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Create component + module to Joomla - Create concept and design for a suitable game create concept arts n film production designs n posters - Create connection to bank gateway Create connection to Payment Gateway in Ecommerce CMS using API - Create contact database from Excel to MS Access 2007 Create contact database of Yoga schools and Yoga Instructors(Form Fiiling in Software)Story Typing - Create contact forms for wordpress site create contact forms for wordpress site. - Create content Create content - Create Content for Commercial Cleaning Website Create content for Computer Repair Blog - Create Content locker using a API Create content managed jewellery site - Create Context Sensitive, easy to use form Create Continuous Integration solution using Jenkins and Drupal - CREATE COOL DJ VOICE OVER WITH SPECIAL EFFECTS TRANSITION Create cool infographics - Create Copy/Text for brief 1 page marketing brochure Create Copyrights for two Logos (patent) - Create corporate marketing brochures, graphics, pictures, text for IT company. Create corporate newsletter - Create count down timmer for penny auction site Create Countdown and progress bar on a coming soon website - Create Courses With Transcript in PowerPoint 1-2 Hours Long - Subject Examples: Engineering, Science, Software, Tutorial Presentation in English Create courseware for TESDA - Create cPanel for digital ocean Create cPanel Plugin - Create CreateSpace eBook Cover from Existing Image - ongoing work Create Creative & Fun Company Profile in PDF - create cron Backup files to skip Directory Create cron for image import - Create Crosstab Recordset from Normal Recordset create crosswords for wiki using provided software - Create crystal reports report for ordering Create CS4 Illustrator logo file from a PDF - Create css file and change style of my landing page Create css file and fix formatting on Wordpress site - Create CSS page Create CSS page from image file - Create css themes for buttons Create CSS to convert a website in responsive - Create CSS/XHTML templates from PSD files Create CSS3 Button - Create csv file to import to Prestashop Create CSV File to upload products on Amazon & eBay - Create CSV to XML converter CREATE CSV WITH CAR MODEL/MAKE/AND IMAGES - Create custom alarm audio wave files Create Custom Altcoin cryptocurrency - Create Custom Blog Create custom blog header on blog page from mock design - Create Custom CMS on Laravel create custom cms website for monthly magazine - create custom design for opencart store Create custom design template - Create Custom Facebook Like Button Create Custom Facebook Like Button -- 2 - Create custom form in wordpress Create custom form module/plugin for woocommerce/wordpress - Create Custom Hotel Theme Using Bootstrap & PHP & XML Data Create Custom How To Videos - Create custom indicator for Metatrader4 Create custom indicator for Metatrader4 - Create custom jQuery script Create custom JSON-File editor (Html/Javascript/C#) - Create Custom Magento Report based on Product Option Custom Attribute Create Custom Magento Report based on Product Option Custom Attribute -- 2 - Create Custom mp3 audio player for website music files Create Custom MS Project Web Access Page - Create Custom Parser in Wordpress Create Custom Payment Gateway for Open cart 1.5.6 - Create Custom Pictures/banners Create custom Pligg template - Create custom profile pages for our Joomla website Create custom program to auto run Microsoft update file on remote PC - Create custom RSS feed Create Custom RSS Feed For Wordpress Blog - Create Custom Sidebar for Support Section Of WordPress Site Create Custom Signup & Login On WordPress Site - Create custom stripe cart with subscription and one click upsell Create Custom Stripe Subscription-payment form using Stripe's Library - Create custom Transactional email for Magento according to half-done code and existing template Create custom tshirt transfer - Create Custom Website - All Content and Format Provided Create Custom Website and SEO Models - Create custom wordpress code to send out selected 'new comment' notifications Create custom WordPress company marketing website - Create Custom Wordpress Template Create custom Wordpress template - Create Custom WP Plugin Create custom WP plugin - Create customer portal for photographer website Create Customer Profile Page (WHMCS) - Create Customized CMS Website Create customized filter for woocommerce custome category page - Create customized wordpress template Create customized Wordpress Theme - Create daily deal on magento website. Create Daily deals website - Create dashboard to display info from API using OAuth Create Dashboard to track Email sent from Amazon SES - Create data feed create data feed - Create data relational application CREATE DATA RF-ID REDAER - create database create database - Create database and html table Create Database and information import - Create database for e-mailing Create Database for Event Management Company - Create database linked to online survey API Create database list of PAs and EAs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi - Create database of emails - open to bidding Create database of emails IDs of technology decision makers - Create Database specification for managing data for small construction company Create Database Specification Sheets - Create database-driven AJAX enabled thumbnail viewer/filmstrip ASP.NET custom control Create Database. - create dating / people searching site Create Dating App - Create db query in asp & add password retrieval function to asp page create db services restful with jersey and json java project - Create Definition File for Scrapebox Learning Mode Create Delete function on Active Desk - Create demo Dashboard Create Demo Directory For Requested City - Create description page for software Create Description, Instruction and Thumbnail of Games - Create Design background prestashop Create design characters - Create design for new road layout Create design for new website - Create design of CS:GO Case (Requires Blender & Photoshop) Create design of email - create designs for paper crafts Create designs for print marketing material - Create desktop-startmenu shortcuts Create Dessert Recipes - Create Development Wordpress Site create development/test site as subfolder - Create dialog which contains a text area that can use an tinyMCE Create Dialplan from Comma Separated Value (.CSV) Files - Create different Icon resolutions out of an Icon and simplify Create different iOS apps - Long term partnership - Create digital images with transparent back ground
