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Add TinyMCE Editor to Category Descriptions in Prestashop 1.4 - Add TLS encryption to Java server and Android client -- 2 Add TLS security certificate to website. - Add to a web site, a video area Add to a Website - add to an existing app Add To An Existing App Native Android and iPhone App - Add to bottom of Adobe Illustrator infographic add to budget - Add to Cart - Nike Add to cart - open to bidding - Add To Cart Bot for Art Prints - open to bidding -- 2 Add To Cart Bot for Art Prints - open to bidding -- 3 - Add to cart button missing Add to cart button missing for attributes for Wordpress - Add to Cart Feature using PHP Add to cart for Joomla component DJ catalog 2 - Add to cart or Buy now Button for amazon affiliates products Add to Cart Overlay - Add to Cart/Auto Check out Add to cart/auto checkout bot for art websites - Add To Design -- 1 Add to desktop bookmark - Add to Existing Project Add to existing project - Add to favourites funtion on my magento site add to favourites or wishlist functionality using cookies - Add to list script Add to listbox - Add to my iphone application add to my iphone/ipad app finger flair fix some bugs - Add to my website - Add to my website - -- 2 - Add to PHP MYSQL website(repost) Add to php mysqli extension on CentOS 6.4 x64 - add to shading and light to glass 3d model Add to shooping cart funtionality - Add to webite ADD TO WEBSITE - Add to, Alter or Delete records in the DNS. add to/delete from existing flash file. i dont have .fla - Add Tools to Wordpress E-Commerce Site Add tooltip to set of images - Add Touch-Focus in android+opencv built OCR android app Add Touch-Swipe Support for Portfolio Page - Add Tracking Functions to CMS Add tracking number with link to orders Virtuemart and Joomla 1.5 - Add trailing function Add Trailing Stop to EA - Add translation to Django site - repost Add translation tool and change language theme with Poedit - Add triggers to SQL Manager App Add trim and bleed to existing artwork (6 page Plasma brochure) - Add turnkey sites to server Add tutorial feature on first launch of app - Add Twitter and Facebook Share to Wordpress and add disquss Add twitter and facebook to laveral existing site and link with the current user profile and our current system - Add Twitter Follower Add twitter follower - Add Twitter Followers To My Account Add twitter followers, replies, favorites and retweets - Add two additional content pages with graph using data from SimPro api Add two adverts 2 our website - Add Two Data Tables to Existing PHP Page Add two different table in one common table based on conditions (Matlab). - Add two features to the existing website Add two field in checkout process in flippingbook flyer - Add two images to Wordpress Checkout page WP ECommerce Add Two items in my Magento Store - Add two pages to existing website Add two pages to my website - add two sites to an existing website and shut down a website in the next 30 min add two sites to an existing website and shut down a website in the next 30 min - ongoing work - Add two very simple privileges to my existing wordpress site Add two web scripts to site - Add UDP Scrape Support -- 2 Add ui component annotations to js aruco augmented reality app - Add undo and redo to an existing program - repost Add undo function to php site - Add unit and integration testing to ASP.NET project Add unit value to specified iframe height, using Jquery or javascript. - Add up total quantities of multi-level BOM (VB sub routine) Add up/down voting and comment count to a Wordpress site - Add upload button for existing booking system plugin Add upload capability to existing html - Add Upload Functionality to Existing Android Webview Application - repost add upload id field - add uploading input in the product pages Add uploading timeline counter - Add URL to UIWebView and Export as IPA & APK Add URL to UIWebView and Export as IPA & APK -- 2 - Add URL uploader to video sharing script Add url's to excelspreadsheet - Add user account functions Add user account system with basic functionality to a site - Add user image while adding/updating/list the user Add User