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Create and vector a simple logo Create and verify 450 Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail email accounts Create and verify a Google profile Create and verify account on UK bookmaker Create and verify an account for me Create and verify profile on various websites Create and Virtuemart Gift Voucher within existing site Create and voice-over a 15 minute demo walkthrough of our software Create and Wizard style installer for an OSx application in dmg format. Create and write a business plan. Create and write content for new website sections create and write in html 5 different adds (dvds) same subject but diff style for Craig list adds Create and write some Articles for wiki page Create and write Wikipedia page Create and XML Import Routine for an ASP.NET 2.0 Property Database create and/or modify Coreldraw templates Create and/or adapt nerd/geek t-shirt designs
create and/or adjust features on a wordpress site Create and/or Alter Rear Window Graphics. Create and/or Alter Rear Window Graphics. - repost Create and/or Alter Rear Window Graphics. 08-27-13 Create and/or Edit Wikipedia Page Create and/or Translate Advertisements to Chinese! Create andoid application Create Andoid Music Downloader very Quick create andrid and ios app Create andriod and iphone app Create andriod and iso app for my clients to manage tickets we use whmcs create andriod app create andriod app - open to bidding Create Andriod Apps Partnership Big Money Create Andriod launcher icon and customize from existing logo image Create Andriod UI Template with Material Design and Animation Create Android "Boost" Animation (vid inside)