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Develop Drupal template from a great design - Develop E-commerce Platform - Continuous Project Develop E-commerce responsive sites using rails with admin as well - Develop e-waiver & check-in system for kids' play center Develop e-Wallet. - Develop eclipse GMF application Develop Eclipse Plugin - Develop eCommerce Website Develop eCommerce Website - develop elearning platform with live video Develop eLearning Website Based On My Design - develop email template Develop Email template (only for innovativeatul) - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop EMS Billing and Patient Care Reporting Software Develop emulator software - Develop ERP Modules Develop ERP Software - Develop excel Sheet for Task planning, tracking, and reminder notification Develop excel spreadsheets for civil enginers - develop existing presentations develop existing presentations - Develop Expert Advisor in MQL4 or MQL5 EA - Repost Develop Explainer Video - Develop Facebook App Develop Facebook app - Develop Facebook football game (APP) Develop Facebook football game (APPLICATION) - develop FastPDFKIT static library with some customisations develop FastPDFKIT static library with some customisations - open to bidding - Develop FFT in stm32f429idiscovery board. Develop Fifa world cup 14 app for Android - Develop Firefox Extension Develop Firefox extension - Develop Flash Card Game of BJ Develop Flash Family Tree - Develop Flash SWC to create page turning with curl effect Develop flash template for opencart - Develop Forex EA according to my forex trading method Develop Forex Trading Website/Forum - Develop framework for differential path construction and chosen-prefix collisions for MD5 based on Marc Stevens whitepaper - repost Develop framework for iPad ios from existing assets used in Adobe Air desktop app - Develop Front End Website Develop Front Side of our solution - Develop fully functional eCommerce site allowing users registration and upload of digital content - Product and author review - Modified layout, graphics, color scheme. develop fully functional wordpress theme - Develop Game Application Develop Game For a Android Phones - Develop games for Pre-School Kid Develop games for Pre-School Kids - Develop google app engine app, G vision, PHP python octave -- 2 Develop Google Chrome Extension as per spec - Develop growth model for business - Formulas & Spreadsheet Develop GSM Modem API - Develop Heart Failure Registry database Develop Heart Failure Registry database - repost - Develop HootSuite / Buffer similar WEB application develop hospital management system (system analysis and design) - Develop html and PHP bidding site Develop HTML apps - G21 - Develop HTML5 Template template Develop HTML5 tracking module using local sqlite DB - Develop iillistrations for a child's custom story Develop IIS Website using Password Generator - develop in ZK framework Develop in-app purchase for our Android app - Develop Insurance comparison website and app Develop InsuranceSqueeze - Develop internal ZOHO Purchasing and Rental System Develop Internet BOT (from Pakistan only) - Develop iOS & Android App Using AI Designed Already Rendered Develop iOS & Android Apps with Ratchet & Phonegap - Develop iOS and Android application Develop iOS and Android application - Develop iOS app - repost Develop iOS app based on Android app - Develop IOS Application Game Develop iOS Application that will ptz control Logitech cc3000e connected to Mac with realtime preview option - Develop iOS sociall messaging app Develop IOS version of Android app - Develop iPhone & android app Develop iPhone & Android App for Ecommerce Website - Develop iPhone and Android Apps for Food Delivery Service -- 3 Develop iPhone and Android Apps for - develop iphone app develop iphone app - Develop iPhone app: hosting, finding, & managing events Develop IPhone Application - Develop iPhone Font Scanning App Develop iphone game - Develop iPhone/Android application with platform backend develop iphone/ipad & android app - Develop JAVA API fro Sharekhan Tradetiger Develop Java App for Mobile Phones & iOS - Develop javascript pinch zoom Develop javascript slot machine - Develop Joomla module for Stock Ticker Develop Joomla Online Learning Platform Module - Develop just a homepage using a WP theme and psd (who can start now) Develop kamailio custom module - Develop layered navigation in word press Develop layered navigation in word press - repost - Develop LinkedIn page Develop Linux 2.6 System Profiler with Graphing - develop login page Develop login page prototype as per attached image - Develop Logo, card lay out and stationary layout Develop Logo, Corporate Identity, and Brand for Simplify IT - Develop LPDS on CC3200 Develop LV special program - Develop MAGENTO Commerce import/export profiles and cron Develop Magento Extension - Develop Magento2 Recommendation Engine Develop Magneto Extension (Using Existing API) - Develop Marketing Plans Develop Marketing Powerpoint Slides - Develop Matrimony Site Develop Matrimony Site - open to bidding - Develop Media Journal, Upload and Search Website Develop medical bottle scanner - Develop MetaTrader 4 signals alerts indicator for strategy Develop Metatrader MT4 Binary Options Signal Trader - Develop MMORPG app Develop MMS connector with MM7+ protocol and SOAP - Develop Mobile App (Web, Android and BlackBerry) Develop Mobile App - Capture Field info - Develop mobile app for viewing UAV / Drone maps and imagery Develop Mobile App in Ionic Framework - Develop mobile application Develop mobile application ( IOs & Android) - Develop Mobile apps Android and IOS develop mobile apps android and ios - Develop Mobile sites from approved design Develop mobile sites version of desktop landing pages from approved designs - Develop module and plugin for JomSocial and Joomla Develop Module for Checking/Validating Registration Codes - Develop MOODLE API for SCORM activity creation Develop Moodle Theme - Develop MS-Word Template and rework tech bulletins Develop MSI project for an application using the Microsoft Speech SDK - Develop music download site Develop music player for magento store - Develop my database further Develop my database further - develop my online shop Develop my online travel portal with API integration - Develop My Website Develop My Website - Develop my whole website
