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Create Drupal Contacts Module for our app - Create Drupal Templates for Church groups and individual members, with filter. Create Drupal templates from PSD files - Create drwaings Create DSN and sql connection - create duplicate website in ASP Create duplicate website on Wordpress - create dynamic banners adds in some different sizes Create dynamic Ad for Adwords with GWD - Create dynamic forms builder using ASP.NET MVC / AngularJS / WebAPI2 / MS SQL -- 2 Create dynamic forms builder using ASP.NET MVC / AngularJS / WebAPI2 / MS SQL -- 3 - create dynamic PDF files Create Dynamic PDF Form - Create Dynamic Table Create Dynamic Table and Tree Map from API Pull - Create dynamic widget box into woocommerce product category Create dynamic word report - Create e-BOOKS FOR e-BAY SHOP Create e-BOOKS FOR e-BAY SHOP(repost) - Create e-commerce website create e-commerce website - Create E-mail or PDF file Tracking for Marketing Campaigns Create e-mail system - Create EA to my design Create EA to send SMS Alert When All MT4 Indicators Confirm. - create easy script create easy scriptt - create eBay item template (Html+JS+CSS) Create Ebay Listing - create Ebay M2E compatible Template Create eBay Page from Amazon page easily - Create ebay store page listing template CREATE Ebay Store SLIDESHOW - Create ebook Create ebook - Create Ebook For Me ( Internet Marketing step by step ) create ebook for online dvd rental - Create ebook/PDF from existing content Create eBooks - Create ecommerce site create eCommerce site - Create ecommerce website using Magento community Create ecommerce website using prestashop and templates - create editable bank statement template create editable chart - Create Editable PDF Form Create editable PDF form - Create EDITABLE Video Sales Pages That Can Be Used As Website Template Create Editable Work Ticket PDF - Create EER diagram based on database Create effect for images - Create eLearning software for web Create elearning video - Create eletronic form using information from PDF Create Ellen show animation - Create Email Accounts For Compay create email accounts for me - Create email contact list of 1,200 contacts Create email contact list of 1,200 contacts - Repost - Create email infrastructure (SMTP) Create email invoices/templates with custom tags - Create Email Marketing Campain Create email marketing copy for software to B2B aud - Create Email Signature Create Email Signature - Create Email Template from Existing Website Styles Create Email Template from HTML - create embedable iframe widget for sites Create embeddable geo widget for third party websites - create Employability Skills academic course development -- 4 Create Employee Application Form for WordPress Site - Create engaging infographic about airline statistics Create Engaging Posts/Topics on our Forums - Create English Version of Website (translated text already available) Create engraving fonts - Create EPS, PSD and AI image from PNG that can scale Create EPS/PDF file for Print from current logo image - Create escape games for us Create escape games for us -- 2 - Create even page Create evening view from a day view 3D rendering by using photoshop - Create Events Module for PHPFox Create Events Module for PHPFox (Hourly) - Create Excel & PDF Document Create Excel / Google Sheets Formula to calculate turn around time - excluding non working hours or holidays - Create excel dashboard Create Excel Dashboard - Repost - Create Excel document Create Excel document - Create excel document from list Create excel document from list - Create Excel File from SQL Statements in PHP Create Excel File From Website Database - Create excel formula for calculating median on last 6 valid entries Create Excel Formula or Macro - Create Excel Macro for GPS work Create excel macro for simple spreadsheet - Create excel makro / spreadsheet copying excel data to another excel format Create Excel Makro or Formula for Content Editting - Create excel sheet for cash flow statement Create Excel Sheet from Dynamic Jtable and update sheet (Netbeans Java) - Create Excel Spreadsheet - Scrape Data from Website - repost 2 Create Excel spreadsheet / Data entry - Create Excel spreadsheet table from multiple tabs Create Excel Spreadsheet Template for Inventory, sales, pricing - Create Excel Template with Macro for automated sortation and simple time analysis of imported CSV-Data Create Excel timesheet w/macros and reports - Create Excel Workbook to Track School Lunches Create Excel Workbook With Visual Basi - Create Excellent PowerPoint Presentation slides based on completed mobile app functions -- 2 Create exceptional product videos - Create exe that opens web page in window Create Exe to install file to specific Directory - Create Expert adviser 2 Create Expert Advisor - Create Explainer Video for Mobile App Create explainer video for my android tv products - Create Export Forms in Joomla Website Create Export Shipping Documents - Create External Site Links with headers Create external web portal for MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 - Create Face===bok Voucher urgent Create FACEBBOOK and website application - Create facebook ad Create facebook ad accounts - Create Facebook Ads By yourself Create Facebook Ads By yourself - create Facebook app create facebook app - Create Facebook Auto comment BOT Create Facebook banner - Create Facebook Cover from my Example. Create Facebook cover photo - Create Facebook fun page Create facebook game - Create facebook messenger bot based on the data Create Facebook Messenger Software - create facebook page photo contest Create Facebook Page Plus - Create facebook posts Create Facebook posts on a daily level - Create Facebook, twitter pages with good design integrated with Wordpress them. Create facebook, twitter, youtube and Linked In profiles - Create Fake invoice supplier invoice Create Fake Listeners for Shoutcast Radio - Create FAQ document (html) Create FAQ for Plastic Cards - create FAVICON for use in website create favicon, arabic, and urdu speakers) - Create Feature Floodfill, zoom in zoom out in Coloring Book app
