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Create reports in Excel without macros - Create reservation module for hotel under Prestashop Create reservation module for website - Create Responsive Boostrap html pages from PDF mockup Create Responsive Bootstrap 3 Templates - Create responsive email from design in Magento Create responsive email from PSD - Create responsive HTML markup from PDF mockups Create responsive HTML newsletter template - Create Responsive Map Hover Effect create responsive mega menu kentico 8 - Create responsive template for existing Joomla template Create responsive template for existing php website - Create Responsive Website (Platform)+ Mobile App (Ios/Android) Create Responsive Website + IOS and Android Mobile Apps - Create responsive/mobile Magento theme Create responsive/mobile version of existing website - Create RESTful API's create restful web service using PHP Phalcon framwork and postgresql - Create Retail Box Designs on Baby/Children Products Create retail website - Create Revolving display Cube with teaching data - repost create reward android apps - Create robust Angular2 code and add features to an on-going project Create Robust Landing Page Popup SaaS App - Create rough logo and edit a portrait photo Create rough sketches from images - Create RSS Extract & Post Script CREATE RSS FEED - create rss feed of forum (i dont own it) Create RSS Feed of MediaPost for my Weblog - Create RTL Theme create rtl theme - Create s/f conversation in ECommerce Site Create SAAS based Payroll Software - Create sales funnel for WordPress static pages and blog Create Sales Funnel,Design Salespg etc With Optimizepress,for a WSO on - Create Sales Sheet for a Restaurant Franchise Create Sales Sheet for a Restaurant Franchise - repost - Create same logo (Vector File) Create same logo (Vector File) - Create sample HTML page from Wordpress RSS Feed Create sample HTML, CSS, and JS from PNG - create SAP FICO training course Create SAPUI5 Application ( Dynamic Layout based on Model Data) - Create sci/fantasy 3D animated movie (/short) Create Science Flashcards for Biology (Chemistry in future). - Create scrapper software that uses proxyservers and saves data into mysql database Create Scrapping script from Airlines flight schedule comparation - Create screenshot/Imagemap from HTML create screenshots and game video intro for android game - Create Script for a 1 to 5 minute Biotechnolgy Sales Animated Presentation Create script for a contact form - Create script for Network Simulation NS2 Create Script for Online Course. 8.000-10.000 words long. No plagiarism - Create Script or Software to Bulk Upload Products from Aliexpress to Storenvy Create script or system for me - Create Script to check my CBsubs website ACL for active member Create Script To Connect Fop2 System to Yeastar PBX + Create Buttons On FOP2 - Create script to load a frame from another website Create script to load a frame from another website. - Create Script to Send Notification Android & iOS Create script to spider site, and create database of products for BizRate listings - Create Scripts for Step by Step Instructional Videos Create scripts for use with Ngrams API - Create search area for my site. -- 2 Create search area for my site. -- 3 - Create Search Engine Page useing Entireweb API and look create search engine submission site - Create Search/Results page immediately Create Searchable Database - Create Secure Membership Access Create Secure Membership Access/adapt Joomla (repost) - Create select and insert statements from a PHP associative array using multiple tables create select statmen - Create sentiment analysis API Create SEO ( Internet marketing) need at least 50 Good SEO Optimization videos - Create SEO optimised website. Google Page 1. Create SEO Optimized Posts for our Website - create SEO-TOOLS php Create separate .Jpeg files from PDF - create server on roku create server on roku - open to bidding - Create set of icons for the web site Create Set of Images - Create several ATOM packages (Coffeescript) Create several banner for website - create several top-ten-pages on subcategories Create several variations of a Drupal theme - Create Share point 2013 template for project management Create Share with friends section of Android App - create shared contact lists for sharing with office365 Create Shared Platform for events - - Create sheets of all views in revit 2015 off an existing project create shell - Create Shipping Variations for WooCommerce Site Create Shipworks custom template - Create Shopify from an Excel sheet (Data Entry) Create Shopify Permalink - Create shopping cart checkout Create shopping cart for existing Joomla Website - Create Short 2D Chinese Animation based on my story-Chinese中文 Create short 2D or 3D animation videos - create short description of alternative energy methods create short desktop video - Create short promotional video 90'' & 180'' from existing snippets Create short Promotional video for Body-building Athlete - Create short video intro Create short video of Earth from space for guided meditation - Create Shortcodes Plugin from WordPress Theme - Very Simple Task Create shortcodes to embed existing plugin content in another post wordpress. - Create Siemens TIA Portal V13 code Create sIFR 2 & 3 Font from OpenType File - Create Silence Sound File! Create Silent Auto Login - Create Similar Bloomspot Groupon Create similar Calendar dropdown - Create similar mockup design - repost Create similar movie - Create similar to A Forex Website With Inner Pages Graphics Create similar to Adroidlost - Create similar Website from example Create Similar Website from Existing Website - Create Simon Says memory game for iPad/iPhone create simpe google map webpage - Create simple 1D Ebook Covers Create Simple 1D Ebook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Change Authors Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers DD - Create Simple 1D Images eBook Covers SP Create Simple 1D Images eBook Covers V - Create Simple 2D Flash animation - repost Create Simple 2D Flash animation - repost 2 - Create simple 8bit App game Create Simple A Codeigniter Install Database Wizard Module HMVC - Create simple Android app from this code example Create simple Android App in Unity - Create simple Animations Create simple Animations - Create Simple Arduino Program create simple ASP .NET Authentication script - Create simple Bear Create simple Bear - Create Simple CAD Files
