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Develop from scraping website using Python - Develop frontend of website Develop FTP file transfer functionality for Classic ASP site - Develop functionalities and improve performance. Develop functionality on a Justtide M3000 POS device - Develop Game in iOS Develop game in Unity - Develop generic asynchronous mixin for Django-Tastypie resources Develop generic asynchronous mixin for Django-Tastypie resources -- 2 - develop google maps, email scrapper Develop Google Maps, Yahoo Local, or Bing Maps Visual Basic Web Scraper - Develop Gui and Back End Software for BeagleBone Develop GUI for an android App - Develop Heart Failure Registry database 2 Develop Heart Rate Variability Algorithm - Develop hostel management system Develop Hosting site - Develop HTML emailers (we will provide design and content) Develop Html for 2 pages - Develop HTML5 Template template Develop HTML5 tracking module using local sqlite DB - Develop identity icons/graphics develop iframe or form for booking to be directly onsite - Develop in PHP and MySQL web application Develop in Tally Erp9 - Develop installers for Ubuntu platforms Develop Instant Message server and client on Windows - Develop internal site on 365 and sharepoint consulting Develop internal site on 365 and sharepoint consulting - Develop IOS & Android App Develop iOS & Android App - Develop iOS and Android app for an existing website, React Native preferred Develop IOS and Android app like UBER - Develop iOS app Develop iOs App - Develop IOS Application (iphone/ipad) develop ios application (replica of an android app) - Develop iOS Music Player App Develop ios Nearby app - Develop ipad restaurant menu Develop iPad/iPhone app - Develop Iphone and Android application for notification Develop iphone and android application for restaurant - Develop iPhone App Develop iPhone app - develop iphone app in XE4 FireMoney Develop iPhone App to display dance formations - Develop iPhone Application for Develop iPhone application for Complex Task Management - develop iphone ringer app Develop iPhone SMS Application to send SMS using WEB API. - Develop iPython SciPy, Scikit, Matplotlib code to analyze forum postings and interpret results Develop iPython SciPy, Scikit, Matplotlib code to analyze forum postings and interpret results -- 2 - Develop Java Function Library for APIs develop java indicator for jforex trading platform - Develop Job Portal & Website -- 2 Develop job portal in open source - Develop Joomla template from image Develop Joomla Website - Develop keys Generatore of a program Develop Keyword google positioning/density tool - Develop lead management tool for company Develop leads for conference software - $12 per qualified lead! - Develop linux multiserver script/app Develop Linux OS Short Course - Develop Logo Develop Logo - Develop Logo, Corporate Identity, and Brand for Simplify IT Develop Logo, Corporate Identity, and Brand for Simplify IT - Develop Loyalty system using Ofbiz Develop LPDS on CC3200 - Develop MAGENTO Commerce import/export profiles and cron Develop Magento Extension - Develop Magento tracking extension similar to Google Analytics Develop magento website - Develop marketing plan and place ads Develop Marketing Plan to get 2 million user to our website in the next 24 months - develop MATLAB simulations for range and Doppler shift estimation in an automotive radar application Develop Matrimonial site. - Develop me an IOS and Android Social Application Develop me Chess and Checkers multiplayer - Develop Messaging App Like WhatsApp For iOS And Android With All My Requirements Develop Messanger - Develop mikrotik customized radius hotspot Develop mikrotik customized radius hotspot -- 2 - Develop Mobile App Develop mobile App - Develop mobile app for iOS and android Develop Mobile App for iphone - Develop Mobile App using Xamarin Studio Develop mobile app using Xamarin. Forms - Develop mobile application like Grab Taxi Develop mobile application to interact with bluetooth 4 LE sensor device - Android version - Develop mobile game. Develop mobile games - develop mobile, android,iphone, desktop app , restaurant ordering website Develop mobile, desktop web app with php - develop module for prestashop design product -- Final project Develop module for Shopify - Develop MRP software Develop MS Access (MSAccess) forms for database. - Develop Multiple Auto Transport Website In WP Different Layout But Same Concept Develop Multiple Choice All - Develop my business website Develop my business website -- 2 - Develop My Game In 3 days Only Develop my hotel website - develop my role application............. develop my role applicaton 2parts...... - develop my website , read description before you bid Develop my website - APPLY ONLY if you can get this done for maximum Rs. 6000 including Payment Gateway Integration. - Develop narrative of physical modeling for biological applications. Develop Native Android application (**Urgent** ) - develop new aspx page Develop new blog on blogger - Develop new features for our node.js Web application. Develop new features for website - php, css, mySql - Develop new Joomla component Develop New Leads for Established Company - Develop new site at USA$ Develop New Social Media Network - develop new website DEVELOP NEW WEBSITE - Develop next step of a existing Corporate Identity Develop nice simple application in ASP.NET with great design - Develop of a excel spreadsheet. develop of a prototype database on Access 2010 - Develop on php and XML Develop on-going server-side project using Laravel. - Develop one page with paralax scrolling and outstanding graphics Develop one page: psd to html-php - Develop Online Brand Management and Social Media Strategy - open to bidding Develop Online Card Game - develop online marketplace Develop online Mat Designer / Measurement tool using Flash or Jquery - Develop Online Store Develop online store - Develop OPEN TAPS POS restaurant system Develop open-source JavaScript 3gp/amr audio codec - Develop or Adapt C+ Code for Server's Redundant System Slot Features Develop or Adapt C+ Code for Server's Redundant System Slot Features(repost) - Develop OS & Andriod app Develop OS Website - Develop our Marketing Strategy Develop our new Business Management software - develop own website
