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Basic layout for 2x A4 PDF - (for Simple Co Introduction) - Basic level GIS work basic level java ( java project) - Basic Link Building Basic Link Building - basic list building Basic List Sorting Win XP App - Basic Login system needs for my site plus a page allowing staff to book days off Basic login tool for photographer's customers - Basic logo color changes Basic logo color changes - open to bidding - Basic Logo Design Basic Logo Design - Basic Logo for Community Festival Basic logo for new website - some creative design using my 2 words - Basic Logo Work Basic logo work - Basic Magento Customization Basic Magento Customization (for Srmithi only) - Basic Magento Store Basic Magento Store - Basic Map Editor Basic Map GPS universal app + iOS browser - Basic Marketing Tools needed for new business - repost Basic Marketing web site - Basic mathematical questions Basic Mathematics - Basic Matlab program Basic Matlab program - Repost - Basic Media Player to play DVDs on Windows OS with Bookmarks to Skip Scenes Basic Media Upload Iphone App - Basic menu basic messaging app for android - Basic MIS Basic MLM Project - Basic Mobile Application - Windows IOS and Android Platforms. Basic Mobile application with desktop admin Panel - Basic Modifications to 2 Flash Games basic modifications to a HTML email template - Basic Moodle administration set up Basic MOPS web site template - Basic MS Access Forms and Macros(repost) Basic MS Exchange 2003 Support - Basic music player with local storage cachee Basic music voting page - Basic mysql/php code Basic Nagios setup on vps (centos vps) - Basic news management tool Basic News Post Script in PHP with DB - Basic Numeracy - Level 1 - open to bidding Basic Nursing Home Software - BASIC One labview program -- 2 Basic one page android application - Basic Online Auction Basic Online Banking Application - Basic online office with basic social capabilities Basic Online Order Taking Setup - Basic online voting system Basic online voting system -- 2 - Basic OpenGL project Basic OpenGL project - Basic OSC Changes Basic OSC Setup plus copy-paste items into site. - Basic Outlook Automation Script Basic Outlook Functions for 2003,2007, 2010 Versions using Vb6 - Basic page-make-up and intermediate complexity page-make-up Basic pages - Basic PC Game Basic PC Line Editor Program - Basic Personal Firewall(repost) Basic personal webpage on wp platform with ddesign on home page and one landing page. the rest i can do myself. - Basic Photo Color Correction Basic Photo Color Correction - Basic Photo Retouch / Cleanup Basic Photo Retouch / Cleanup -- 2 - Basic photo storage app Basic photo touchups - Basic Photoshop :: Cutting out an Image basic Photoshop and 1 photo to retouch - 5 items total - Basic Photoshop Image Retouching - monthly / long term Basic photoshop job - Basic Photoshop work that needs to be done today - remove the background and make PNG files. Add lighting and sharp photos Basic photoshop: Cut out four images - Basic PHP and MYSQL - Good Job for 10 Rating! Basic PHP And SQL Realtor Site Update - Basic php code help Basic PHP coding and mod install Zen Cart - Basic PHP form to feed MYSQL database + search based on entries - repost basic php forms - Basic PHP Module in Joomla3.3 -- 2 Basic PHP Mutual Fund Trade Calculator - Basic php project basic php project - Basic PHP Shopping Catalog Basic PHP SOAP Server - basic PHP with MySQL database basic PHP with MySQL database(repost) - Basic PHP/MySQL Based Content Management System (CMS) Basic PHP/MySQL directory application - basic physics calculation problems basic physics problem. - Basic Point of Sale Software Required Basic poker software - Basic Powerpoint Video Needed Basic Powerpoint Video Needed ASAP - Basic price changes to posters & menu Basic price comparison scraper - Basic Product Photo Editing Basic Product Photo editing/background removal - Basic Program Coding Basic Program Design - Basic programming of Atmel AVR ATmega168 microcontroller Basic programming work - basic Prolog Basic prolog programming - basic proxy or NAT with delphi Basic PSD Conversion for a website 15 - 17 pages - Coded in HTML5 - basic public key cryptography and its application using PARI/GP algebra system and using JAVA or C++ basic public key cryptography and its application using PARI/GP algebra system and using JAVA or C++ - Basic python script to check argument against file Basic Python Scripting - Basic QuickFIX/n application in VB Basic Quiz Facebook - Basic random name simulator app - "who gets coffee?" Basic Random Walk Algorithm - Protein Folding - Basic rebuild of homepage Basic recommendation website in which a button is clicked and random page from the site comes up - basic repetitive html changes, some design work Basic Replace Code Work for end user - Basic Research and Data Entry Basic Research and Data Entry - Canadian Dance Events - basic reserch basic reserch - Basic retail e-commerce website Basic Retail Store Management System - Basic RPG character controller in Unity with pathfinding Basic RPG script needed - basic Sap project -- 3 basic Sap project -- 4 - Basic scotches for a mobile game Basic Scrape & Cache News Site - Basic scripting algorithm work already done half way Basic scripting algorithm work already done half way - repost - Basic Search with Google API and Excel in VB .Net Basic Searchable Database - Basic Seo Basic SEO & Amendments for my Wordpress Website - Basic SEO article writer
