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Add two other languages to my PHP  real estate website - Add two shipping methods to EDD (Easy digital downloads) Add Two Simple PHP Features - Add two variables to SCM player- Add two variables to SQL Database from online form - add udids to an xcode app Add UDP Interface to previous work - Add underline to fonts (Only general computer skills needed.) Add undo and redo to an existing program - add unique title and meta descriptions to .asp site Add unit and integration testing to ASP.NET project - Add up to 1000 installs for your android app and 5 star rating Add up total quantities of multi-level BOM (VB sub routine) - Add upload button for existing booking system plugin Add upload capability to existing html - add upload id field add upload image feature to a form - Add uploads to a Contact Form Add UPS & Free Shipping Module to osCommerce - Add URL link to website Add Url links to an email signature - add urls into website below Add US cities and states into database - Add user and password login screen to my app Add user and password login screen to my app - repost - Add User Interface to Google Spreadsheet Lookup Script Add user log to my ios and android apps - Add user profile and profile management pages to a PHP website Add user profiles and a user generated page of stats - Add User using Listbox and then email Add user viewing rights to existing Ipad enterprise app - Add USSD Communication To Simple Web App (USSD Simulation) add UTF compatibility to 4000 lines of python code - Add Validation to online form Add validation to php forms - Add Variables to PowerShell Script Add Variation Plugin - Add vdo advertise in my app Add vector design files to PSD mock ups - add verification page and update registration page Add verification to a traffic surfing script - Add video ability to Wordpress blog that does not have HTML abilities Add Video Advertising module and take backlink off my PhpVibe site - add video chat and web cam to website Add video chat functionality into a website for arranging of online-lessons - Add Video controls to player, remove title, add animation when open video Add video coversion abilities to my Flash Video Downlaod Software for Ipod, PSP, and Pocket PC - add video gallery bullets 1 add video gallery on this project and other functions - Add video play button on mobile Add Video Player to a WordPress page - Add video sites to script(repost) Add video sites to script(repost)(repost) - Add video to a site Add video to a site - add video to my site Add Video to my Squarespace size - Add video to replace parallaxing images - repost Add video to replace parallaxing images. - Add video upload option to classifieds PHP/MySQL script Add video upload to my website - Add videography to whatsapp -- 2 Add videography to whatsapp -- 3 - Add videos to my blog add videos to my site on daily basis - Add Vimeo Player to website Add Vimeo support to existing webpage - add virtualhost to server Add virtuemart conditional discounts - Add VLC Player & controls to an existing project. Add VLC support to Streamplicity - Add voice over to videos Add Voice Over Video - Add Volusion Products to Existing Store add vote function and tweek site - Add wake lock into an android app Add walkthrough overlay to existing Android project - Add watercolour to my pencil sketches in Photoshop Add watermark and start and end graphics to 50 videos - Add Watermark to all the images Inside a folder, using PHP on Joomla Site // grup0k4 Add Watermark to Image and Display on click - Add WC Vendors Plugin to my site and remove WooCommerce Product Vendors Plugin Add WCF service to PHP script (for forrestwang) - Add Web Page and Menu Button to Existing Website. Easy Work Add web page to web site - Add webcams to a webcam portal Add Webformmailer.php Script To CSS Template - add webshop to my Wordpress website Add Website page - Add website links to my engine Add website links to my website portfolio - Add website to logo in photo shop add website to search engines and it must show results - Add Weibo Share button to a web page Add weight to Magento products - Add white space to website add whiteboard audio/video/text chat tool/plugin from the 3rd party to an existing website in PHP - add widget placeholder for wordpress Add widget sidebar to products pages - Add widgets to site (Javascript) Add WIF (Windows Identity Foundation) to Dotnetnuke - Add Window Media Player to my Flash Site add window to joomla site - add wmv video clip to website Add WobBB Forum to website - Add woocommerce on existing theme Add Woocommerce Plugin to existing WP site (7-10 Products) - Add WooCommerce to My Existing WordPress Site with 3 Digital Products Add WooCommerce to my template proprely - add WordPress automatic page/post creation functionality to BreezingForms plugin Add Wordpress Blog Content - Add WordPress blog to website Add wordpress blog to website - Add Wordpress links to Magento sites Add WordPress Menu and Customize Widgets - Add wordpress template to deal site Add wordpress template to site, and make good - Add Wordpress/jQuery Gallery Plugin to Existing Site Add Wordpress/Woocommerce for online restaurant ordering - add working submit buton Add WorkPress to website - Add Wow slider to my volusion website - Repost - repost Add Wow slider to my volusion website - repost 2 - Add WP header to a php script Add WP Theme, Configure It and add Content - Add WYSIWYG editor into ASP website. Add WYSIWYG Editor template - Add XML / SOAP Decoding to Existing HTTP Decode Program Add XML code - add xml image field to swf file Add XML integration to my website - Add Xtube mods to video sharing site Add yahoo APi stock field to Excel sheet and 3 graphs using API data - Add Your Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of India - v4 Add your iPhone/iPad application/s to the Apple Store - Add Youtube social link to website Add YouTube Thumbnails To My Sidebar - Add Z (Altitude) attribute to a 2d Shape File. Add Zapier system on php online soft - Add Zip Code validation to Wordpress page Add zipcode radius tool to classipress theme - Add zooming feature for a mobile website / MZ Add zooming feature for a mobile website / MZ2 - Add, Delete and Edit Records of a database from a php page Add, fix and make changes to Woocommerce theme - Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint for Tracking Changes Funcionality
