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Develop functionality on a Justtide M3000 POS device - Develop game for web/ios/android platforms. Simple game Develop Game in Android or Unity3D - develop games mobile app Develop games webpage based flash and action script - Develop Google Chrome Extension as per spec Develop Google Chrome Extension Type & Translate Instantly - Develop graphics and brand identity for our Social Media project Develop graphics for a 2D game - Develop Header of the website Develop health and security policy for small company - Develop High Quality Websites using Wordpress or Joomla Develop high quality Word game for web with HTML and Javascript - develop hotspot and controller software Develop Hotspot page - Develop html guy Develop HTML Newsletter from Mockup - Develop HTML5 tracking module using local sqlite DB Develop HTML5 version of an Iphone app - Develop identity icons/graphics develop iframe or form for booking to be directly onsite - Develop in PHP a method to extract data using Inspect Element XPATH calls Develop in PHP and MySQL web application - Develop Instant Message server and client on Windows Develop Instant Messaging Android App - Develop internal site on 365 and sharepoint consulting Develop internal site on 365 and sharepoint consulting - develop ionic framework mobile app Develop Ionic hybrid app - Develop iOS am Android App like ElfYourself Develop iOS and Andoid App using PhoneGap or Adobe AIR - Develop iOS and Android phone app Develop iOS and Android Social App - Develop iOS App from Android App "Wild Animal Guide" Develop iOS app from scratch - Develop iOS apps using SWIFT or Objective C. Must have developed apps using iOS SDK 8.x, Xcode6,HealthKit Develop iOS business app - develop iOS/Android app using iBeacons Develop iOS/Android library to read a proprietary barcode format - Develop iPhone & Android App Develop iPhone & android app - Develop iPhone and Android Apps for Food Delivery Service Develop iPhone and Android Apps for Food Delivery Service -- 2 - Develop iPhone app Develop iPhone app - Develop iPhone app which can play MMS video stream Develop iPhone App with Animation - Develop iPhone application to play media Develop iPhone Application To Scan QR Bar-Codes & Geo Location - Develop iPhone SMS Application to send SMS using WEB API. Develop iPhone version of Android App - Develop iPython SciPy, Scikit, Matplotlib code to analyze forum postings and interpret results -- 2 Develop IR / IrDA emitter receiver pair HW for J2601 H2 application - Develop Java Component to Produce MHT files from a URL Develop Java Function Library for API - Develop job Develop job platform - Develop Joomla Extension Develop Joomla module for Stock Ticker - Develop JScripty on Google App Engine with Python Develop JSON code for digital signage application (media signage) - Develop LARAVEL FRAMEWORK-powered website Develop Large Scale Massings of Urban Centre in SKETCHUP - Develop Lightweight Jquery Contact Form Develop Lightweight Jquery Contact Form - Develop Local Database for an iOS App (iPhone and iPad) Develop local leads for my business - Develop Logo and Name for our Company- Product UAV Develop Logo and Visual Identity for Online Store - Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 14208 Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 2 - Develop Mac Application Develop Mac Application - mini enterprise solution that incorporates acoustic fingerprinting - Develop Magento extension to integrate with Virtual POS Develop Magento extension to integrate with Virtual-POS - Develop Magneto Extension (Using Existing API) Develop magneto mobile application - Develop Marketing Powerpoint Slides Develop marketing strategy and branding position - Develop Matrimony Site - open to bidding develop matrimony site. - Develop me Chess and Checkers multiplayer (1803762) Develop media device that can connect to tv to stream live video - Develop messenger cum sms services Develop Messenger service Skype - Develop Mine Tracka app Develop mini ground vehicle with compact chassis - Develop Mobile App Develop Mobile App - develop mobile app for church Develop Mobile App for Church Use - Develop Mobile app to play my videos Develop Mobile App UI - Develop mobile application (meet people app) Develop Mobile Application (Social Media) - Develop Mobile Chat App Develop Mobile Commerce App - Develop mobile sites version of desktop landing pages from approved designs Develop mobile sites version of desktop landing pages from approved designs - repost - Develop module and plugin for JomSocial and Joomla Develop Module for Checking/Validating Registration Codes - develop money transfer api model in exsting project. develop MongoDB Index process, simple php web query interface - Develop ms access database develop MS access software - develop multiplatform game tower defense Develop Multiplayer Board Online Game on a website. - Develop My App Develop my app idea - develop my domain - partners only Develop my domains - Develop my phpprobid site develop my private MMORPG server. - Develop My Website