Basic SEO article writer -1 - Basic SEO for Financial website Basic Seo for Home Remodeling business - Basic SEO for website Basic SEo for website - Basic SEO Optimisation - For a Very Small website Basic SEO Optimisation to our website - Basic SEO setup for wordpress site -- 2 Basic SEO Strategic Plan For Service Company in UK - Basic SEO work needed Basic SEO Work Needed. - Basic Server Work (iPhone Game) Basic service booking Site in PHP/MySQL - Basic setup of a wordpress theme and payment gateway integration Basic setup of dedicated centos server + server hardening + misc - Basic Shooting Style Game for Web Basic Shop render - Basic Shopping Cart + booking calendar (rental) Basic Shopping Cart + Design - Basic simple pig dice Android studio project Basic simple program - Basic site Basic site - Basic Site Design Basic Site Design - basic site project Basic Site Redesign - Basic Site using OsCommerce basic site with CMS in 2 languages - basic slot machine Basic small biz website - basic social media desgin with search and gps functions BASIC SOCIAL MEDIA HELP WANTED ON A CASUAL, ONGOING ARRANGEMENT AS NEEDED - Basic Social Networking Android App(Clone) Basic Social Networking App - Basic software application for keyword tracking on google adwords Basic software application to develop - basic software where I can upload excel file and find data i want and the range of data Basic Software/Program Coding - Basic SPSS Work basic sql - Basic SQL/Database Basic SQL/PHP DIsplay and Administrative Interface - Basic Static Website Basic Static Website - Basic Statistical Analysis and data extraction from scientific journal articles -- 2 Basic Statistical Analysis and data extraction from scientific journal articles -- 3 - Basic steps in Big Data processing using Hadoop MapReduce framework Basic steps to follow to prepare websites .que a person without no conosimiento can follow those steps and aprendre to prepare its own website - Basic stuff needed done to php script Basic stuff needed done to php script 2 - Basic Survey Webpage Basic Survey Website - Basic T-Shirt selling site Basic Table Database - Basic TCP & UDP client/server using IPv6 extension headers basic TDD iOS project seed - Basic Template Configuration Basic Template Customization - Basic text updates to a wordpress site Basic text-based Android and iPhone application - Basic Timer, (think boxing rounds). Basic Timesheet and Billing model - Basic traffic trading features for an existing image host basic training - Basic translation English to Japanese Basic translation English to Russian - Basic tutorial Page for hight school kids Basic Tutorial Site - Basic Twitter Tool Basic two page website reskin - Basic Ufo model v.0.1 Basic UI app for iPhone - Basic Unity 2d game Basic Unity 3D Project (25% Profit Share) - basic updates on flash site Basic updates to a Website - Basic Userform for MAC Basic userfriendly interface to capture data and print reports - Basic Vector Based Image - Illustrator Basic Vector Carton Illustrations and Storyboard - Basic Video Chat Site(repost) Basic Video Chat Site(repost)(repost) - Basic Video Editing Basic Video Editing - Basic video editing 7 Basic Video Editing and After effects - copy - 02/03/2017 01:11 EST - Basic Video Editor application linked to an online video store(repost) Basic Video Editor Needed - Basic Video Website Basic Video Website Developed - Basic Voice acting Basic Voice Modem Program - BASIC Web 2.0 DESIGN for IT eStore site Basic web 2.0 website - Basic web application in php: Cloning functions of another site Basic Web Application Modifications - Basic Web Design Basic Web Design - basic web design basic web design - Basic web design site - - open to bidding Basic web design site - - open to bidding - basic web form coding basic web form flash - Basic web location marketing & cost outline. 1 Basic web lookup via a csv file - Basic web page required Basic Web Page TAG/CONTENT Editor (App or Script) - Basic Web Research Project Basic Web Scrape - Basic Web Site Basic Web Site - Basic Web site and Logo Design Basic web site clone design NO data base. - Basic Web site required Basic Web site required approx 10 pages - Basic Web Spider / Scraper Basic Web Spider / Scraper(repost) - Basic Web-based that will return information about top 50 google search results for any keyword Basic web-design and coding project for educational site ( - Basic Webpage Basic Webpage - Basic webpage w/ logos & autocomplete feature -1400+ records Basic Webscrape with Auth - Basic Website Basic Website - Basic Website Basic Website - Basic Website Basic Website - Basic website Basic website - Basic website Basic website - basic website basic website - basic website Basic website - open to bidding - Basic Website (HTML) Basic Website (HTML/CSS) (needed in the next 8 hours) - Basic Website - open to bidding Basic website - open to bidding - Basic website and business card design. With other potential design work to follow. basic website and ebay template - Basic Website Build Basic Website Build - basic website build, with facebook API integration + single query output