Design a Mains/solar/wind battery system using multisim simu

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A Mains/Solar/Wind Battery System would improve the start-stop characteristics of both solar and wind energy. 1) first basic task is to design (i.e. I must be able buy the components) and simulate such a mains/solar/wind battery system. 2) second task is to monitor and intelligently choose how much charging power to allow into the system, e.g. only solar, or solar + wind, or only mains, etc… 3) third, advanced task for improved battery performance, is to monitor and/or model the battery and its chemicals with analogue components (including possibly op-amp computing to model differential equations related to the charging process) and thus predict best charge / discharge rates under certain conditions and trade-offs for improved battery lifespan. Design needs to be customised as follows: Nominal battery voltage = 7 V Nominal solar output voltage = 21V Nominal dc wind turbine output voltage = 22 Output power to be driven = 172W , lasting 10 hours

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