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You will be provided three videos, to create this new video. - Create two Wikipedia pages Create two wireframe pictures - Create Typography Video Create Typography Video - repost - Create UI for iOS and Android App for football news, statistics, videos app ( Long term Relation With Winner) Create UI for menu in html, CSS and Javescript - Create Umbraco Contact Form that posts to SugarCRM Create umbraco template - Create unified view on woocommerce store. Create uniqiue whatsapp API/Link to a PHP ERP system - Create unique look and feel for website Create unique look and feel for website -- 2 - create unique version of the attached menu Create unique version of the wordpress plugin to suit bio info - create unity mobile game ( all 3d assets and plans will be provided) -- 2 Create Unity project with a timeline control and an interpolation shader - Create updatable powerpoint images using shapes and text boxes Create update card form and statement view - create upx dll create ur new ideas.... - Create us an iPhone Mobile App with Order taking and Credit Card abilities Create US Craiglist Account verfied with US Phone - Create user accounts Create user accounts in Wordpress - Create User Interface (UI) from reference image in 3D Create user interface and clean up a completed vba project for a MS Outlook custom form & macro - Create User Profile Page until Friday night Create user profile portal - Create userinterface for accomodation platform Create Usermanual with Template from Other Product - Create Utility for Scheduled Pervasive Database Export / Mining Tool Create utility program that Extract info from Html to report into xls file - Create Validated Developer account in Chrome Web Store - repost Create Validation Copy of ASP.NET / SQL web site - Create various ranking categories of Participants in Excel Create various screens for application in WPF - Create dll for use in vba and vb6 Create executable/command program to read directory, look for files/images, process them and upload them to Azure Storage - Create VBA script in Excel to expand/decrease advanced graph. Expert VBA required. Create VBA script to copy-search-replace data between XLS and DOC - Create vector / illustrator document for print. Create Vector / Illustrator file of logo - Create vector file Create vector file -- 2 - Create vector form of image/logo Create vector format of existing design - Create vector graphic from jpg Create Vector Graphic from Low-Res Logo - Create Vector Image Create Vector Image - Create Vector Images Create vector images - Create vector logo from jpg Create Vector Logo from JPG Images - Create vector shapes Create vector source file and iOS icon files for an existing design by 9pm EST (US) - Create vectors of images Create vectors of those 3 images - Create vehicle rig like \"Cars\" movie