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Correct Xhtml Code Correct XML for Java WAR file. correct year of songs on playlist Correct YouTube API Error Correct Youtube Subtitles (In English) Correct Youtube Subtitles (In English) -- 2 Correct Zen Cart functions_prices.php CORRECT ZEN CART SEARCH FUNCTION - PHP CODER ONLY Correct Zend Encoder on Virtualmin Running two versions of PHP. correct zombaio-module for different open-cart version Correct zxing Java Project to return the w: field (height of barcode) Correct, Crop and Upload Product images & Product Specs into wordpress Correct, Customise and Optimise Wordpress site and server Correct, Customise and Optimise Wordpress site and server -- 2 Correct, Enhance Advance Critical review of Article Correct, expand and finish sport related mobile app correct, improve the grammar a english Translation by native speakers correct, prepare and edit an existing file A4 Folder (4 pages)for printing
Correct, Proofread and Remove Plag for french esaay correct,expand exist php-app: tab products, texts Correct/check my Book and make in High Standard English Correct/check page to /data/ links Correct/create and test theme(s) for ionic2 project Correct/edit PHP file Joomla/Virtuemart Payment Module Correct/edit translation from English to Spanish Correct/extend 2 simpel contact forms with recaptcha from google correct/finish keygen-php-script (one file only) Correct/Proofread Academic Text Correct/Proofread my Companies Website (English + German) Correct/Translate and Edit content in Excel in Czech language Correct: Error 3170 ''Couldn't find installable ISAM'' Correcta bug in a php page. Corrected - Body Diagram Infographic Corrected - Breast Implants vs Natural Breast Aug Corrected Project for Project 1462231