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Cross-platform MPEG-1/MPEG-4 to WMV converter Cross-platform multiplayer game app for the iphone and droid Cross-Platform Music Player made with Allegro Cross-platform MVC sample app Cross-platform MVC sample app -- 2 cross-platform native mobile app for my website ( Cross-platform Ogre/wxWidgets Skeleton application Cross-platform PDF viewer app Cross-platform performant Screen capture tool c++ Cross-Platform program for daily log in, auto input, scraping of site, check paypal api for payment Cross-platform programmer to modify a open source project. Cross-Platform Proximity Beacon App Cross-Platform Proximity Beacon App -- 2 Cross-platform realtime beat detection class (Windows/Delphi 7 - MACOSX/Lazarus) Cross-Platform SEO Cross-platform serial port Cross-Platform SIM Toolkit Application Cross-platform smartphone Chat Application like WhatsApp
Cross-platform Social product. Please respond with stack proposal. Cross-Platform sound recorder Cross-platform surveillance agent Cross-Platform Tablet App (iPad & Android) Cross-platform Telnet Client Cross-platform Templix application Cross-platform UI design for healthcare app cross-platform video and text chat app cross-platform video hosting and streaming service for mobile applications cross-platform video hosting and streaming service for mobile applications for jayshah Cross-platform Vocabulary App Cross-platform web site to build Cross-platform Xamarin develop Cross-Platform Xamarin.Forms Mobile App with social networks integration cross-platform/browser plugin VoIP softphone Cross-Process Text Pusher (OLD) Cross-reference two web sites