Interactivity to Dynamic Content - Add User Manager to ASP.NET MVC Site Add user option for avatar display to YaBB - Add User Sessions & Create User Pages Add User Sessions & Create User Pages - ongoing work - Add users to Joomla site Add Users to New Adult Community - Add Validation in Existing Multistep Form.. Project for Only Experienced Developers Designers Add validation to 3 forms - Add Values to Category Column in Excel Spreadsheets Add values to the bottom of columns using jquery columnizer - Add Various Social Media API's to Wordpress Website Add Varnish Cache and SSL termination or an SSL termination proxy - Add Vendor features Add Vendor Name to Shopify Orders - Add very simple pages to my website Add very simple user level login to existing WEBSITE and include basic database - Add video background to webpage -- 2 Add Video Call Functions to a VoIP application - add video chat to my website Add video chat to website - Add video feature to Community Builder - alsoft Add video feature to iPhone app - add video into wordpress Add Video Link In Product Listings Oscommerce - Add Video Player To PhpMelody Script Add Video Player to Wordpress Theme - Add video support to android phonegap app Add video support to existing site (project only for VISHALWEB) - Add video to and give our simple Web Site a "Face-lift" Add video to banner - Add video to my website Add video to my website - Add video to shopify slideshow add video to site - Add Video Uploader To Geodesic Add Video Uploading Progress bar and option to convert avi to mp4 to the Script - Add VideoLightBox to Wordpress Add videoplayer (mp4) to project - Add videos to my website + fix bugs as certain sections stopped working Add videos to my website and graphics - Add Vimeo Player to website Add Vimeo support to existing webpage - Add Virtual Treeview to an existing demo app (Delphi) . . NOW add virtualhost to server - Add vlan to a ddwrt router Add VLC Player & controls to an existing project. - Add voice over to motion presentation. HD video add voice over to ppts - Add volume to subsystem Add Volume/Mute, Pause and Start/Stop Options to Existing Slideshow - Add vserv interstial ads in my app must be done in androidstudio
Add Vserv Ads In Android App - ADD WATCHERS AND PAGE HITS TO eBay LISTINGS -- 3 Add Watchers to an Ebay Listing - add Watermark to 270 images Add watermark to 3,000 photos, rotate & save for web - Add watermarks capability to fffmpeg and mencoder + iphone c Add Watermarks of 3 files in pdf - total pages 72 - Add web client integration with API on public Github project Add Web Developer to my TEAM - Add web scraping and automatization to some features to a Wordpress Theme Add Web Site To Directorys & Search Engines For UK Florist - Add webpage and MYSQL database Add webpages - add website content, logo, pages, text and update as needed and make live add website content, possible design update, add logo, pages, text and update as needed and make live - repost - Add Website Screenshots to PSD Mockup Add Website Search Capability - Add websites to Dmoz Directory Add websites to Excel spreadsheet list of companies - add wheels to a lego cube Add wheels to shop - Add WHMCS to site add who viewed my profile feature to dating app - Add widget to a wordpress site Add widget to blog that allows social media sharing of posts - Add WIF (Windows Identity Foundation) to Dotnetnuke Add WIF (Windows Identity Foundation) to Dotnetnuke(repost) - Add Windows 10 GPO Templates to Server 2012 Add Windows 10 GPO Templates to Server 2012 - Add WobBB Forum to website add woo commerce payment gateway in Paid Membership Pro. - Add Woocommerce Plugin to existing WP site (7-10 Products) add WooCommerce plugin to my woo-commerce store - Add WooCommerce to my template proprely add woocommerce to my wp website - Add Wordpress Blog Content add wordpress blog onto oscommerce front page - add wordpress blog to website Add WordPress Blog with Plugins - Add WordPress Menu and Customize Widgets Add Wordpress menu and page with PayPal link - Add wordpress template to deal site Add wordpress template to site, and make good - Add Wordpress/jQuery Gallery Plugin to Existing Site Add