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Design, develope and programm a Webshop Design, develope and SEO my Website design, developing and market educational instructional products for school, university and adult learning sector Design, Development and Acceptance in Appstore for an Iphone App Design, Development and Capture Product Design, Development and launch of Big commerce site Design, development and maintenance of Rev Software advanced mobile web optimization platform internals and advanced transport. design, development and testing of an Android, iPhone & black berry application with video calling and messaging service with catalog creation& manage Design, development of sub pages on existing sites Design, development work & changes/periodic updating/maintenance for existing websites and development of new websites Design, development, and publication of mobile applications. DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, HOSTING & MAINTENANCE OF WEBSITE Design, development, Manufacturing and Marketing a New Mattress Product Design, Drupal & Salesforce Integration
Design, edit and clean Powerpoint Pitch Deck Design, edit, update, and enhance a 15 Slide Powerpoint Presentation and visualization of a business concept Design, edit, update, and enhance a 50 Slide Powerpoint Presentation in less than 12 hours -- it should have a custom, professional, presentation feel Design, fab and populate 10 board Design, Fabricate, Document, Simple Thermoacoustic Device Design, Facebook real? Design, floorplans and CAD of conversion of office building Design, Flyers, Posters, Brochure, Roller Banners and Promotional Goodies Design, Format and Print Curriculum Design, formatting and binding Design, formatting, small issue fixing for art gallery FM DB Design, front and backend development for airbnb style site Design, Front End Development & Wordpress