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Create some HTML Pages - Create some images for website Create some images in Adobe Illustrator format - Create some Maintenance Forms for 6 tables - .Net Windows Form Create some Mechanical Engineering Drawings in Autocad - Create some PDF plans from AutoCAD Create some PDF plans from AutoCAD - Create some quirky/funny/cool Mixed Media graphics using hand-drawn illustrations AND Photoshop - Anime / Collage Style Create some radio spots - Create Some simple Nested Catagory Create some simple software to process a number and display the result - Create some templates for me in Photoshop as a WordPress plug-in for a responsive website using Instagram images Create some tests functions for my models - Create Some Word Document Projects Create Some Word Document Projects - Create sosial media monitor Create Soso News CMS Module - Create source from dissassembly Create South Park Characters using Adobe Illustrator - Create Special Effect using Video Copilot for a 10 second video Create special ImageMagick effects with Perl. - Create Spinning Animation of Logo Create Spintax Copy from Provided Article - Create Sports Stats database Create sports streams index website - Create Spreadsheet from Image create spreadsheet from online data - Create spreadsheet with list of real estate agents Create spreadsheet with several macros and formulas - Create SQL Database and reports - repost Create SQL database linked to web page for directory - Create SQL Stored Procedure to Import data from XML into Database Create SQL tables and import CSV data - Create SRS for mobile app Create SRS for PrestaShop module development - Create Stamp from Image Create stamps for app - Create statements in PDF format Create statements in PDF format - Create Static Webpage from Mockup Image Create Static Webpages from MySQL - Create step by step questions/ work process in Sugarcrm Create step by step web design instructions - Create stock forex signals in web application Create stock photos and Make changes to an existing Website - create stored procedure Create stored procedure in SQL Server 2005 - Create Stripe payment gateway & simple order management API Create Stripe Recurring Payment - Bootstrap Form - Create Style guide and Website Sliders Create style guides - Create sub-nav in html and css Create sub-nav in html and css, fix mozilla and opera css - Create Submission Form that Sends email Create Submission Form Webpage - Create Success Story Template Create successful e-commerce website - Create Supplement Design Create supplement label - Create SVG Animations from EPS Create SVG Files - create swf file create swf file for an online magazine leader ad (two images and logo rotating) - Create T shirt Designs Create T Shirt Logos From Samples Supplied x 10 - Create Tabbed Template in CKEditor - repost Create Tabels Based on CSV - Create Table of Contents using iTextSharp Create Table of Contents using iTextSharp - Create tables in bootstrap and widgets Create tables in bootstrap and widgets for website - 05/10/2016 18:23 EDT - Create Talking Audio Files Create talking character in flash with automated lip sync - Create Taxi Dispatch App for Apple & Android - repost Create taxonomies and queries! - CREATE TECHNICAL ONLINE COURSES Create Technical questions - Create Template and logo for our site Create template and Plugin/Extension for either joomla/drupal/wordpress - create template for fpdf in php Create template for interspire website publisher - Create template for website Create Template for Wordpress - Create template to Make Site Mobile Friendly Create template using drag and drop - Create templates in SF Create templates in SF - create test cases in excel spreadsheet Create test cases in SOAP UI - Create tests in Telerik Test Studio for a website create TestWise for my website - Create text transcript of 6 hours talking Create text version of image 2 & half pages - Create THAI databases – only THAI speaking freelancer !!! Create Thai Language Lessons - Large project. Native Thai Speakers - Create the backend to control app -- 2 Create the banner and set up my code - Create the Content of the Company Profile Create the content/webpages/images GetRightToGo need to full use all features. - Create the game SCORE 4 in Fortran Create the game that will be on everyones phone! - create the layout online store to sell warehouse equipment Create the letter R - create the newsletter template inside MailChimp Create the next design for Infographic for 1 year - Create the same web site like this one ( but in Arabic Language. Create the same website and system - Create the success formula for 1 minute video documentaries -- 2 Create the template (Wordpress) fro Kabellab Technologies - Create the Woocommerce order import Java library Create the WordPress Site (7 Pages inlcuding a FAQ page w/Dropdowns) - create theme for web app Create Theme for Wordpress and Prestashop -.-.- Crear Theme para Wordpress y Prestashop - create thin and fat version of a woman profile picture - very high quality - repost Create ThinkOrSwim scripts for trading-system rules/logic - Create this PNG logo in vector format and add textual elements Create this program - Create three buttoms in my listbingo joomla site - open to bidding Create three buttons on the top bar of an application - Create three quality landing pages for computer company website Create Three Reports Using Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers - Create thumbnail from url using Create thumbnail from url using - Create Thymeleaf Template from Website. Create Thymeleaf Template from Website.. - Create TimeSheet Report From CSV File Create TimeSheet Report From Excel CSV File - Create titles for images Create titles, calculate prices - Create tool to calculate discounted cumulative gain and normalized DCG Create tool to convert Microsoft Word data to MySQL data - Create Top down character for game Create top frame icons to maximize 4 x iframes individually - Create Towel Manufacturer Website With Latest Technology, Highly Skilled Freelancer Required Create Towel Products catalog (10Pages Only) - Create Traffic from Pinterest to my Etsy shop Create Traffic Geyser Clone - Create Training Video with text, animation, photo and video Create Training Videos - Create transparant background for autograph signature Create transparent .gifs and optimize - Create travel comparison website by integrating white label affiliate Create travel magazine for me - Create trifold brochure Create trigger tracking email on shipment - Create Tub Site create tube site for uploading - Create TV Playout application with Decklink SDI output
