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Add tabs to product description for my Shopify store - Add tags for 130 articles for a blog website Add Tags or Categories to Woocommerce variations - Add targeted-users to my Twitter account Add tax look up table to virtumart - Add Tec Doc to auto website Add Technical Content to Web Site - Add Template to Job Portal Script Add Template to Magento - Add terms and conditions add terms and conditions to checkout page - Add text (phone number) to header of my Responsive WordPress site Add text / Filter an image - Add Text and Logo to a Video Add Text and Logo to existing business card template - Add text box to filter grid -- 2 add text box, facebook like/activity button to my site - add text link to existing cms Add Text Links to website - Add text shadowing and fix text so its centered Add text tags to PDF graphics - Add text to a photo & alternations Add text to a Poster using Photoshop - Add text to circle infographic Add Text to Combobox API - Add text to home page under affiliates banner. Add text to HTML theme - Add text to logo - All States Add text to logo. 10mins job - Add text to pictures to make printable labels Add text to pictures to make printable labels - 19/09/2016 06:56 EDT - Add text to website Add text to website - add textbox to Plone thing Add Textboxes to Stage Using ActionScript 3 with code in timeline not classes - Add Texture to Illustrator Work Add texture to my logo. - Add the ability for my code to dispose and reuse a Serial Port/Com Port Add the ability for users to upload a profile image (an avatar) to an existing Rails site - add the clustering system within the polygon Add the content to the Joomla website & adjust the CSS - Add the following features to our site : - open to bidding Add the following projects to an Application. - Add the Login with facebook button to my website Add the Login with facebook button to my website - repost - Add the products to 3d cart Add the proper code to have a website in different languages (options given) - Add the uploaded files name in database. Add the url function code to user side for url - Add themeforest landingpage add themeforest website template to my website - Add third party API to existing Android IPTV App Add third party API to existing Android IPTV App -- 2 - add this some arabic text to banner ADD THIS submission: 15 per day for 10 days - Add threads to tcp/ip socket code ADD three image on my homepage with 3D effect - Add Thumbnail Image Size to Woocommerce Product Shortcode Add Thumbnail Pics Display w PopUp Display To Current Site - Add time and date to flash banner Add time and date to video stream (Objective C, Titanium) - Add timer function to existing app Add timer in Flash Whiteboard - add tinymce Editor in my script textarea Add tinyMCE editor textarea custom post - Add TLS encryption to Java server and Android client Add TLS encryption to Java server and Android client -- 2 - Add to a web site, a video area Add to a Website - Add To An Existing App Native Android and iPhone App Add To An Existing Application - Add to bottom of Adobe Illustrator infographic add to budget - Add to Cart & Auto-Checkout Program for Shoes on Shopify and Magento Sites Add to cart + auto checkout software - Add To Cart Bot for Art Prints Add To Cart Bot for Art Prints - open to bidding - Add to cart button in Woo Commerce Add to cart button made - Add to cart feature Add To Cart Feature - open to bidding - add to cart not working in woocommerce Add to cart or Buy now Button for amazon affiliates products - add to cart, checkout, admin panel lagging Add to Cart/Auto Check out - Add To Design -- 1 Add to desktop bookmark - Add to existing project Add to existing project! - add to favourites or wishlist functionality using cookies add to favourites or wishlist functionality using cookies -- 2 - Add to literature review - 1500 words - Construction topic - Perfect English Only - max 30 usd Add to live Search Results Wall some new functionalities - Add to my Localhost website and link values on 2.php page ADD to my LOGO - add to my work list. Add to my youtube channel 500 real arabic subscribers - Add to php web site - repost Add to phpmysql admin cms user validation feature - Add to sign up field integration with Aweber, Icontact etc Add to simple JavaScript Code that Parses a CSV using PapaParse and creates charts using CanvasJS - add to website add to website - add Tolerancing in Solidworks files add tongfang CA into oscam - Add Topsite Code to my websites ! add torrent tracker to phpfox - Add Tracker to openGTS Add tracking code - Add Tracking to PHP Redirect Script Add tracking URL to a site - Add Transitions to Existing Script Add Transitions to Large Flash Slideshow - Add transparent logo to the jpg + 5 partners logo Add transparent png to image slider on wordpress site - Add tube script functions to script Add Tumblr images to Magento Products - Add twilio functionality to rails web app Add Twilio sms to a website that was using an older sms service. - Add Twitter Feed to Facebook Page Flash Welcome Page Add Twitter Feed to main page - Add Twitter Followers & Facebook Likes 50K+ each Add Twitter followers -- 2 - Add Twitter Widget & Google Analytics html code to site. Add Twitter Widget and Change Header image - Add two content pages to a website Add two contributions to oscommerce admin - Add two features to existing card game un Unity (JS) Add two features to mobile app software. - Add two iframe banners to my website Add Two Images in my Enfold Theme for my website - Add two other languages to my PHP  real estate website Add two pages to an existing Webapp - Add Two Simple PHP Features Add two simple single column 'Contact US' forms matching the style of our website. - Add two variables to SQL Database from online form add two very large floating nos using 'c' language - Add UDP Interface to previous work Add UDP Scrape Support - Add undo and redo to an existing program Add undo and redo to an existing program - repost - Add unit and integration testing to ASP.NET project Add unit value to specified iframe height, using Jquery or javascript. - Add up total quantities of multi-level BOM (VB sub routine) Add up/down voting and comment count to a Wordpress site - Add upload capability to existing html Add Upload column to table - add upload image feature to a form