Create feature to add marker to database and show on Mapbox map - Create feeds for all or most shopping Create feeds for all or most shopping - Create few pages html/css from psd Create few php pages and add to admin panel - Create file renaming and sorting software Create File Replication Service (windows) .net - Create fillable fields on 5 PDF forms Create Fillable Form - Create fillable pdf form from Word document Create fillable pdf form in Marathi language for marriage registration - create filter by size on volusion ecommerce create filter custom post type with price range slider - Create financial management dashboards Create Financial Model - Create Firefox plugin replica on Chrome/Safari/IE Create FireFox/Chrome/Internet Explorer add on to redirect URLS from a central server - Create fitness program and nutrition plan. Create Fitness Sites using Optimize Press 2.0 - create fixes for seo tools written in php(repost) Create FLA from SWF - Create Flash Animation for Website Create Flash Animation Magnifying Glass Effect - Create flash banners Create flash banners from PSD files - Create Flash Game Create Flash Game - Create Flash Menu System for Unity Game (iOS/Android) Create Flash Minigames for the Arcade Section of my Website - Create Flash Presentation, 6 banners various sizes, html modification Create Flash Program for Website - Create Flash Video Player for Website create flash video player with counter users - Create Flatpacked Cardboard Children's Furniture - Product Design and 3D Modelling create flayers - Create floor plan in Powerpoint Create floor plan renderings from blueprints - Create flyer Create flyer - Create flyer with existing AI files - small graphic changes and a lot of text changes needed Create Flyer with simple but clean graphics - Create follower bot Create followers for instagram - Create food product labels Create Food Promo animation - Create for me Money Management for trading on financial markets. Create for me payment processor - Create form & connect API from software Create Form & Update Page - Create Form for website Create form for website - Create Form on Wordpress Create Form on Wordpress - Repost - Create form with submit to database, and email notification create form with upload-function - CREATE FORMS IN MS. WORD create forms in PDF - Create forum accounts and make 5 posts on a .onion website Create Forum Accounts Within 12 hours - Create Forum, Wikis, and Blog Create Forum, Wikis, and Blog(repost) - Create Frame for Joomla Site with same look and feel Create Frame Less Page - create free trail hosting accounts for me Create Free Trial Sign-up & Misc. Web/Integration Updates - Create fresh wordpress installation on my server Create fresh, simple website - Create front end modules for web based research platform create front end of website - create frontend listing/availability/payment disbursement on wordpress theme Create frontpage like - Create full designs for website and mobile applications Create full ediable and layered Photoshop PSD file from image - Create fully automated blog with daily earnings Create Fully Functional Joomla Site & Add Existing Content - Create fun vocabulary game with images CREATE FUN WEBSITE for College Kids - Create functional 3D model from prototype Create functional 3D product from a basic prototype - Create Funny Drinking Game Blog Post -- 2 create funny face video - Create gallery with flash cooliris Create Gallery2 Theme - Create Game Cheats Website Using MySQL & PHP (SQL Databases Provided) Create game compatible with Androide and I-phone - create game like candy crush for android create game like swing copters iphone ipad - Create Games Wordpress Theme & Submit Create GAMIFICATION feature for elearning courses -- 2 - Create generic banners Part 2 Create generic banners Part 3 - create geo-coded xml feeds from netcdf/grib files(repost) Create geo-location based Ionic App - create gif animation (flickr api, php, javascript) create gif animation (flickr api, php, javascript)(repost) - Create Gift Card Mock-Up Create Gift Card System - Create gmail account via script CREATE GMAIL ACCOUNTS - Create Golf tipping website Create golf website from theme - create google adsense account create google adsense account - Create Google Adsense Blog/Web Create Google Adsense Blog/Web - create google adsense website - Create Google Adsense website Earning $15 to $30 per day. - Create Google Adwords campaign and SEM Create Google Adwords campaign and SEM - repost - Create google campaign in addwords create google campain and manage it for -Franch- hosting company - Create Google Docs and Forms Create Google Docs Calendar Schedule and Satellite Schedules that can Sync - Create google map from Access database Create Google Map from XML - create google play account create google play account - Create google play account and submit app create google play accounting - Create Google Play Developer account Create Google Play Developer account - Create google play publish account Create google play publish account - Create Google sheets that updates Google maps API Create Google Shopping Data Feed - Create google voice accounts 80 -- 2 Create Google Voice accounts for me - Create Graph in create graph of Family Tree - Create graphic designs for apparel products Create Graphic Designs for New HTML5 Mobile App - Create Graphic Opening for Web Series (25-30 seconds) Create Graphic Opening for Web Series (25-30 seconds) -- 2 - Create graphics / illustrations to describe main features of SaaS product Create graphics and colour co-ordination for joomla site - Create graphics for Instagram posts Create graphics for my application - Create Graphs and Tables for PowerPoint Create graphs for a java web application hosted on Google App Engine. - Create great Visio disagram from whiteboard Photo Create Greek articles or Translate from English - Create GUI and prepare reports from mySQL - Repost Create GUI and prepare reports from mySQL - Repost - Create Gumtree ads Create Gumtree script - Create hash algorithm in C or Delphi/Pascal MD5 SHA -- 2 Create Hash Tags for Tattoo Images - Create Header and Footer for ZenDesk page create header and footer in wordpress - Create Header/Banner for 2 websites