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Create 5 Wordpress websitesalso Need Landing Pages - Create 5 banners for an agenda + 1 full page ad Create 5 banners for Custom Adult Cam Websites - Create 5 draft recurring emails with Mailchimp Create 5 epic designs/illustrations for wall art/wall stickers - create 5 html5 + css3 pages based on bootstrap3 Create 5 HTML5 Construct2 Scirra games templates - Create 5 Large and 3 Small picture Banners for website. create 5 logos as in the PDF file - Create 5 page Wordpress website using theme. Create 5 pages - Create 5 Responsive Imagemap With SVG Create 5 Responsive Optin Templates (very easy) - Create 5 simple video title slides (3 seconds each, one sentence) Create 5 simple videos and upload to major video sites - Create 5 Unique Short Videos 30-50 Seconds Only Create 5 unique URL email addresses; Advise on Marketing in India - Create 5 wordpress pages with custom urls's create 5 wordpress shortcodes with visual composer - Create 50 .pdf files create 50 101 x 101 banners - Create 50 Facebook Profiles using GMAIL, Hotmail or Yahoo accounts create 50 FB pages on different accounts - Create 50 links. requires no special skill Create 50 links. requires no special skill - Create 50 Squidoo Lenses Create 50 Squidoo, Hubpages and Similar Pages - I provide content! - Create 500 Facebook Accounts Create 500 account - Create 500 Links for 20 stores Create 500 listings (adverts) on our new website - Create 5000 Gmail addresses Create 5000 Gmail addresses - Create 6 Animations for an ePub3 compliant eBook Create 6 Banner files - Create 6 html page using template create 6 html pages - Create 6 sample banners Create 6 second Vine videos - Create 6 Windows XP Style Icons Create 6 Windows XP Style Icons - repost - Create 60 seconds movies of how to Create 60 Short Videos (15-Seconds Each) -- Clips and Text Provided - Create 7 Badge Icons in Adobe Illustrator Create 7 banners 1180x292 - Create 7 user profiles on SocialEngine / Social engine site Create 7 versions of attached illustration - Create 8 editorial images from 3D images Create 8 ezine articles and 3 spin articles(kv2) - create 8 sports session plans/diagrams? Create 8 unique SSH tutorials for my SSH Tutorial site! - Create 85 Social Media Marketing Posts Create 85 word documents in 2 days or less - Create 9 website banners Create 9 window Banners designs - Create \"forgot username\" and \"forgot password\" functionality Create \"Plugin\" for Windows based program that uses Access DB - create a course/provider website Create a Custom Wordpress Plugin - Create a iOS app with real db connection based on our detailled requirements and exisiting graphical design Create a JAVA program using Netbeans that has a GUI and calculates earnings and tutoring time. - Create a PPC Campaign in freelancers facebook ad account Create a PPC Campaign message - Create a Style Guide demo page with all style elements from the web app. More work to follow - repost SAS skill needed. Create a table with comparable information - Create a Wordpress Page Create a Wordpress Plugin - Create a "LOGIN AREA" for my website Create a "LOGIN AREA" for my website - Repost - Create a "slider' for animated gifs that I can put on/insert into website Create a "SOLD OUT" label for product catalogue - Create a "Virtual Club" create a ''checkers game'' - Create a (really) small HTML 1-page website Create a (responsive) html mail signature based on a design. - Create A .INF file - Rush Job Create a .jar application for nokia operating system - Create a .PSD for me - I've already drawn out what i want Create a .PSD for me - I've already drawn out what i want - Create a 1 min short character animation for a project Create a 1 min Video - Create A 1 Minute Product Animation For A Social App Create a 1 Minute Promo Video - Create a 1 page template with JQuery Create a 1 page Ticket purchase page using paypal - Create a 1-minute Video Animation Create a 1-minute video for the product introduction - create a 10 sec title video Create a 10 sec Tv commercial - Create a 100% functional mobile version of an existing joomla + virtuemart webshop Create a 100% original, royalty-free bootstrap template - Create a 15 sec Promo Video - ongoing work Create a 15 sec stop motion video using our hot sauce bottles - Create a 15second Video Advertisement about Gelatin Benefits create a 16 x 1 