add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint to Track Changes - Add-ins for MS Outlook Add-ins for Outlook - Add-on Extension Development -- 2 Add-on Extension Development -- 3 - Add-on for firefox add-on for Firefox - Add-on for Script Add-on for skype - Add-on payment module needed for osCommerce using Payment21 gateway Add-on payment module needed for osCommerce using Payment21s gateway - Add-On to existing Classified Ads Script! Add-on to Existing Perl Script - add-on toolbar for Microsoft Word Add-on web pages - Add-Ons for the site Add-ons interspire - Add. Specifications and improvements on Renard2 Add.txt Files to .zip Files - Add/create Social Sharing buttons module to a custom CMS Add/Create wordpress shortcodes to existing wordpress site - Add/Edit an existing Java program on Dining Philosopher problem add/edit ASIN product in Ebay - Add/Edit Simple Moving Average Forex EA with SL, Trailing, Slippage & Stealth Mode settings & MT5/Ctrader compatibility also Add/Edit some Javascript to our WP Theme to Make Animated Gifs Play in WooCommerce - Add/implement SLIDEBARS to my wordpress website (has Genesis Framework) Add/improve 3 features to our existing .NET WPF SQL Server related product - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Modify my website with proxy API Add/Modify on OScommerce based site - Add/remove photos in a pinned FB post without affecting likes and comments Add/Remove Programs - Add/Update/Delete/List Users Add/Upgrade features to existing blogger website (BLOGGER, NOT WORDPRESS) - addapt VB addon to work with VB 3.5.3 ADDAPTING FACETWP PLUGIN - Added a sitemap Added a small bit of code to all my webpages on my website. - Added features to an existing website and wordpress update - open to bidding Added features to existing website - Added Functions for Ask a pastor added functions to jobsite - Added Social Network Features added software to group facebook /added to page facebook - Addendum:Dynamic MySQL Header Query Addenserà expert - Addicted iPhone games can get more than 1 million downloads. Addicted To HipHop - Addiction Monitoring App Addiction of Uniqueness - Addictive Games required for app and website ADDICTIVE iPHONE GAMES NEEDS PROGRAMMER/DESIGNER - Addin for MS Word and OpenOffice Writer Addin for Outlook - Adding People to Facebook Group Adding phone Input to php and admin - Adding & Removing [Wordpress Pro's] Adding & Removing [Wordpress] - Adding / Deducting Amount To Total Checkout Adding / editing already written autoresponder messages in to aWeber - adding 1000 products to a woocommerce website Adding 1000 products to Shopify platform - adding 2 categories in a search mosule for zoo Adding 2 category pages to a Wordpress site. - Adding 200 Images or Youtube Video to website Adding 200 Products To Our Shopping Cart - Adding 3 products to my wordpress site using woocommerce - repost Adding 3 regions and links to Script - Adding 5 pages on the lusis webpage html production Adding 5,000 selected Facebook Likes/fans - Adding 60 products to Magento Go -- 2 Adding 60 products to Magento Go -- 3 - Adding a .FLV to Flash action script Adding a Ajax Contact Form - Adding a blog and Twitter feed to our website Adding a blog functionality to our web site - Adding a calculated product price within Magento based on Gold and Platinum Prices adding a calendar to my homepage right now - adding a condition to c# program Adding a Contact Button, Social Media Buttons, Slider, Blog Pages - Adding a custom product finder in a Woocommerce site Adding a custom social media button to the footer of my website - adding a dropdown list select list to a drupal 8 module Adding a dutch payment provider (Ideal) to an already existing Wordpress Theme - Adding a feature to OSCommerce Adding a few features into almost finished wordpress website - Adding a font to my Customize theme page on Shopify !! adding a form in megento checkout Page - Adding a functionality to an ASP website Adding a futered image (wordpress) in a post from a RSS feed - Adding a large number of products to existing categories programmatically ( via php script) Adding a Left Floating Side Bar to Index Page - Adding a logout to a user profile Adding a Magento extension to website - adding a new feature to the smf forum Adding a new feature to website - Adding a newsletter sign up link on our WS landing page Adding a node to an XML file - adding a paypal donation button Adding a Paypal shopping card to an existing website - Adding a print file option to a Microsoft access database program Adding a products page to the existing site - Adding a scrolling banner to homepage Adding A Scrolling Picture Script To My PHP Site - adding a simple feature in android app Adding a simple forum - Adding a small Java-Feature to existing website Adding a social share buttons integrated with my theme - Adding a trust value to Doku Wiki Adding a Trusted Root Certificate Authority - Adding a widget to the header of a Wordpress theme Adding a WIN 2K help style glossary and definitions in bubble to a PHP-based wiki - Adding additional code to a built iOS app. [modify current API/JSON] Adding additional code to current project - Adding additional galleries to existing website Adding additional Gallery to our homepage with Zoom feature on a Wordpress theme - Adding adfalcon ad to unity game and export it to App store and Playstore Adding admin approval and altering link verification - Adding Adsense Sharing to Article Dashboard Adding adsense to a worpress template - Adding airdrop a map location to existing app Adding AirPush Ads to my app - Adding an ad banner slot on a landing page Adding an addition - Adding an Enquiries facility to a Flash website(repost)(repost) Adding An Event to Call A Method in C# - adding an online store to my existing website ADDING AN ONLINE VIDEO COURSE AND SHOP TO CURRENT WEBSITE. - Adding and editing a pre-made template to a wordpress website. Adding and editing Drupal Modules to webpage - Adding API to movie ticket site Adding API to my current website - Adding areas to my website. adding article page and dinamicaly sitemap generator - Adding audio file to Podpress Adding audio into a PowerPoint file. - Adding auto share function for "AdRotate plug-in for wordpress" Adding auto-incrementing ref. to Word doc - Adding banner to the right of Wordpress blog adding banners to a wordpress blog - Adding Bitcoinj client support to Android app Adding Black Lines To Video - Adding blue background to textbox (full width and responsive) Adding Booking Feature to - Adding button