Create Simple CAD rendering suitable for 3D Printing - Create Simple Contest Facebook App Create Simple Conversion Tracking (Events and Goals). - Create simple design for coffee bag.. we just need you to create the image file Create Simple Design for my CPA Network - Create simple excel macro requiring less than 4 hours of work Create simple excel spreadsheet from template with macros - Create simple floor plans from detailed Engineering drawings -- 2 Create simple floorplans in .JPEG format from a PDF file of architectural drawings - Create Simple Google Chrome Extension Create Simple Google Gadget - Create Simple HTML For Ebook Conversion create simple html form - Create simple imacro urgent now Create simple image - voucher - Create Simple Iphone App Create simple iPhone App - Create simple KOA Node API Create simple KOA Node API for React UI - Create simple logo very fast create simple logo website - Create simple MOBILE Compatible page Create simple mobile friendly Magento Theme (i.e. based on Magento's iPhone theme) - Create simple one page website Create Simple One Page Website - repost - Create Simple Photoshop Images Create Simple PHP - Create Simple Plugin for WordPress Create simple PNG image based on attached icons - Create simple question sets (FAQ) for a document Create Simple Quiz - Create simple sales total and sort sale by date Create simple sales video - create simple site (se) Create Simple Site Creation CMS with Auto FTP - Create simple system sequence, use case, statechart diagrams Create simple Table Script PHP / MySQL - Create simple UV Map for .DAE model Create Simple UWP app for 500 px - create simple web browser with idm create Simple Web Cache Server Program using java - Create Simple Website Create simple Website - Create simple website on Wordpress Create simple website template - Create simple wireframe for 2 emails Create simple Wix Website - Create simple WordPress URL redirect plugin. CREATE SIMPLE WORDPRESS WEB SITE - Create simplistic & user friendly iPhone app Create simplistic logo and picture with description for my website . - Create single inner page template based on homepage Create single inner page template for mainly text pages - Create single sign on through Active directory Create Single Sign-on from our website to IBM Cognos & Tableau using C# - create site - open to bidding Create Site - real estate ads - Create site from .ai (deliver clean html and css code with section comments) Create site from .PSD - Create site liked on the RentaCoder but some other. Create site liked on the RentaCoder but some other.(repost) - create site similar to Create site similar to - create site1 - open to bidding create site3 - Create sites WHMCS & template Hostme V2 (Wordpress) create sito web semplice con username e con categorie simile a tumblr - Create Skin for VB Advanced Create Skin From Current Website to be used on WordPress - Create slider instead of checkboxes on attribute layered navigation magento Create Slider Menu - Create Slideshow Presentation framework and Links to Website Create Slideshow Software for Church - Create small affiliate website(repostt) Create small Android application - Create small c# or java tool reanding imei of Iphone via USB Create small chat system using jQuery - Create Small Graphic For Jewellery Display Create small graphic images of toys/food - Create small php script Create Small PHP Script and modify existing one - Create small web application Create small web scrape application using VB.NET/MS SQL - Create smart contracts for bitcoin and ethereum Create smart contracts for bitcoin and ethereum - Create Smooth Javascript Mouse Scroll Controlled dynamic element positioning Create smooth scroll WordPress menu - create snapchat geofilter for my food business Create Snapchat Geofilter graphic - Create Social Bookmarking Accounts With BookmarkingDemon Create Social Bookmarking Imacros - Create Social Media autopost accounts for Wordpress! SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS NEEDED! create social media banners - Create Social Media Pages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Create Social Media Performance Report - Create Social membership feature on Arcade site CREATE SOCIAL NETWOEK - Create Social Networking site Create Social Networking Site And Mobile App - Create Socks4/5 Using Linux VPS Create Payment Plugin for Gravity Forms - Create Software - Traffic Generation Tool for both MAC & PC Create software / GUI for a idea of mine. - Create Software for Medical Billers Create software for my sales website - Create software product installers using Installaware or Installshield or other create software program - Create Software to easily calculate fee's. Create software to enter data and publish automatically in a website - Create Software with photo comparison ability and web API Create Software, App, plugin or website to Use The World Digital Currency - Create Solusvm xen template from iso image - Repost Create solution - Create some 3D models Create some 3d Models - create some auto cad drawings from hand drawn drawings Create some AutoCAD drawings - Create some business scenario animation 3D or 2D Create some buttons - Create some custom coding to an Avada template Create some custom layout design in magento - create some facebook covers - Repost create some facebook covers - Repost - open to bidding - Create Some Good Backlinks create some good quality graphics for the online store. - Create some icons (should be creative) Create some icons for - create some javascript calculation on a pdf form Create some javascript for existing form - Create Some Mods For a Game. Create some modules for OSC - Create some PDFs Create some PHP class to use DB on PHP - Create some Real Estate Articles - 7,000 words Create some rendered images and 3D models for my website - Create some simple, elegant flash banners for my site. Create some single page topic based designs - Create some tool, Window Application, tool for business webstie, special module create some tutorials for elearning website - Create Some Wowza Conversion Feeds Create some xml feeds - Unix Compatible - Create sosial media monitor Create Soso News CMS Module - Create source from dissassembly Create South Park Characters using Adobe Illustrator - Create special diagrams with D3.js -- 2 Create special Dialplan for Asterisk - Create spinned articles Create Spinner Articles - Create Sports Formula In Python