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Add Skip Function to Full Screen Form - Add slide first launch application android Add slide first launch application iphone - Add slider js scripts in html page. Add slider to a created site - Add slides to a Prezi Presentation Add slides to a slider - only for antondilshan - add sliding function in plugin add sliding function into plugin - Add small facebook logo to my site (CSS) Add small feature on a ASP.NET MVC Webapp - Add small form to bootstrap template Add small front end filter to an existing Silverlight app C# - Add Smart Object to Image Add smart objects in PSD files - Add SMS gateway and create a panel to a Wordpress-WoocCmmerce website Add sms jokes to database - Add smtp authentication to php script Add SMTP details to code of CakePHP website - Add social buttons create embed widget fix bug Add social buttons on Joomla website - Add Social Images/Links to sidebar wordpress Add social invite buttons for Facebook, Twitter etc to existing website (NOT WORDPRESS) - Add social media button (FB share) to our videos Add social media buttons and integration to pages + Fix blog and Daily deals borders - Add Social Media Functionality to an iOS App--3 Add Social Media Icons and Get Rid of Gray Line on Wordpress Site - Add social media links to BigCommerce page Add social media links to our landing page. - Add social media to sticky-menu on dropdown [wordpress] Add social media, enhance logo, make simple changes to site - Add Social Networking to my site Add Social networking to our website. - Add Socks 5 Proxy and rotating browser agents support to a automated script coded in PHP - repost Add socks proxy capability to a software. - Add some additional features on my script Add some additional functionality (html, css, jquery) - Add some background processes to complete and unfinished web form. Add some background processes to complete and unfinished web form. - ongoing work - Add some changes to existing software written with c# language Add Some changes to my website - Add some code to existing site Add some code to existing VB6 project (IF....THEN Statement) - Add some content and forms to my wordpress site Add some content and functions to a community website - Add some content/video links to web site (Joomla) add some controls to fusion tables/charts embedded in a wordpress pages - Add some data fetching capabilities to my EXISTING Instagram Plugin on my website Add some data fetching capabilities to my EXISTING Instagram Plugin on my website -- 2 - Add some effect like fire on 360 rendered video Add some effects to an image - add some featues to an non finished website Add some feature - v 1.1 - Add Some Feature to My Web Project Add some features - Add some features in my Laravel framework dashboard Add some features in our webapp - add some features to a Delphi grid (CIV 2005-12-12) Add some features to a File Sharing script - Add some features to access DB - repost Add some features to access DB - repost - ongoing work - Add some features to C# progarm. -- 2 Add some features to Codeigniter web app - Add some features to my current website Add some features to my current website - repost - Add some features to my WordPress site & template Add some features to my WordPress template - Add Some Features to SoftSwich Add Some Features to SoftSwich - repost - Add some fields in wordpress jobroller theme Add some fields to stripe - Add some Function in Website Wordpress add some function in wordpress - Add some functionalities to my launchpage Add some functionalities to my launchpage - repost - Add some functionality to an existing website Add some functionality to an existing Wordpress plugin -- 2 - add some functions & change design to my php script Add some functions and fix existing issues - Add some functions to the site Add some functions to website - Add some HTML Code to existing code. Add some html to create a more customised email template in salesforce crm - Add some item on marketplace Add some items on site / Wallpapers - Ringtones. - Add some JQuery for my front end Add some jQuery in a site - Add some logos and text to a video that we have made. Add some low poly pillows and a draped blanket to my basket - Add some more screen on my app Add some motion blur on a specific image within the Live Video - add some new things on old build website Add some news articles on my website daily - Add some pages to a website add some pages to a website - Add some PHP code Add some PHP code to check for max enrollment in Moodle - Add some products to a Magento website - Repost Add some products to a shopiing cart - Add some service pages to my existing website. Add some shading to an illustration - Add some software modules Add some Spam tools on Mediawiki - Add some TEST information to website Add some text & design features to an aerial photograph - Add some things to a website and fix a coding error Add some things to my site and remove some others - add some web elements to various pages add some web pages with coding - Add something my project on online examination Add something on a PHP theme script... - add something to videojs Add somethings to my site. - Add Sort Order Option To Attributes Oscommerce Add Sort Orders by products on specific dates - Add Sound Effects & Background Music to a 2 Minutes Animation Clip Add sound effects and music to cartoon - Add sound to iphone app demo Add Sound To Online Casino Game Simulator - Add Spanish and French subtitles (captions) to 5 videos Add Spanish articles to 4000 top high-freqnecy words - Add special for XVS add special form to vb program - Add spell checker to Joomla 2.5 TinyMCE and 2 small other jobs Add spellcheck and buttons on WYSIWYG editor on a Social Engine site - Add splash screen to existing web site Add Splash Screen to My Game - ADD SQLITE3 AND ZBAR FEATURE TO ONE TABLE INTO EXISTING XCODE PROJECT Add SQLRelay Driver to PHP ADODB - add SSL certificate to website Add SSL certificate, so domain starts with https:// - Add SSL to my Node Project Add SSL to my payment page - Add Star Wars effects to a short 50 second home video Add starcraft support in CrosuS - ADD STATIC PAGE TO A DATING WEBSITE add static pages to static website - Add stock and inventory system to my wordpress website that updates automaticlally if i sell goods from my store Add stock level option to Wordpress MusicPro Store template - Add store directory to wordpress store. - $60 Add Store Front to Local Shop Website - Add Streaming Movie and TV links to my website Add streaming audio to my website - Add stripe merchant to event ticket website
Add Stripe payment API code to my Wordpress Woocommerce website - add stripslashes to php form, add javascript to form Add structured data tags from to our news - add sub catagory to website add sub category to window pane - Add subcategories possibility in a clone GAF script Add subCategories to Flash CS2 Menu - Add Submit Email Form Add Submit File Functionality to Google Form Google App Script - Add subscription option to current website Add subscription pages to Prestashop cart checkout - Add subtitles and header banner to a 6minute video Add Subtitles in English to Spanish Video "Must Translate" - Add Subtitles to the video Add Subtitles to three videos - Add suppliers products (from their website) to my website Add suppliers products (from their website) to my website -- 2 - Add support NAND driver in U-Boot for Allwiner A10s Add support of h.264/GSM conferencing to c# SIP server/client - Add SWFUpload to PHP Script Add swipe (touch) supprt to existed slideshow - Add Tab and few tweaks to Joomla site Add tab and text to a Joomla site - Add table in cpanel user plugin Add table in div - