220 German cities City council's 5 contacts and email

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220 German cities City council's 5 contacts and email research for sending a big business proposal for a chain biking system in Europe.

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I am Maisha Schimpelsberger an English and German speaking person. I am German and recently moved to Austria. A native German speaking person, but my English is C2. I am 27 years - young, active and work loving person. With wonderful writing skills and fresh thoughts. Articles, Blog, Content writing is my regular job in my professional life, as well as a translator. I am a fashion queen, makeup artist and also doing research on technical and political local and viral reviews. International news and information collection is my habit and I have a great storage of knowledge, almost in quite everything . I am related in various social media marketing faculties, regular commenting and following top news also a part of my work. I have finished my study in Aerospace Engineering from Technical University Munich. I am a writer inspired by my international life and environment. So whatever, it's a matter of European, Western or Asian projects, I know how to handle it in perfection.

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