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Change EJS Templating to Docxtemplater NodeJS - Rehire - Change Entire Site Using css Change Entire Website retaining permalinks structure - Change existing banner (repost) Change existing Banner with 3 NEW images - change existing mobile landing page Change existing MQL4 indicator - Change Existing VBA Code to Print to PDF Writer Change existing video - Change exitsing CSS for new look on website Change expiration date & address in a pdf file - Change Facebook Group Name change facebook group name - Change Facial Expression of a Cartoon Character Change facial structure of logo picture illustration - Change Few Layout and Typograph change few links on 2 websites - Change file extension from exe to exe.config Change file file attributes for a PDF file - Change Filters & Layout in Wordpress Plugin. Change Filters & Layout in Wordpress Plugin. -- 2 - Change flash file to .mpg file Change FLash flyout menu items - change flash template design Change Flash template design and include our content - Change font color and create a table Change font color for tooltip, in Openlayers, Drupal 7 - Change font in Wordpress theme change font of all receipts in chromis - Change font to Geneva, allign so neat then save as PDF documents from docx extension Change font to Geneva, allign so neat then save as PDF documents from docx extension MUST be done in the next 3 hours - by 10pm GMT on Tuesday 5th August - Change Football Now Change Footer - Change Form Fields Change form from Contact 7 to Gravity Forms - Change formats Change formats & script work for C# Budget Project. - CHANGE FROM HTML TO DATABASE Change from html to flash my current ''New Releases Section'' in - Change Frontend of PHP/MySQL Directory Script Change frontpage images - Change FURL in IPB (Simple PHP Task) Change furniture layout on CAD drawing - change Google Instant predictions(Google Instant automatically results) Change google map on iPhone/Andoid app to ESRI ArcGIS - Change Graphic Text On A Flash Animation WP Theme change graphic to website - Change GUI library from DevExpress to standard .net forms Change GUI of GTS Enterprise - Change header & Footer links change header (html/js) to an existing site - Change Header In Wordpress Site Change Header In Wordpress twenty ten theme - Change headers for 2 WP template sites Change headersize in wordpress theme - CHANGE HOMEPAGE AND SEARCH Change Homepage Appearance - change hosting, speed up the website Change hostname GCE of my instance - change html email content Change html email template very slightly - change html website to php or something ellse change html website to php or something else - Change Icon near website address for my Vbulletin website. Change icon of an EXE file - Change Image and background Color change image and map marker based on time - Change Image from Silver to Gold (Ring) Change Image from White Background to Transparent - Change image size change Image size - Change image urls in wordpress Change Image Web Site To Xhtml, W2, SEO - change images background color Change images for a joomla - Change images to embed images from Instagram or Pinterest Flickr Change images to HTML phone numbers - Change in AutoIt Project change in Brochure - Change in JS code click event to hover Change in JS code click event to hover - repost - Change in poster. Change in practice indwelling catheter management - Change in websites Change in wordpress plugin - Change interactions of two buttons in my ASP.NET website for mobile phones as described: Change interactions of two buttons in my ASP.NET website for mobile phones as described: -- 2 - Change iOS Status bar in my phonegap app Change IOS Template / Upload to Itunes - Change Jacket Color in images (2) from Light Blue to Black Change Jamoola site over to new site - Change JOOMLA admin password Change Joomla Admin Password through FTP - Change Joomla template to match a different color scheme that we have the PSD of Change Joomla template to resemble the demo on a website - Change json link but the look should be the same change json response - Change language of 1 page site - language changes supplied change language of website - Change layout and text of a single-page Ruby-based website Change Layout and Text on 1 Page Site - I Have The Files Already - Change layout of existing flyer Change layout of existing HTML template (One Page) - Change layout of WordPress Escort Website Change layout of wordpress plugin to existing website - Change letter height on Solidworks File Change Letter in Logo - change link on flash file Change Link on Index.html - Change Linux WEB server admin using teamviewer Change Linux WEB server admin using teamviewer - change login avatar in my Rails app for non Facebook users and install friendly_id gem Change Login Code - change logo change logo - Change logo and title of application Change logo and txt in intro - Change logo design or create new one based on old logo Change logo dimensions and footer credits and delete plugin - Change Logo JPG to PSD Change Logo Name - change logo to a vectorized file change logo to clear background - Change logo- Vector Change Logo/Colours in an app - change look and feel of calendar and time picker Change look and feel of CS Cart Multi Vendor Edition - Change LTP to RTL for Login screen only Change LUA script - Change magento online shop product page image size Change Magento online store to be Mobile Friendly and Responsive - Change magento website domain Change Magento Website Domain Configuration - change management change management - change management mba assignment Change Management Paper - Change Member Area Design with HTML5 animation Change Member Area Design with HTML5 animation 2 - Change Menu in wordpress Change Menu Item in Wordpress - Change menubar buttons on existing website change menubar on website - change modification to website design Change Modul-Position Responsive Design - Change MS Access Report to multilanguage from CSV file Change MS Excel 2003 macro to print label to specific printer. - Change my Adobe Flash Player To JW Player... -- 2 change my adobe illustrator logo into a dst file - Change my Current Banner