Develop my Word press Websites - Develop native mobile application for iOS and Android Develop native simple iOS & Android app - Develop new custom tech support website Develop new data entry webpages - Develop New homapage and Apply on website Develop New Home page and template - Develop New Popup plugin for WP Develop New Popup plugin for WP - Develop new VPN Service Front-end Develop New Web 2.0 Application - Develop new wordpress theme and setup in WP admin area Develop New Wordpress website - Develop Nurture Achieve Develop Nutrient Compounder Hybrid App for both Apple and Android platforms - Develop Office 365 workspace Develop Offline capability for an Android app - Develop one or many templates within the Direct-Choice CMS Develop one or two d3.js pages - Develop online accounting system and website accordingly. Develop online and mobile Road Map application on USHAHIDI platform - Develop online game for website Develop online game in HTML5 (or Flash) - Develop Online Selling Website Module Develop Online Service that Disguises Sites as Word Document - Develop Online/Mobile Database function + Label Printing Software Develop only the portfolio for the company - Develop OpenOffice Calc Code Develop optimised keyword list - develop organiser for Android Develop organissational marketing objective - Develop our Email list for marketing Develop our Global Market - Develop Outlook macros to integrate with OneNote Develop Outlook macros to integrate with OneNote -- 2 - Develop partnership scrip for Joomshoping Develop Patient Database in Microsoft Access - Develop PC and Mac Software Similar To TVMC Kodi Develop PC Game (Boxing) - Develop Phase of construction project Develop phone application - Develop Photoshop Plugin Develop PHP - Develop PHP Help Desk Develop PHP Help Desk -- 2 - Develop PHPFox modules Develop phpprobid site - Develop Plugin for Job and Store listings in Joomla 1.5 Develop Plugin for Job and Store listings in Joomla 2.5 - Develop Poker (Slot) Machine Application For Iphone with IN App Purchases - repost Develop Poker Application - Develop PPT's, activities and case stdies on given topic for management students DEVELOP PR PLAN FOR STARTUP - develop prestashop tpl file -- 2 develop prestashop tpl file -- 3 - Develop production drawings from existing Solidworks 3D model Develop productivity application like calendar/task manager with interfaces on ipad/iphone/mac and icloud database synchronization - develop program that scrapes data from ecommerce and imports to opencart develop program that scrapes data from ecommerce and imports to opencart - Develop prototype for new word/spelling game app for iOS Develop prototype of computer game - Develop Python program to download, analyze and visualize data Develop Python Script - Develop QuickBooks Online App Develop Quiz - Develop Ready to Use payment platform with Cyclos 4 Develop real estate buying and selling App for ios and android - Develop recruitment platform Develop recruitment portal - Develop Reporting Tool for a web application Develop Reports for an ERP Application - develop responsive web site develop responsive web site - Develop Resume and Cover letter variations Develop resume parser for a specialized type of resumes - Develop Roulette - a multiplayer Flash game that communicates with the remote server running php - repost Develop Roulette Game In WPF - DEVELOP SALES TRANSACTION APP Develop Sales/Marketing Strategy - Develop SCORM Engine Develop Scraper for Website - Develop script in selenium DEVELOP SCRIPT OR ACTION IN PHOTOSHOP - Develop second stage of rostering/scheduling website Develop Section of Website Based on Design (DNN 6) - Develop Server Based Quiz Apps Develop server elektrik di Indonesia - Develop Sharepoint Help Desk System Develop sharepoint list with User Interface for data entry, forms and workflows - develop shopping cart for baby store Develop shopping search engine - develop simple affiliate program functionality for recently launched web application in php (yii framework) Develop Simple and quality Android App - Develop simple chrome extension Develop simple CKEditor plugin to insert custom text - Develop Simple iOS App Develop simple iOS APP (Swift2) based on existing Android APP (Android Studio project attached) - Develop Simple Meta Trader MT4 EA Develop Simple Mobile App for Cardio Fitness - Develop simple program to copy files into a specified folder in Hard Drive Develop simple Program urgent - Develop simple website - Attarctive Design needed for homepage & inner page Develop simple website in codeigniter - Develop Single SSRS Report to include GPS and Images Develop Single SSRS Report to include GPS and Images - Develop site- Twitter API/PayPal API Develop site. Using handshakes script.(repost) - develop small html website with 2 forms and a way to accept payment Develop small iOS and Android app - Develop SMS App IPhone that look like Whatsapp Develop SMS Application - Develop Social Media just like Twitter by replacing tweet with 10 second of Audio Develop Social Media Management System - PHP Laravel - Develop Social Powered iOS App Using Parse, Technical Documentation Develop Social Sign Up Module For Wordpress - Develop Software develop software - Develop software for custom POS terminal application Develop software for digital image processing - develop software for VPN service for windows and mac develop software for Y O U T U B E views - Develop software through IBMs Watson Develop software to access websites and download - Develop Software with Amazon API Develop Software/ Desarrollar Software - Develop some modules of iPhone App Develop some modules of iPhone App - open to bidding - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop some SVG edit tool part Develop some tabbed content using JQuery UI - Develop Speech Recognition for English Course develop spider/crawler - Develop standard set of templates Develop startup webpages, analytic tools and freelance projects - Develop Streaming Website Audio Develop streaming website - Audio - Develop survey program in Visual Studio in C Develop Survey Questions Based On Best Practices - Develop T-Shirt designs on provided concepts develop T-shirt website with XML API integration - Develop technical requirement specification document Develop technical requirement specification document to new Website. - Develop Testosterone Therapy Replacement Landing Page Develop Tests & Surveys from Policies - Develop the backend of an dynamic ad campaign Develop the backoffice of our website in wordpress - develop the existing website