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Create a 3dmax design of a garden for a villa design Create a 3DSmax script to translate geometry by pre-set distances Create a 3min motion graphic video for childrens hat brand Create a 3min Text Animation (Kinetic Typography) in After Effects Create a 3min video Create a 3rd Partition on Raspberi Pi 8GB SD Card running openWRT Create a 3rd party cookie Create a 3rd Party Login Module based on FOSUserBundle Create a 4 -5 short animations to open the video, end the video and few layers to utilise as name placer, quote placer, text placer... Create a 4 letter logo Create a 4 Min Animated Music Video Create a 4 minute videoscribe video Create a 4 minutes introductory video Create a 4 page Application Form with Admin Panel Backend Create a 4 page brochure in Indesign 3 Create A 4 Page Client Brief in Word/PDF Create a 4 Page Infographic & Report
Create a 4 page website + payment system create a 4 pager - infographics Create a 4 pages website Create a 4 second 2D Animation Create a 4 second 2D Animation Create a 4 week eating plan for 4 different goals (weight loss, toning up, put on size, put on lean muscle mass). Create a 4-5min overview video of sports day Create a 4-5min Youtube video of a Facebook app Create a 4-6 frame ''How it Works'' page (absolutely NO Flash) Create a 4-image icon set Create a 4-page Mobile Website Create a 4-page website using a template in Freeway Pro Create a 4.5 hours Video Tutorial having Slideshow, Text, Infographics etc. Create a 4/5 page simple website for a cleaning company Create a 40 - 60 second 2D Elevator pitch clip (After Effects & Final Cut Pro for audio voiceover) Create a 40 -50 sec video from images Create a 40 sc video