Atlas USA Memebership Portal

**Tutoring Membership Portal.**

You **must show**:

4 best similar web portals you developed in the CMS you propose that meet or exceed industry performance standards

Number of itemized resources to finish < 50days.

Days of warranty bug fixes support included in price. No hosting costs.

Will interview by phone. References required



## Deliverables

**A. Requirements Overview:**

**Goal:** Build a membership portal to enable the buying and selling of academic tutoring services, at people's homes and remotely over the web.

The site must be built using an open source CMS like Drupal or other. We prefer the flexibility of many modules. We will not accept custom development other than for our specific requirements from an open source CMS. Stability, ease of use, performance and extensibility are key considerations for the CMS selected.

**We supply** all look feel, all web design, ourselves in-house. **Do Not Quote** graphic design services - We will supply page designs, page mockups in any form you want them. We also supply to you look- feel and navigational elements. We supply all web copy - all required site text.

To minimize cost and dev time, we want supplied as much functionality as possible by off the shelf via low cost or no cost modules**. Please clearly indicate** what modules or apps or api we will have to buy off the shelf ourselves and **do not include these costs in your bid** . You will be required to configure them but not buy them. **Please itemize separately what needs to be purchased and where it can be purchased.**



**B. Membership site Features/ Functions Overview:**

1. Registered buyers and tutors get a **back office** they access with **user ID and password** system as part of their member registration process. Login link is supplied on homepage.

**2. ** **Integrated shopping cart** is presented to tutor to pay for his membership on the portal.

3. **Tutor search** will be by many factors including skill, location and cost. This search tool needs to be part of the development and all search parameters and search logic trees will be supplied. The search tool (search by characteristic) is separate from the keyword search tool.

4. **An SQL database** is required, My SQL is acceptable.

Database documentation or schematic needs to be supplied with project.

5. Displayed **search result** pages are sorted by price low- high, high- low and default.

6. Google **analytics** and/or similar basic open source off the shelf module to be purchased would need configuration for site analytical reporting of traffic and general activities.

7. Site should have **social media integration** with facebook, twitter etc.

8. We want **flash on page refresh** on tutor searches. For example, see [[url removed, login to view]][1]

9. We want configuration of standard **SEO modules** in Drupal or equivalent see: <[url removed, login to view]>

10. **Article directory module** is to be configured for the site where registered tutors can upload articles with keyword tags. Each article will require admin approval before it is to be posted live. The article database needs to be searchable by keyword, and by users.

11. **Default search results** page is organized by date tutor registers.

12. Search results page will display limited tutor information and each tutor shown will be clickable to take buyer to a detail page for that specific tutor. On this detail page it is possible for registered buyers to initiate communication, calendar scheduling and PayPal payment with sellers/tutors.

13. Buyers of tutor services can submit **request for proposals** to an **individual** tutor service in home city or remote and describe number of children , time frames etc in their request for a quote . **Alternatively, mass submittal** to a category of tutors based on location, price etc. and other criteria can be done in-mass to all tutors who meet search criteria.

14. The portal needs a standard module for a **self serve classified ads** section with shopping cart integration where ads can be bought from portal owners online.

15. **Q and A knowledge base -** open ended public facing for students sorted by pre-established categories for students to submit questions to. When these questions are submitted, tutors will receive an alert by email that a question has been submitted in their area of expertise. Both the answer and the question are to be visible in Google search results.

16. **Off the shelf affiliate module.** A stand alone affiliate module with API or from selected CMS with "out of box" integration will be configured as part of the project.

17. **Threaded messaging system for Buyers and tutors** needs to be implemented**.**

18. Standard **community module** for registered buyers (students) to form or join groups with other buyers and have a private message board.

19. Integrated email between company and tutors with automatically generated alerts.

C. **Sellers -Tutors Details:**

1. Each tutor (seller) on portal will be provisioned with a link to a personal **PayPal account** to transact sales directly offsite via PayPal .with buyers of services.

2. Each tutor is provisioned with an integrated "[url removed, login to view]" **screen sharing utility** or its equivalent. Please see <[url removed, login to view]>

3. At the time of registration, or using the profile edit function, Tutors are able to tag pictures and skills and buyer (student) is able to find these skills and pictures with site search tool or with keyword input.

4. Tutor registration is by dialogue boxes with a progress bar. At this point information will be collected of various types for our onsite search tool.

5. Information collected via dialogue boxes needs to include form fields, ability to upload attachments and multimedia via embedded YouTube video (YouTube API).

**D. Buyers of Tutoring Services Details:**

1. Optional buyer registration will enable communication functions and buyer back office.

2. Buyer is able to update and or delete their registration profile and select some elements as private or public. Buyer can optionally choose screen user name for privacy.

3. Without registration, buyers will be unable to perform certain communication functions and they cannot request tutoring quotes.

**E. Buyer (Student) Back Office**

Buyers get Back Office functionality, only if they register. Required elements of Back Office Buyer functionality are:

1. Maintain **"Saved Profiles of Vendors"** in project folders, with capability to insert "Notes on vendors" or "Delete vendor".

2. **Profile management module** Update/edit my profile, delete my profile functions etc..

**3. ** Group and display threaded messages in an organized manner differentiating message groups by tutor they are communicating with.

4. Subscribe to and manage buyer alerts. For example a new tutor in your category of interest and meeting your search criteria a new tutor registration or coupon generates an email and or back office alert to you

5. Implement a secure file transfer facility between buyers and sellers - with organizational folders in the receiver's and sender's back office.

6. Save search function - search criteria can be saved and named for repeated use by buyer.



**F. Tutor Back Office**

1. **Profile/membership management** my account info etc.: Implement module Change/Edit, Update/Upload and Delete profile with off-the-shelf configurable functions to edit update all aspects of profile registration elements. Include auto bill cancellation.

2. **Coupon creation tool:** Tutors are provisioned with tool for creating custom text and image coupons.

3. **Chat facility**: Each tutor has a personal private and secure chat app to interact with buyers

4. **Email alert system** of inbound message from buyer and alert of Q and A knowledge base questions relevant to tutor category.

5. **Social media integration** Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

6. **Calendar and appointment scheduling solution:** Tutors have an off-the-shelf integrated interactive module that includes respective time zone integration for appointment setting. **Tutor configures his calendar availability in his back office**. Registered Buyers (Students) access the schedule/calendar functions from the tutors detail page. Please suggest a solution module or an off-the-shelf app with API and delineate costs.

**7. ** Group and display threaded messages in an organized manner differentiating message groups by the Buyer they are communicating with.

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