image in photoshop - Create a 2 min animation explainer video for mobile app. Create a 2 min Christmas Product Sale Video - Create a 2 minutes Youtube Video Commercial Create a 2 mionute explainer video for android app security product - Appvigil - Create a 2-3 minute slideshow with some animation Create a 2-3 minute video - Create a 20 seconds advertise 3D Video ( Please check the link before bids and tell me if you are able to provide similar job or i will block you) Create a 20 seconds animation (maximum badjet 30 euro) - Create a 2D animated game trailer video Create a 2D animated game trailer video -- 2 - Create a 2D Animation based on our character. Looping. 12 frames -- 2 Create a 2D animation based on the 70s Star Trek series - Create a 2D Animation Video with 3D Elements Create a 2D animation Video. - Create a 2D Floorplan, and a rendered Elevation View - Repost - open to bidding Create a 2D Game for Android - Create a 2D Video (30 Seconds) - ongoing work Create a 2D Video -- 2 - Create a 3 Minute Cartoon (Animating + Drawing) Create a 3 minute explainer video (animated style) - Create a 3 youtube commercial videos Create a 3-4 min 'hype' reel - Create a 30 Sec Video in 2D Animation Create a 30 Sec Video in 2D Animation Character, Script & Voice Over - create a 30 second video part 2 Create a 30 second video with some animation - Create a 30sec video animation Create a 30sec. 3D still frame slideshow Video - Create a 3D animated dog Create a 3D Animated Explainer Video with Voice-Over - Create a 3D Animation Create a 3D animation - Create a 3D animation, short and simple one Create a 3D animation/ stop motion - Create a 3D coin model Create a 3D company house - Create a 3D game for Android and IOS phones and tablets Create a 3D game for Iphone and Ipad - Create a 3D logo And logo reveal (future work possible) - ongoing work Create a 3d logo animation for video introduction - CREATE A 3D MODEL BASED ON 2D PLANS AND PICTURES Create a 3D model figure wearing a full body safety harness to be used in Poser - Create a 3d model of a cartoon trees low poly for games Create a 3D model of a chair - Create a 3D model of the monument Create a 3D model on Sketchup from a 2D drawing of a house - Create a 3d printable figurines in differing poses Create a 3D printable file of a simple broken plastic part - Create a 3d rotating box Create a 3d rotating mouthguard - Create a 3D video Create a 3d video - Create a 3D Visualizer in WebGL and three.js
Create a 3D walkthrough Rendering for training centre. - Create a 4-image icon set Create a 4-page Mobile Website - Create a 5 minute 2D animation Create a 5 minute 3d animated Video to pitch for a StartUp Idea - Create a 5 second 3D animation Intro and 3D banner design Create a 5 second Animated Logo - Create a 52 week inventory tracking spreadsheet Create a 59 seconds videopromo/teaser - Create a 60 second music track. Create a 60 second Product Explainer Video - Create a 7 page Wordpress site and logo Create a 7 Pages Wordpress Website from PSD - Create a 90 sec Video explaining services of my music related website $175 Create a 90 second Animation to promote a fundraising program - Create a a book cover. Urgent. Create a a design like the attached. I have attached all required files. - Create a Ad for the production -- 2 Create a ad video of an iOS app - Create a Adsence Blog $80 to $100 Per day Create a Adsense blog or site which earns minimum 10$ a day! - Create a advertisment Video Create a adwords campaign for my company - Create a album/mixtape cover Create a AlertPay Ad profit Share Script - Create a Android and iOS App Create a Android and iOS App - Create a Android game create a Android game for me - Create a animated explainer video Create a animated explainer video for a eco friendly office cleaning company - Create a animated video Create a Animated Video - Create a Animation Create a animation - Create a animation video 3D of a case for iPad Create a animation video 60 to 90 seconds (350 words) - create a app create a app - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - Create a app for me Create A App For My Social Media Network - Create a Application for managing customers online create a application for me - Create a ASP/MySQL db for QUOTES Create a aspx page that can sync the clients database tables to our SaaS product (using a delphi windows sync app as a strict