Change my current logo - Change My Facebook Page Name Change my facebook page name - Change my house drawings. Material list. 3D of 2nd flr Change my house drawings. Material list. 3D of 2nd flr - Change my login panel to sync with another websites login Change my logistic program - Change My Name Server to Use CloudFlare Change my navigation to match the CSS of my other menu. - Change my product page in woocommerce Change my profile picture on brochure jpg - Change my site footer Change my site in wordpress from left to right - Change my web service become part of windows service start automatically. change my web single page gui to a new gui - Change my website from Wix to Wordpress Change My Website Front Look - Change my website's content Change my website's description in google - Change my wordpress URL Change my wordpress website style using CSS - Change name and person details on Business Card CC Change name and stuff in IOS and Android app - Change name, website and logo on existing marketing materials Change name/color of ebay template and upload 10-20$ - change needed change needed - Change number in footer Change number of "Current Top Sellers" from 5 to 4. Requires coding - Change of Calendar Style change of Checkout currency - Change of graphic design Change of graphics for wordpress theme - Change of Phantom power supply Microphone to Suit Double ended Microphone Applications. Change of Phantom power supply Microphone to Suit Double ended Microphone Applications. -- 2 - Change of Wordpress Header/Navigation Change of wordpress login - Change on Template Favourite Standard (Responsive part for mobile) and modul FavPromote Change on template for Zdrenga only - Change one page design of my website Change one page design of my website - Change open-source software - add/delete a few functions. Change OpenCart 2 extension to work with my theme "Journal - Advanced Opencart Theme" - Change or re setup a file to ai format. Quick job Change or rename part of url structure - change OSclass site design and add some features , if you can do it now change oscommerce (php) - Change our graphics to new brandname CHANGE OUR HOME PAGE LAYOUT | READY TO START SOON (ONLY EXPERT) - change out Change out and add images - Change package names Change Packagename , Update Lastest Facebook Graph API, Add New Facebook id to already builded my source code. - Change page via FTP Change page view buttons and funktions - Change Password in MVC Change password of everything in the VPS - Change payment method Change Payment Method ( Laravel ) - Change PCB Design Change PCM Limit on GM ECU - Change PDF to exactly the same format in word - Repost Change pdf to excel - Change Permissions on uBuntu Folder Change permissions server - Change phone number on wordpress website. Add phone number on another wordpress website. Change phone numbers flashing call now signs - Change Photos Background Color Change Photos Background Color - Change php code so it will work on my Debian server. Change php code to allow html. - Change PHP Script in Joomla Change PHP Script Old Theme to new Theme - change php website page layout Change PHP website side menu to top menu - change picture background colour and merge 2 images CHANGE PICTURE FILE ON SITE - Change player color Change Player from Flash to HTML with HD button - change position of services groups with drag drop Change position of some letters in .stl file, using Zbrush - Change prestashop mobile theme Change Prestashop Tax Rules - Change pricing on my exsisting website 30 minute job basic html -- 2 Change pricing template from image to dynamic html - Change Product Layout Prestashop Change product layout prestashop - Change project UI change properties of existing website - change PWM frequency - open to bidding Change PWM frequency-2 - change red-black tree to avl tree change red-black tree to avl tree (for SaS Technologies) - change relative path to absolute path magento Change Relay to Work on Time Passed, Rather than Temperature - Change resolution of banner design Change resolution of images. - Change rpg site change RSS design to my specified rss - Change script from move folder to move just files from the folder(s) Change script from move folder to move just files from the folder(s)! - Change Search Design to new design urgently change search feature in my app - change serial code to be in paralel Change serial number on Memory Stick Pro Duo - Change Shipping Settings/Rates and Taxes Checkout (Woocommerce - PHP) change shipping to not change - Change sidebar position in wordpress template Change sidebar width for wordpress - Change Site Appearance & Add Facility to Send me Images Change site code to be Web Compliant - Change Site Look change site look - Change size if image Change size if image - Change Skin and Customize iOS App Change skin and eye color on an image - change slider to commen jpeg change slider to css/html and fix contact forms - Change SMS providers on reminder app Change SMTP details into my sharetribe application - Change some blocking resorces in CSS and JS files in a wordpress site Change some blurr pictures into HD resolution for HD printing - Change some CSS for mobile theme on wordpress Change some CSS in header website (search bar) - Change some features on my website Change some features on my website - repost - Change some javascript code Change some javascript code lines (minor) - Change some PHP code in Hikashop change some php coding functions - Change some sutff on this this templatmatic page -- 2 Change some sutff on this this templatmatic theme - Change some things on our flyer Change some values in some drop down boxes - Change sort by in a theme Change sort method and view for wholesale pricelist module (opencart - Change start menu delay without reboot Change Start up logo Android application - change strategy parameters (change and filter) Change Streaming of .wmv files - Change style on wordpress plugin - image horizontal reel scroll slideshow Change style or skin on a template to make a border on all fields. - Change system export order in my MAGENTO STORE Change system export order in my MAGENTO STORE / Mudar o sistema de exportação de pedidos no meu MAGENTO - Change Template Change template - change template graphics used in aspx coded site change template header image for a web site - change template on website