Create digital letterhead using existing logo + letterhead - create direct mail ad Create Direct Mailer Sales Piece for Nutritional Supplement - Create Disclosure Screen for iPhone APP Create discount code for download product thru PayLoadz - Create django website to run python forms Create Django website using the Viewflow lib [models provided] - Create DMG Installer for Mac Create DND Filter in Bulk SMS App - Create document template in Microsoft Publisher Create document template in Microsoft Publisher - open to bidding - Create DokuWiki theme from provided Wordpress theme Create DokuWiki theme from provided Wordpress theme - Create DOS Batch file to move files from one directory to another Create Dosage Calculator for Website - Create downloadable widget for desktop and webpage Create Doxygen manual - Create Drawings and Sketches for Exisiting Story Board in SVG and JPG High Res Format.. Create drawings for Children's school shirts and blouses. - Create drive image Create Drive Thru Game. - Create Drupal 7 entityform page, and some local task and other menu items Create Drupal 7 extended User profile PLUS individual Profile template by .html template - Create Drupal Page Layout with Jquery Image slider - ongoing work Create drupal page. - Create Drupal Theme from PSD Design Create Drupal theme from Web Template - Create Duplicate Content Search Script Create duplicate ecommerce site ASAP - create dvd design and artwork -- 3 Create dvd product html page for ebay - Create Dynamic Ebay store Category list - repost Create Dynamic Ebay store Category list and comment the code - Create Dynamic navigation list and user login pages with small website Create dynamic newsletter in Magento from latest products - Create dynamic seeded single elimination tournament bracket Create dynamic site map from separate folders - Create Dynamic web site using CMS/platform using wordpress Create dynamic webpage to monitor changing MySQL COUNTs - create e commerce website Create E Commerce website similar to = transfer 700 woocommerce products - Create E-Commerce Plattform, input offline files Create e-commerce portal like ebay - Create E-learning Videos Create E-learning Videos - Create EA and Add Protection Create EA based on 2 indicators and a set of rules - Create Easy Dialog Skin Create easy forms in AutoCad - Create Ebay Auction Ad Create ebay auction pages - Create Ebay Listings Create ebay listings - Create Ebay Store create ebay store - Create ebay template form HTML code Create ebay template from website design - create ebook cover Create Ebook Cover - repost - Create ebook graphic cover and turn document into ebook Create EBook Image - CREATE ECOMMERCE APP UI DESIGN MOCKUP FOR IOS AND ANDROID -- 2 Create ecommerce database w/search function - Create Ecommerce website Create Ecommerce website - Create Ecover for my website Create Ecover for my website -- 2 - Create editable logo psd Create editable mailchimp template (html format) - Create Editable PDFs for my business Create Editable PDFs for my business - Create Educational Portal on Wordpress Create educational poster - Create either a Slider Revolution or Layer Slider slide or similar to give desired effect Create either an animated GIF or code a Barbers poll - Create electronic models Create electronic pdf Form from illustrator CS5 design - Create email accounts Create email accounts - Create Email and Invoice template + Improve Templates Create email attachment for a asp form - Create email forwarding tool - repost 2 Create Email from PDF in Hotfolder - Create Email List from Web Sources Create email list of 250 Spanish companies - Create email notification in Create email opt-in list - create email template Create email template + update of the delivery status (tracking) - create email, database and form for profile update Create Email-Friendly GIFs - Create Emoji Application Create Emoji Application - Create ENets Module for Opencart Create ENets Module for Prestashop - Create English text to inform users about new version of the product Create ENglish version of my website - Create EPS version of logo Create EPS, PSD and AI image from PNG that can scale - Create escort site Create escort site - open to bidding - Create evening view from a day view 3D rendering by using photoshop create event program - Create Events Module for PHPFox (Hourly) Create Events Section for Brooklyn-based Website - Create Excel / Word templates Create Excel 2010 Add-in from list of macros - Create Excel Dashboard for Business Inteligence Purposes Create excel Dashboard for revenues - create excel document from jpeg images - repost Create excel document from list - Create excel document from list Create excel document from list - Create Excel File From Website Database Create Excel file of Music Database from - Create Excel from PDF - DUE Immediately! Create Excel from PHP - Create Excel macro to do find and replace in batch Create Excel Macro to extract data from several files - Create excel pivot charts and paste them into powerpoint Create Excel Power View Dashboards - Create excel sheets create excel sheets - Create Excel Spreadsheet for Screen Printing Shop . Create Excel Spreadsheet for Wholesale Clients for Fashion Brand - Create Excel spreadsheet with data from 900 emails Create excel spreadsheet with formulas and enter data - Create Excel User Form to capture data for business cards Create Excel Variable Entries Spreadsheet from Powershell Scripts - Create Excel-based work time sheets/project tracking Create Excel-based work time sheets/project tracking - repost - Create exciting and informative content for shoppers Create Exciting Army Themed Slideshow + Video Bits - Create Exercise Videos & Pics Create Exhibitor Registration for Prize Finder Wordpress site - Create Expire domain software Create Explainer / Scribble Video with 70 Seconds for Car Buyer - Create explainer/documentary style video Create Explaining Video - Create extention to ExpressionEngine CMS Create exterior renderings for a real estate project - Create fabric Create Fabrik Template - create facebook accounts create facebook accounts - Create Facebook Ads Create Facebook Ads - create facebook advertisement -- 2
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