Add Upload Image on MarkDown Editor - Add UPS & Free Shipping Module to osCommerce Add UPS and USPS shipping modules to oscommerce 2.3 - Add Url links to an email signature Add URL Parameter option to Wordpress Plugin - Add US Fans to my Facebook Page Add US sales tax to virtumart - Add user avatar to my Fantasy Sports mod for Phpbb Add User Base File upload download functionality in an Existing Joomla site - Add User Login and Paypal Integration to Ringtone APP Add User Login Form & File Upload Form - add user Registration add user registration and paypal payments to android app - Add username and password wall add username of person who goes on cam spot - add UTF-8/unicode support to htmldoc add UTF-8/unicode support to htmldoc (818430) - Add validation to search box Add Validations (already created) to an excel spreadsheet - - Add Variation Plugin -- 2 Add Variation price to a woocommerce product page - Add Vector Icons To Custom TTF Add vector lines in specific colors for laser engraving - Add verified button for users manually. add Verified Merchant Seal and a “Secure Shopping” page - Add video and flash thumbnail preview add Video and images to user posts - add video chat software plus add video chat to ios app - Add Video Effects to Artwork for website -- 2 Add Video feature - Add video header to opencart that will also play on mobile devices like Add Video Homepage to BootStrap Theme - Add Video Player to Member Profiles on my Website Add Video player to Member's Profile - add video streaming capability to video player Add video support to android app(repost) - Add video to a website Add video to and give our simple Web Site a "Face-lift" - Add video to my website Add video to my website - add video to site Add video to site with play and pause function - Add video url Add video url and correct image upload problem - Add videoplayer (mp4) to project Add VideoPlayer fix to iPhone app - Add videos to porn site add videos to technology site - Add vintage look to two maps add vinyl art image to a stock image - Add virtuemart text module on product page Add Virtumart products - Add VOD to Wordpress Site Add Voice Bank Section To wordpress Website - add voice record to video and upload to youtube, send link and video file add voice to ppts - Add votes for a contest Add Votes for online voting Contest - Add Wallet Payment to Already Source Add Wallet Payment to Already Source -- 2 - Add watermark in all pictures in a site and add in several other pictures Add Watermark module and add Facebook social widget - Add watermark to image upload Add watermark to images - Add weather radar overlay to current map project. Add weather to my blog reader app project - Add web pages and content to existing site Add web Pages and make other changes - Add webinar function to existing Joomla site Add webinks from site to Google search - Add Website page add website address and emails to a list of schools - Add website links to my website portfolio Add website name to logo - add website to search engines and it must show results Add website url and email adderss to existing xls list - Add weight to Magento products Add weights to rankings on spreadsheet - add whiteboard audio/video/text chat tool/plugin from the 3rd party to an existing website in PHP ADD WHMCS INTO WORDPRESS THEME - Add widget sidebar to products pages Add widget support to mobile application. ( Widget Design And Function ) - Add WIF (Windows Identity Foundation) to Dotnetnuke Add WIF (Windows Identity Foundation) to Dotnetnuke - add window to joomla site Add Windows 10 GPO Templates to Server 2012 - Add WobBB Forum to website add woo commerce payment gateway in Paid Membership Pro. - Add Woocommerce Plugin to existing WP site (7-10 Products) add WooCommerce plugin to my woo-commerce store - Add WooCommerce to my template proprely add woocommerce to my wp website - Add Wordpress Blog Content add wordpress blog onto oscommerce front page - Add wordpress blog to website add wordpress blog to website - Add WordPress Menu and Customize Widgets Add Wordpress menu and page with PayPal link - Add wordpress template to site, and make good Add Wordpress Theme Functionality - Add Wordpress/Woocommerce for online restaurant ordering Add words developer needd - Add WorkPress to website Add works cited + sources for a paper about Hamlet - Add Wow slider to my volusion website - repost 2 Add Wow slider to volusion website - Add WP Theme, Configure It and add Content Add WP to my site - Add WYSIWYG Editor template Add WYSIWYG editor the website. - Add XML code Add xml configurability to flash site - Add XML integration to my website Add XML integration to my website - Add yahoo APi stock field to Excel sheet and 3 graphs using API data Add yahoo maps Hyperlink for Pop-Up Map - Add Your Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of India - v4 Add your iPhone/iPad application/s to the Apple Store - Add Youtube social link to website Add YouTube Thumbnails To My Sidebar - Add Z (Altitude) attribute to a 2d Shape File. Add Zapier system on php online soft - Add Zip Code validation to Wordpress page Add zipcode radius tool to classipress theme - Add zooming feature for a mobile website / MZ Add zooming feature for a mobile website / MZ2 - Add, Delete and Edit Records of a database from a php page Add, fix and make changes to Woocommerce theme - Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint for Tracking Changes Funcionality add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint to Track Changes - Add-ins for MS Outlook Add-ins for Outlook - Add-on Extension Development -- 2 Add-on Extension Development -- 3 - Add-on for firefox add-on for Firefox - Add-on for Script Add-on for skype - Add-on payment module needed for osCommerce using Payment21 gateway Add-on payment module needed for osCommerce using Payment21s gateway - Add-On to existing Classified Ads Script! Add-on to Existing Perl Script - add-on toolbar for Microsoft Word Add-on web pages - Add-on work for project 260019