Develop P2P Website/template + plugins - Develop Payment Gateway Develop Payment Gateway "HDFC and CITRUS NET Banking" in MAGENTO Framework - Develop PDA application that can syncronise with MS Access Database Develop pdf button and function within a component joomla - Develop phone application Develop Phone apps for our website and online store - Develop Php & HTML page Develop php + FFmpeg php Script - Develop PHP Help Desk Develop PHP Help Desk -- 2 - Develop PHPFox module Develop PHPFox module (1) - Develop Plugin based Software for Hotel Rooms aggregator Develop plugin for Front Accounting - Develop PockeyMoney iPhone App Develop Podcast Android & iOS App That Pull Content from WordPress Site - Develop PPC Tool Develop PPT update for email workflow based on designs - develop prestashop module Develop Prestashop Module for attributes - Develop Product Descriptions for my Accounting and Business Plan products Develop product for document classification - Develop program for MCU Renesas SH7216 (servo motor control) Develop program for Motorola RFID handheld scanner - develop proper video conferencing system develop proposal - Develop pure HTML pages - based on pdf design Develop push notification Plugin for Openfire Chat Server - Develop quality flash player to our video site Develop quality webiste in php - Develop rapid craigslis poster Develop rapidleech download plugins - Develop Realtime stats update Develop RealTimeEvent using zkemkeeper.dll for multi thread IP - Develop Rental Properties Website Develop replica of an existing website - - Develop Reserved Seating Function for Existing Website Develop responsive application in Angular JS, bootstrap etc - Develop REST API Integration between SharePoint and external system Develop REST Web Service for Common User Profile Database (XML, ASP.NET, C#) - Develop rocket chat custom windows application with electron develop rocket chat custom windows application with electron - develop SACD on Marvell 3010 Develop Sales and Marketing Materials - Develop SAP Product costing and Material ledger Videos Develop SausageBread,com - Develop Script Develop script and go with team to the field to produce a short film on poverty issue among ethnic minority children in Vietnam - Develop SDN network controller Develop Search Engine - develop SEO for my website Develop SEO friendly Word Press blogs with SEO support - Develop setup file from Visual studio Project Develop seven D3JS graphs based on seven images. - Develop sharepoint workflow Develop sharepoint workflows - develop similar website develop similar website - Develop simple API from Infusionsoft to BrightLocal Develop simple App - Develop simple facebook application. Develop simple features - develop simple iphone children app Develop Simple iPhone Game - Develop simple NS2 scenario Develop simple offline Calendar app for Android. - Develop simple soccer game develop simple social app Android and iPhone - Develop simple, custom WordPress plugin for attention box in header Develop Simplified Chinese Custom Keyboard - Develop Site cargo. Russian speaker developer Develop site content - Develop Skill game develop skynet file - develop small software that obtain the data from URL develop small static informational website(10 pages) - Develop SMTP/POP/IMAP proxy with custom authentication Develop snapchat like IOS and Andriod like app for China - develop Social network service develop social network website for art talents - Develop Software Develop software - Develop software converting text into morsecode Develop Software Documentation, Diagrams and User Manuals for Big Data Software - Develop software for my website using API Develop Software for payment system - Develop software mobile in phonegap Develop software MY SQL Database / ecommerce website - Develop software to control/automate Mach3 CNC software Develop software to control/automate Mach3 CNC software. Do not must be a complete software, I just need to know how to do with a sample project. - Develop solution & implement > Sprout Social > Messageing using multiple twitter accounts > Proxy service/server Develop solution to mask traffic referral - Develop some sales websites Develop some simple software for Microsoft Surface/PixelSense - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop source code for an app (iOS and Android-compatible) that can display tile overlays downladed from wms servers on top of native maps Develop Sourcecode sites. - Develop Sports Betting Software Develop Sports Social Networking Site (Cricket) - Classic ASP / SQl Server - Develop static html page with responsive design constructs Develop static portion of website for - develop student information portal mobile app Develop student management system - Develop Survey System with Dynamic Questions / Answers Form Develop Survival-Sandbox Game In Unity3D - Develop table for website Develop Table Layout module of Restaurant POS - Develop Technical Specifications Document Develop Technology Platform for Remote Education Services - Develop Tests & Surveys from Policies Develop Texas holdem poker - Develop the back-end of the application Develop the backoffice of our website in wordpress - Develop the External Authentication login with ASP.NET Identity for a Web site Develop the first stage of a project to put in production in 2 WEEKS - Develop the next generation of this website (English & French) Develop the next generation of this website on a LAMP stack - develop the sportsbook betting website for me develop the sportsbook betting website for me -- 2 - Develop Theme for Laravel(Aimeos) E-commerce website Develop Theme for Laravel(Aimeos) E-commerce website -- 2 - develop to moddle theme ............ Develop tool to analyze 3D object data produced by PC games - Develop translate function to database in website Develop Tranzila module for OpenCart - Develop Twitter Game Develop Twitter Page - Develop two single page web sites Develop Two Sister Websites & A Structure for a network of Mini Sites - Develop unique art advanced website Develop Unique Hosting Website - Develop User module for online course site Develop User Testing Service Website - Develop very simple OpenGL app in Linux Develop Very Simple SDK for banner Mobile Application - Develop Video Intro with Adobe CS4 Develop video live stream capture and playback application for iPhone - Develop visual relationship digram on Visio Develop visualizations for iPython - develop WCF transport binding element for Remote Desktop Services Virtual Channels Develop Wearable Kids Tracking Device - Need only GPS data from device to server - Develop web app for cross platform