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Create and finalize website with clipbucket. Create and find the reference for approx 50 pics CREATE AND FIX A JQUERY SCRIPT Create and fix some elements of existing websites Create and fix some small features for GameCage. (Exe.file, C++ Programming) Create and fix web elements of JQuery, HTML and CSS3 Create and format some documents in Microsoft Word. Create and gain visibility for environmental website Create and generate pay per sale advertising relationships for Legal Highs websites create and graph equations Create and Grocery Delivery App Create and help implement SSIS packages for MS SQL Server Create and help manufacture t-shirts Create and Help me Sell a Product Create and help to integrate a new design to our website: Create and Host an XML feed with Cron Job Create and Host an XML feed with Cron Job -- 2
Create and host and exact copy of live Magento store for testing, development, backup etc. create and host custom search engine Create and host IP addresses Create and host my website with sample website provided Create and Illustrate 4 Backgrounds for my Animated Comedy Create and illustrate a cartoon character for our brand Create and illustrate diagram showing manufacturing process Create and image map with css/html Create and implemenent a Marketing Strategy for a mobile app launch Create and implement 10 contact forms on my Shopify site Create and implement 2 web forms on Wordpress platform from .pdf docs for a website (Can use Wordpress plugins) Create and implement 3 custom menus for store landing pages Create and Implement a Bot to Create Articles for Wiki--Opening and Splitting Large Data Files Involved create and implement a Graphdb for social media application create and implement a high-conversion landing page for a website create and implement a Language gaming app for IOS, check the attachment first create and implement a marketing plan