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Convert osCommerce 2.2 MS2 Database to 2.3.1 Convert osCommerce 2.2 MS2 Database to 2.3.3 Convert osCommerce 2.2 MS2 Database to 2.3.3 - repost convert oscommerce 2.2 template to creloaded 6.2 Convert Oscommerce 2.2 template to Oscommerce 2.2 rc2a Convert osCommerce 2.2 to 2.3 & Transfer site to new server Convert OSCommerce 2.2 to a responsive website (mobile version) Convert OsCommerce 2.3 Template to CRE Loaded 6.4.1a B2B Convert Oscommerce Buttons to CSS Convert OSCommerce Code to PHP6 Convert osCommerce database to Cubecart Database Convert OSCommerce database to Magento 2.1 database (products, customers, categories, attributes) Convert Oscommerce Database to OpenCart DB Convert Oscommerce Database To Wordpress Shopping Cart Convert OsCommerce DB to Zen Cart DB Convert osCommerce Gift Registry contribution to oscMax or build custom contribution Convert osCommerce module to CRE Loaded 6.2
Convert OSCommerce module to work in Prestashop Convert OsCommerce MS2 Template to CRE Loaded Convert OScommerce on PHP 4 to PHP5 standards convert oscommerce payment module to XT-commerce with install instructions Convert osCommerce payment module to ZEN CART Convert oscommerce product-data csv spreadsheet to importable Magento csv spreadsheet Convert Oscommerce Shop to Joomla/Virtuemart Convert Oscommerce Site into Joomla/VirtuaMart site Convert OSCommerce site into mobile phone friendly version Convert osCommerce site template to a Responsive Template Convert OSCommerce Site to Cre Loaded Convert Oscommerce site to Iphone App Convert Oscommerce Site to Magento Convert osCommerce site to Magento Convert oscommerce store for mobile-friendly Convert Oscommerce store to iphone app Convert oscommerce store to Magento