Wordpress/Woocommerce for online restaurant ordering - Add working navigation around Gravity Forms (Wordpress) add working submit buton - Add Wow slider to my volusion website - repost Add Wow slider to my volusion website - repost - Add WP e-Commerce plugin to wordpress site. Add WP Favorite Posts custom icon to WooCommerce Product Grid View - Add WYSIWYG controller Add WYSIWYG Editor - ADD XBMC/KODI TO MY MOBILE/LAPTOP AND TABLET Add Xmas Style to Logo - Add XML feeds to current php script Add XML file with order data to admin order confirmation mail - Add XMLoutput page to PHP website Add XMP metadata to PDF - Add Yoast SEO and Yoast Google Analytics to my WP site Add your app to Facebook page Instructions - add youtube button, delete comments and move submissions tab to submenu ADD YOUTUBE CHANNEL BLOCK - Add youtube video widget to siderbar of Wordpress Add Youtube Videos to Flash Map - Add ZeroMQ feature to Existing C++ App Add zetaprint w2p code to Magento theme - Add Zoom Effect in Image gallery Add Zoom Effect in Image gallery -- 2 - Add&Fix Website Functionality Add'l database work - add- on to classified ad website Add-fix and make changes to Woocommerce theme - ADD-IN for Office 2007 and IE 7.0 for Windows VISTA using .NET Add-in for Outlook 2003 - Add-on ASP Ecommerce Modules Add-on Block for Concrete5 CMS - Add-on feature Add-On Feature using Codeigniter in already built system - Ongoing - add-on for freshbooks Add-on for Geodesic Solutions Auction Site - Add-on for whatsapp messanger - Nearby function add-on for wow - Add-on per Google Docs add-on plus adjustments to site - Add-on to existing PHPCake project Add-on to existing Sourceforge Project - Add-on web pages Add-on Wordpress Popup products + prices - Add-Ons for the site Add-ons interspire - Add. Logo design 3 types for 3 branches Add. Specifications and improvements on Renard2 - Add/Copy Products from Merchants and Wholesale Websites Add/Copy Products from Merchants and Wholesale Websites -- 2 - Add/edit 3 features to a wordpress theme 1 Add/Edit 4 pages to our existing website - Add/Edit products in Virtuemart on Joomla website Add/Edit products in Virtuemart Store on Joomla website - Add/Fix Website Functionality Add/fix/change some things in already made template/make some graphics - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Modify my website with proxy API Add/Modify on OScommerce based site - add/remove people and morph Add/Remove Programs - Add/Upgrade features to existing blogger website (BLOGGER, NOT WORDPRESS) ADD/Upload/Edit/List - Articles from 1 mysql table - addasdsddds AddBaby babysite - Added a small bit of code to all my webpages on my website. added agent image to home listing - Added features to an existing website and wordpress update - open to bidding Added features to existing website - Added functioniality for a fiverr-like website Added Functions for Ask a pastor - Added project mailing added push notification feature in APP - Addendum Agreement drafted addendum to project - Addicted Apparel Website addicted facebook applications - Addiction Copywriter Addiction Ebook Writer - Addictions and Substance Use Disorders Addictive Flash Game (or shockwave) - Addin bulk import function wordpress plugin Addin for encrypting mails in Outlook - Adding API to existing plug in Adding banners to blank space on the left and on the right of my site - Adding "job board" to our website (php) ADDING "MY MUSIC" WHICH I OWN TO MULTIPLE ONLINE RADIO STATIONS - Adding .csv upload function to existing php based website Adding .txt file output to excel file output - Adding 100 points a bout the men health niches in fourms Adding 100 to 150 products in Magento ecommerce website - Adding 162 Products Adding 18 feature to existing music player app and making 100% bug free - Adding 2 popups and 1 link to Simple Website Adding 2 search functions - Adding 250 products to Magento Go -- 5 Adding 250 products, shopify - adding 3D backgrounds to around 2000 images of people on a white background. Adding 3D chat to dating website - Adding 500 Products To Interspire Shopping Cart Adding 500 products, shopify store - ADDING 500-1000 ITEMS TO AN ONLINE SHOP