol code available for teltonika code. Need someone who is familiar with socket programming and protocol understanding and parsing. I will have regular work for the developer n future for other similar tasks

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    I removed my Rancher Cluster and wanted to recreate it. Now when Im trying to recreate the cluster, it will not provision correctly. I am getting Error creating machine: Error running provisioning: Failed to obtain lock: Maximum number of retries (60) exceeded and in the cluster logs i see Failed to create pod sandbox: rpc error: code = Unknown

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    I have an ASP.NET Web Application with Cosmos Database, Blob Storage, Azure SQL Already and Service Bus Queue already Implemented in the Application BUT I cannot deploy all the Application with all the implemented elements Online on Azure. I believe its a debugging issues that I have so I am requesting if someone can just deploy the Ready made Application

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    Java backend 5 días left

    To create java application with socket and thread. This is <= 2 hours work.

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    Videographer in Europe 4 días left

    ...falling down in three different scenarios. On stairs, off a chair, standing to the floor. Water spreading on a surface - four different surfaces. Two people standing in a queue, a third person joins, one person leaves. Two angles. A person walking through a doorway. Three different doorways. Two angels. A person climbing through a window. Three different

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    SOCKET PERFOMANCE JAVA and threads 4 días left


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    PaceMaker cluster -Linux 4 días left

    Active/Active paceMaker cluster in Linux

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    3CX Call Flow Design Project 4 días left

    We want to get caller id and check with webservice to drop correct Queue. Project Steps: 1. Get callerID 2. Post Callerid to custom webservice 3. IF Condition match correct statement 4. forward call to Queue

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    Database Expert Advice 4 días left

    It is planned to develop a messenger that stores all information on a server (later cluster/cloud of servers). The amount of messages is significant and exceeds the amount of table rows permitted by MySQL. Apparently there is no perfect solution, but a small number of good solutions. We want to find such a good solution and prevent the building of a

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    Linux pacemaker cluster -- 3 4 días left

    Linux pacemaker cluster with active/active mode.

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    4 ofertas have any experience with BBB Scalelite installation in the Amazon cloud? 2) Do you have any experience customizing Greenlight? 3) Have you successfully implemented a BBB cluster supporting over 200+ concurrent video users in Amazon EC2? 4) Configured cloud based storage for the archived video recordings 5) Ever configured EC2 Autoscaling groups? If

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    ... add a marker. Send button While Sending Show how many emails sent Show if many emails remaining Show current email that is being sent Show next (10) emails that are in queue Have a count down and show which emails will be sent next. Complete status You can restart sending from where you last stopped. Pause Button Emails will have the option

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    ...clusters as compared to the k-means clusters? (Compare using visualization tools, using centroid values, OR using some labels and observing the differences). b. Harden the cluster assignment of Fuzzy C-means and use DI index to compare it with the k- means clustering result. Which clustering algorithm do you think produces better clusters and why? c

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    ...VerneMQ cluster on Kubernetes with following manifest file [iniciar sesión para ver URL] But When each VerneMQ pod starts I see following logs 15:10:21.166 [warning] connection to node 'VerneMQ[at][iniciar sesión para ver URL]' has been closed, reconnect in 1000ms 15:10:22.168 [info] successfully connected to cluster node

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    Laravel social engagement platform 3 días left

    ...interface/ facebook/twitter/whatsapp/telegram/sms with comunication to bot and agent >Session chat deductions for account usage >Auto responder with user cases >Chat Filter >Queue and group agents depending on query topic >Export reports on agents >Export reports of chat history >Instant notification to agents on new query >SMS notifications on transaction

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    ZeroMQ C++ Socket binding 3 días left

    Basically When trying to implement a publisher/subscriber, The client/server (Request/Response) seems to work fine. The sample open source code is available.

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    big data professionals 2 días left

    Hi, I am looking for a big data professional working remotely for a German based client. Environment is pyspark. If you have worked on pyspark w...profile detailing on the projects, complexity and how you overcame the difficulty. This is around 4-5 months project weekly around 30 hours. If you have not worked in multi node cluster, please don't apply.