Develop My Website - Develop my website using template Develop my website! I need your best bid - Develop native IOS and android mobile application (PHP + MYSQL) Develop native iOS Application - develop new c# windows app to alert admin Develop New Channels for sales network - Develop new features to existing AJAX IM instalation Develop new features to existing AJAX IM instalation -- 2 - Develop new method using IPv6 in NS3 Develop new mobile app from scratch - Develop New Software for Outdated Program Develop new tech support website - Develop New Website and Upload Products Develop new website design and Logo - Develop next step of a existing Corporate Identity Develop nice simple application in ASP.NET with great design - Develop of a comprehensive educational website fast Joomla/Drupal/Wordpress/PHP Develop of a excel spreadsheet. - Develop on opencart checkout extension Develop on php and XML - Develop One page CMS Code Develop one page HTML for email newsletter - Develop online and mobile Road Map application on USHAHIDI platform Develop online Android application for shopping of handcrafts - Develop online form processing Develop online game - Develop online quiz develop online reservation web application project - Develop Online travel Portal with API and Payment Integration develop online video sharing website - Develop OpenCV code that reliably identifies the area within the teeth in a smile photo develop openerp - Develop or Source an Online Assessment Tool with Client Portal Develop or use existing IRC-chat for iphone - Develop our CMS on regular bases Develop our compant website - Develop our simple Webapplication in PHP Develop our team site in Sharepoint - Develop page (UI) for existing web site (buy page) Develop Page - Angular, Struts2, Sql Server - Develop Payment Gateway Module For Broadleaf Commerce Develop Payment Gateway module in WHMCS - develop pcb Develop PCB with wifi, LEDs, and simple RF - develop personal website - Personal Marketing - repost 2 Develop PG dot com website - Develop Photography Website, Blog develop photoshop actions - Develop PHP form, Develop PHP Forms - No Design - Develop PHP website develop PHP website - develop platform php mysql project develop platform php mysql project - repost - Develop plugin nopcommerce komerci redecard integration Develop plugin nopcommerce komerci redecard integration - Repost - Develop POP print display Develop Popup Script that can cklickjac facebook user. - Develop pre-built theme Develop Predictive Model - develop prestashop tpl file -- 3 Develop price comparison algorithm - Develop Product Number generator Develop production drawings from existing Solidworks 3D model - Develop program for Motorola RFID handheld scanner -- 3 develop program that scrapes data from ecommerce and imports to opencart - Develop Prototype and Beta version of E commerce site dedicated to mobile phones and related accessories. Develop prototype assembledboards from block diagram (5 pcs) - Develop python codes to analyze text data with machine learning skills Develop python codes to scrape data from social media - Develop quality flash player to our video site Develop quality webiste in php - Develop rapid craigslis poster Develop rapidleech download plugins - Develop RealTimeEvent using zkemkeeper.dll for multi thread IP Develop RealTimeEvent using zkemkeeper.dll for multi thread IP - Develop Rename application for window Develop Rental Properties Website - Develop Requirements Doc. and Project Plan for Facebook Application Develop Requirements Documents for an existing web application - Develop Responsive Wordpress theme from AI/PSD Files Develop responsive wordpress theme from wire diagram - Develop Review module opencart module. Develop REVIT Plugin - Develop RTMP upstreaming app for Android Develop RTSP plugin into existing camera app using C# - Develop Salesforce triggers Develop APP by using APEX and Visualforce - Develop school management software Develop School Search Engine Website - Develop Script for Hugin software (image processing) Develop script for identifying site visitor's age, sex... - Develop search engine for web-page Develop Search Engine Marketing Platform - Develop SEO friendly Word Press blogs with SEO support Develop seo in our online shop in order to be in the first lines of Google - Develop sets of terms and conditions for general use. Develop setup file from Visual studio Project - Develop Sharepoint theme branding - repost Develop Sharepoint theme branding - repost 2 - Develop side widget plugin which one can be found Astrologic Rising Star Develop signalr live support web chat - Develop Simple android app using HTML5 Develop simple Android application for a website's registration process - Develop simple CSS theme for website Develop simple Dart Game - develop simple iOS app that simply shows pages with info Develop simple iOS game similar to Bubble Diver Game - Develop Simple Meta Trader MT4 EA Develop Simple Mobile App for Cardio Fitness - Develop simple Plug-In for Audacity - Simple Automatic labelling function with C++ (M.E) Develop simple plugin - Develop simple UI - integrate API (exchange cryptocurrencies) Develop Simple Unity Game for Android - develop simply app android with source code Develop simulation for pizza delivery drivers - Develop site for advertisement Develop Site for Jewelry Business - develop skynet file develop skype equivalent - Develop small program to track invoice history based on existing VB Program develop small PYTHON based macro language with portable runtime - Develop SMS Gateway + Bulk Sms Application Software (SMPP) -- 2 Develop SMS payment application - Develop Social Media News Feed Develop social media pages (Facebook, Twitter) - Develop Social Sign Up Module For Wordpress Develop Social Sports Betting website and IOS. - develop software Develop Software - Develop software for custom POS terminal application Develop software for digital image processing - Develop software for Telegram! Develop software for vertical market - Develop software that will decode a wav into Magnetic Stripe data Develop software through IBMs Watson - develop software using free pascal develop Software will analyze an asset - Develop some flash for our website Develop some forms in Java Strut..forms - Develop some Software Develop some software - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop South America and Caribbean list Develop SOW (RFP) for PrestaShop Module - Develop Sports Social Networking Site (Cricket) - Classic ASP / SQl Server