guide) - Create a automation task through winautomation Create a Automator script (or applescript) to convert a folder of sub-folders containing HTML files to PDF - Create a Backdoor program for use on Adidas US / Demandware Backdoor Create a backend and editor for html websites - Create a background service for my media player app Create a background service for my media player app- Repost - Create a Band Logo Create a band logo - Must be transparent and vector - Create a Banner Create a Banner - Create a banner for a baby shop and a table hour Create a banner for a blog - Create a banner size from Illustrator file (other sizes already there) Create a banner slider on homepage with already made banners - Create a basic "Event Registration" page in wordpress, and integrate with our wordpress website. Create a basic 10 page website (minor transition effect on home page) - create a basic classified site Create a basic cleaning business website - Create a basic javascript filtering function with dropdown menus and a button create a basic joomla website with modules - create a basic sql database Create a basic standalone Chromium Embedded Browser in Java - Create a basic WordPress theme Create a basic Wordpress Website for Building Company Startup - Create a BCM create a bday card invite - Create a beautiful Wix website, brand board and logo! Create a beautiful wordpress ecommerce site from my rough PSD mockup - Create a better responsive layout design of my current website in PSD and then do PSD2HTML Create A Better Site Design Based On This Example - Create a bidding website (Project 1) Create a Bidding, Auction or Reverse Bid Website - Create a Birthday E-Card and deliver instantly Create a birthday invitation - Create a Bitcoin wallet with Api Create a Bitcoin/Etherium wallet for iOS - Create a Blog Create a Blog - Create a blog about clickbank create a blog about doing what you love and make money out of it - Create a blog from a presentation Create A blog from PSDs/AI - create a blog page for my websitesshnnu Create a blog page in wordpress using our existing website design template - Create a blog web site Create a Blog Website - Create a blogger Template Create a blogger template - Create a bonitasoft connector to access an external rest API Create A BooCover - Create a Book with Tajweed for learning Qur'an, also interactive DVD/CD create a book, all text provided - Create a bookmarking website to store web links and notes -- 2 Create a Bookmarklet - create a bootstrap template Create a Bootstrap Template (1 Page) - Create a Bot Farm for Android App Create a Bot Farm for Android App - Create a Bot that Logs into Our Site - Easy Create A Bot That Makes Accounts On A Website and Likes Comments - Create a bottle flip game (Under Cproductions Company Name) -- 3 create a bottle label - Create a brand and logo .Build a Website Create a brand and packaging for sustainable seafood - Create a brand name and design a logo create a brand name and its design and logo - Create a Branded PowerPoint PPT Template Create a Branded Video Streaming Service using Viddler API's - Create a brochure Create a brochure - Create a brochure request that records email address Create a brochure request that records email address - Create a Bubble Chart Create a bubble map visualization of a simple dataset with locational data - Create a Bulk SMS Plugin for Blesta create a bulk sms portal - create a business card create a business card - Create a business directory on Weebly Create a Business Directory Web like - Create a business Name create a business name - Create a business PowerPoint presentation Create a Business Presentation in Flash - create a button create a button - Create a C program in Atmel Studio 7 for Mega256 to control digital I/O and a SIM900 Create a C program similar to "Files Option" in linux - Create a C# RSS / Atom Object Model Create a C# SIP client connecting to Asterisk - Create a C2C platform based on a Megento template Create a C2C platform based on a Megento template - Create a calculator for Wordpress website Create a calculator for wordpress website - Create a Camera as a web app or IOS and Android Create a Camera IOS Application - Create a car model (lowpoly) Create a car parking website and its backend - Create a Caricature of my Friend Create a caricature/cartoon from a photo - Create a cart plugin for Woocommerce