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Creating platform for interimjobs (marketplace) creating playlist containing books and videos in cakePHP creating plc work process for MPS 200 PRODUCTION SYSTEM (AVAILABLE ONLINE) creating plc work process for MPS 200 PRODUCTION SYSTEM (AVAILABLE ONLINE) -- 2 Creating Plots Creating PLR Website Creating Plug In for Osclass creating plugin for jckeditor Creating plugin for wprdpress, joomla and perhaps a few more cms scripts Creating plugin that will allow to batch add authors to po Creating plugin that will auto add authors by categories creating PN code registering in WP Creating podcasts for our website creating poker card game on python creating polling feedback website Creating polls and rankings Creating polls and rankings (content writing, voting and uploading on a dedicated website) Creating Pop-Up Message
Creating porn creating porn movies creating porn movies - open to bidding Creating positive feedback for my ebay seller account and removing negative feedbacks regularly on daily basis Creating possible combinations in Matrix creating posters and great designs creating postings in the new forum Creating posts and adding them on social sites Creating posts in a nsfw free wordpress blog. Creating posts in FaceBook page creating posts in forums creating posts in forums(repost) Creating posts in Hebrew forums Creating potential Leads by analysing profiles on LinkedIn (READ DESCRIPTION) Creating PowerPoint charts from Excel data Creating Powerpoint from PDF handout Creating PowerPoint Presentation