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Create New Skin for Travel Booking website script. -- 2 - Create new template (El) Create new template design for existing website kit - kit provided - Create new theme for Vbulletin Create new themes in CSS for a data platform - Create new web application in SharePoint server. Create new Web Client Area and OpenVPN GUI for a VPN Service - Create new Website Create new Website - create new website 08-07 Create New Website and Backend - Create New Website from PSD files Create New Website from Wordpress Template - Create new website with CMS Create new website with CMS(repost) - Create New Wordpress Menu Bar + Sub Category Redesign Create new wordpress page from existing page - create new wp site Create new WP site starting from on line example - Create NewsFeed using BACKENDLESS Create Newsletter - Create Newsletter/mailing list - php Create Newsletters - Create nice looking email signature for Outlook Create Nice Looking Escort (Adult) Directory Site in WordPress - Create NinjaTrader Level2 Indikator Create NinjaTrader Level2 Indikator - laufende Arbeit - Create NoSql datamodel (documents) from Relational Database Model Create note cards automatically - Create OAuth for Mobile Website Create Oauth Services for API - Create of Church Management web application Create of joomla module - Create on siste and system, same other in internet create on site blog-- oscommerce 2.3.3 desktop & mobile site - Create one android game similar to another game Create one Android Program base on our requirement - Create one graphic for broschure (eight more to come) Create one high value backlink just one - Create one MS Excel based macro Create one new forum entry on one requriements model - Create one page html design create one page html design - Create one page website create one page website - Create one script on Core PHP with Bootstrap Yii2 Framworks Create one script on Core PHP with Bootstrap Yii2 Framworks. - Create one Vector Image Logo From two existing logos Create one Vectorgraphic with AI or CorelDraw - Create one Wordpress page Create one Wordpress page - Create Online Admin Portal, Client Portal with web services for Mobile App
Create Online Advertising Video - Create online calculators for my website Create online calendar - Create online database program from Excel spreadsheet Create online database viewer - Create online form and save as PDF Create online form for freelance portal with codeigniter - Create online LIVE training website Create online mailers for a real estate agency - Create online Presence for a business x2 Create online preview + calculate data from CAD file - Create Online Shop Create Online Shop and report - Create Online Store For Fashion Create online store for my hypermart - Create online timesheet system 500 remote workers Create online tool for windows/frames preview - CREATE ONSCREEN KEYBAORD **no dependencies FOR MAC CREATE ONSCREEN KEYBAORD **no dependencies please - Create Opencart extensions to be integrated with journal 2 theme or create ecommerce using code based on journal 2 theme functions Create opencart modul or vqmod for website Conversion code - Create Opencart Theme & Integration with VQMOD -- 81983 Create Opencart Theme & Integration with VQMOD -- 9 - create openwrt service segmentation controller Create Opera Plugin (WindowS) - Create options of facade of a tower Create OptipizePress Squeenze (landing page) page - Create or Edit any Wordpress Template as per requirement Create or Edit logo - Create or Modifiy IPTV Android Application to have Channel Surfing in Android TV CREATE OR MODIFY A LOGO - Create or recommend WordPress theme for landingpage Create or render perspective drawings of a new home, from elevations, perhaps with exterior options. - Create oracle process to accept a shopify webhook Create Oracle table with OIDs instead of Primary key - Create Organization Structure using MySQL and PHP scripte Create organizational chart in Visio from Excel -- Consulting / Tutoring - Create Original Lyrics for Children's song in Mandarin Chinese Create original Photoshop Tutorials - Long Term Work - Create OSX Application to parse google search results Create OSX Transmiting iBeacon - Create Our Logo! create our mascot! - Create Outbound Phone Calling Web Site Using VoIP create outdoor banner - Create over 100 questions for English Test Practice. Create Over 1000 of Blogspot Blogs - Create package design for product Create package design: we already have the setup - Create Packaging