create tv show - Create twitter accounts create twitter accounts - Create Twitter query to search a multitude of artifacts and connect to an RSS feed or Slack Create twitter reply script - Create two 3D characters | only professional! Create two 3d objects in Maya/Max for use in AE cs5 - Create two bar graphs Create two basic racket programs implementing turing machine - Create two different Exception Classes in Java - open to bidding Create two different types of programming conditions using if-else statements and loops. - Create two Flash polling widgets for a children's book site Create two forms with paypal transfer posibility - Create Two Infographics Create two Infographics. - Create two Modules for Mambo Server Create two money-making affiliate sites - Create two pairs of dice objects Create two Parallax slides for a slider on a Wordpress theme - Create two schematic drawings of an antenna -- 2 Create two scrappers and a website - Create Two Simple Web Pages Create Two Simple Web Pages - Repost - Create two Typo3 content elements from an image Create Two Valid CSS/XHTML pages from my PSDs - Create two website clones Create two website forms, validate submit and email PHPmailer - Create Typo Video Create Typo3 Extension - Create Udemy course image Create udp listener on windows service VB.NET - Create UIX Create UK boomaker accounts - Create unblocking service for AdBlock Pro Create Unbounce Page - Create Unique Fashion Create Unique Fashion - Repost - Create unique Theme for Themeforest create unique theme for wrapping paper hindu santa claus - create unity 3d plugin Create Unity 5.0.1 Build and Upload to ROBOTO - Create updatable database from website Create updatable homework section for site - create upx dll create ur new ideas.... - Create US Craiglist Account verfied with US Phone Create US East Map for a Game - Create user accounts Create user accounts in Wordpress - Create User Interface for Image uploading and browsing for 1&1 hosting server Create User Interface for Web-Application - Create user register, login and profile page where users can update information (php, mysql) Create user register, login and profile page where users can update information (php, mysql) - Create users Create Users & Posts - create UV map for body of car model Create UV map from 2d product images - Create Validation Rules for Microsoft Visio 2013 -- 3 Create valuable and popular program for - Create VB 6 event interface for bluetooth external device Create VB Advanced Module - create VB.NET install package that also installs MSDE Create or Reports for Sales System - Create VBScript to extract formulas from an Excel doc Create vbscript to kill process and service - Create Vector and PNG Images of Builder Logos Create Vector and Remove Jagged Edges from Logo - Create Vector file for Logo create vector file for logo - Create vector from drawing Create Vector from example - Create vector graphic of a Motor Trike Create vector graphic of my logo with modification (budget max $50) - Create vector image file from .jpg file Create vector Image from .jpg - Create vector images from gifs Create vector images from original cartoons - Create Vector Logo from PNG Create vector logo from PSD - Create Vector Version of Logo Create vector version of logo - Create Vedio Like This : Create Vehicle Listings For Expanding Website - Create Vertical "Windows" Menu for Joomla Create vertical array in 3 x columns - create very simple 3D models with Google Earth create very simple android app - create very simple websites for various topics Create very simple webstie and API system to work with Dogecoin wallet - Create Video Create Video - Create Video Create Video - Create video about program Create Video About Website - 1 minute Length Approximately. - Create Video based local search directory site -- 2 Create video based on after effect teplate - Create video demonstrating how my site works - 5-10 min VID Create Video Demonstration of Joomla Component - create video for logo/company name and title Create video for marketing - Create video for you tube about English Channel swim using footage and photos Create Video for youtube or on website - Create Video Instructions for Telecommunications Business Create Video Intro - Create Video Of Using Site CREATE VIDEO ON ADOPE AFTER FX CS4 AND UP--SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS SOFTWARE - Create Video section for existing website Create Video Series Based on hacking with Python - Create video to promote iOS application Create Video to Promote Website Software - create video tutorials - python create video tutorials - repost - Create Video with banners and small, simple 3d objects Create video with image and text transitions - Create Videos Automatically from Images on product pages Create Videos English plus Urdu Mix - Create Videos In Animoto Create videos of my products - create viewable email notification window create viewable scure video links from amazon s3 - Create Virtual Camera with Virtual Camera SDK (C#) create virtual chat system and billing methods for that + json api - Create virtual servers on a CentOS server Create Virtual Terminal Payment - create visio from drawing Create Visio of Network (100 Nodes) - Create visual content (few words, many images relatively) for our new blog! Create visual copies of one simple 8.5x11 inch paper forms in HTML and CSS. It will print out on one letter size page from the browser. - Create Visually Engaging/Exciting Posts For Facebook Based On An Idea/Theme Create Visually Exciting Poster! - create voice command app for playlist Create voice commands for your favorite program/game using software we provide. No programming necessary. - Create vote script that votes for Create vote script that votes for and - Create VS compilable project forthe library Create VS FastLine Chart Type test - Create wall paper and banner ad using Greenstock, Google Web Design, Adobe Edge or Banner Flow Create Wallboard for Kayako V4 helpdesk software - Create WCF Services Server-Side to be consumed by WCF Clients Create WCF Services Server-Side to be consumed by WCF Clients - open to bidding - Create Web Analytics Tracker Create web and App - Create Web Application According To Reference Site - Udemy Create Web Application According To Reference Site - Udemy 2 - Create Web Application Prototype/wireframe With Axure