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    ...looking for design specifications for a product very similar to the one found here: [iniciar sesión para ver URL] I want the design to be for a standard USA socket, rather than a UK one. I will be uploading the design to [iniciar sesión para ver URL] and having the product contract manufactured. I need help putting together

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    This for our customized customer order management application built on Laravel framework 1. Customer Data not fetching in the SET CUSTOMER option in the queue Uploaded Customer CSV successfully but those customers are also appearing in the Customer CSV menu but none of these customers are not fetching in the SET CUSTOMER search. 2. PD chat window

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    I need some Azure cloud expert advise on architecture 1. kubernetes cluster ingress, load balancer, nodes, pods, replica, namespace, monitoring 2 Azure dev ops pipeline 3. terraform 4. mongodb on CentOS with replica set 4. Azure resources like private SQL instance, NSG, Redis etc 5. linux system understanding like nginx installation, SSL configuration

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    Hello, We need some help with a quick solution for a mobile app We have a backend server ( symfony 3 with ratchet socket server that use WAMP sockets messaging). We use [iniciar sesión para ver URL] We have trouble connecting (subscribe with api key parameter) the mobile native code Android / IOS to the websocket servers and use chanel connection for messaging ( with

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    ...files in the download queue (lets say some db table). Now when he clicks on "Download All" button ,we need to generate a .exe file for Windows and right formats for other OS (any other approach also welcome) and let him download that 2-3Mb exe file. This .exe file will have the URLs for all the downloads he has added in his queue. Now when he executes

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    Simulate events with multiple queues, one queue is high priority

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    NoVNC basically uses web socket and html5 to allow you to remote access your virtual machine proxmox, have error, who can help me?

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    Create a powerpoint 17 horas left

    ...inspired by historical posters or propaganda or pamphlets The poster can contain a moving picture or footage, don’t constrain imagination, creativity Can contain a graph or cluster of photos - only 25 seconds of speech is to be on theory please write what i shall say The poster is on the theory presented in the topic conflict prevention, resolution

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    ...and will keep alive in any kind of network environment. The cloud could be full proof of work in a simple C# application that receive the first communication and keep the socket openned. A second device shall communicate with the C# cloud get the tcp/ip:port and or UDP/IP:PORT and communicate direct to the 1st device. ESP32 connected in wifi X -

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    Automate IBM WebSphere N... WebTool(If required only) 6) Create WAS security 7) Edit [iniciar sesión para ver URL] and [iniciar sesión para ver URL] 8) Federate Node to DMGR 9) Create Cluster( JVM'S) Or JVM's 10) Update Heap or JVM as desire 11) Update Heap for DMGR 12) Create Web Variables Restart entire WebSphere Cell an...

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    Task One You a...registered on a Remote Server which can be controlled locally by a Tablet that is also connected to the wireless network. The Remote Server is connected to the Company's Cloud Cluster service (run by Nimbus Servers), as well as an external server that the branch office uses for media streaming. Details will be provided

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    We can setup AWS EKS cluster and we can build and deploy application on to AWS EKS from Jenkins. So we can write Jenkins Pipeline for this.

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    We are a high end Mobile/Web App Studio based in California and we work in the first year. We are looking for a senior NodeJS developer who has extensive experience in building API layer for mobile and web apps. Must have experience using Socket for real time data communication. Please apply with an explanation of your experience in NodeJs.

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    We are a high end Mobile/Web App Studio based in Califor...1pm PST (California time) How many years of Flutter development experience you have? Explain what kind of iOS and Android apps you have developed. Do you have experience with Socket? Please explain your experience. Do you have experience with Barcode or QR code? Please explain your experience.

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    ...Application, as web server (Puma) >> Server 2 - Redis + Rails Application, as worker server >> This Redis instance must be accessible from both servers as Server 1 will call it to queue tasks, If required this Redis can be exported to a separate instance. >> Provisioning a load balancer for the same >> Providing the associated Capistrano recipes for deployment

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    Trophy icon Logo design for music artist Finalizado left looking for a new logo design to brand my music. I create electronic music for experimental, new age and EDM genres. Imagine yourself traveling from the Messier M45 star cluster to Earth which is roughly 440 million light years away from Earth. My character wouldn't know what Earth's musical instruments look like. Please see the photo of the my character

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