Design 1 Create Packaging design for a box similar in size with a phone box - Create Packaging Designs Create Packaging Designs - Create Packaging Designs (Shipping Bag) for an Apparel Brand Create Packaging Designs - Biscuit product - Create Packaging for Product create Packaging for underwear company - Create Page from PSD and Hook into API Create page in admin to allow matching of coupons from one table to another table - Create page to harvest and include information from selected page using Wordpress - ongoing work Create page transition for Wordpress Template - Create pages for member area content Create pages for my project management application - Create pages within Wordpress site Create pages. - Create Parallax Effect for Wordpress Sections + Scroll Bar CSS Create Parallax Slideshow using LayerSlider - create party invite based on manipulating/modifying existing online images Create pass and play iPhone game - Create patterns ready for printing on to textiles Create Pay Day Loan Website - Custom Wordpress - create payment gateway on our ngo website Create payment gateway plugin for our wordpress theme micro job. - Create paymentgateway for Wordpress Theme Create PaymentWall module in PHP for HostBill - Create PC Desktop tool to grab and store Line Messenger Conversations Create PC Diagnostics Boot CD - auto scandisk, defrag, memtest - Create PDF - Fillable Forms Create pdf 0108 - Create PDF document dynamically with PHP(repost) Create PDF document from dynamic HTML / PHP page - Create pdf files of individual pages on our website. create pdf files using itext java library - Create PDF form for new account creation requests Create PDF Form for the Website with fields and for Print - Create pdf from csv with php Create PDF from Database report - Create PDF Generator for Wordpress site Create PDF Generator for WP site - Create PDF Preview for 500 Vector Files Create PDF printing template generator - Create PDF using PHP Create pdf using pure javascript in browser - Create pedigree database and inbreed coefficient calculator for homepage Create pedigree diagram using D3 (js) - Create Perl Sample App from Ruby Example Create Perl Script or EXE Application to Increase Esnips Flash Player Views - Create Personal Website with Rich Content Create Personal Website with Rich Content - repost - Create phone case designs and add these as product to a webshop Create phone case in Photoshop for Galaxy S6 - Create PhoneGap/Cordova iPhone application Create Phonics and Numbers iPhone App - Create Photo pop up feature like Facebook and Instagram Create photo printing app (mobile) - Create Photographer Portfolio PDF / Other print friendly format Create Photographer templates - Create Photoshop Action to add Watermark to PSD files - we need the Action file only Create Photoshop Action/Script to add border and curved shadow to images - Create Photoshop Mockup Create photoshop mockup for a site - Create PHP /excel upload feature to mysql database create php admin - create php code ( eshop) Create PHP code for dynamic website elements: menus (navigation), meta-tags, breadcrumbs and sitemap - Create PHP for provided HTML+CSS pages Create PHP Form - create php functions to update google calendars [7th] Create PHP Gold Hallmark Wizard - Create PHP page to create a lead in vTiger Create php pages from API - Create php script read/save info to mysql create php script that can edit a json file (GUI) - create php script to scrap text from website Create PHP Script To Search OFAC and UK Sanctions List - Create PHP to detect OS and instruction set Create PHP to PDF form - Create php, sqlite and bootstrap admin,,, Create PHP-based website + Account creation/registration. - create PHPNUKE theme based on another website create modul in codeigniter - Create pie charts from Excel data, paste into Word & follow EXACT instructions Create Pin-Up Girl - Create pixel perfect responsive front end design for wordpress ecommerce site from graphic artist mockups Create pixel printer templates in Shopify - Create Playbuzz Style Personality Quiz CREATE PLAYDOH VIDEO , GAMEPLAY VIDEO, TOY REVIEW - create plugin Create plugin / add functionality on existing theme - 01/09/2016 10:47 EDT - Create plugin for wordpress create plugin for wordpress - Create Plugin/Extension to upload products in CSV/XML to our MYSQL Database Create Plugin/Extension to upload products in CSV/XML to our MYSQL Database -- 2 - create POI file with 30 locations, Navigation, map, GPS create point cloud cad file from 3d models files - Create Poker Game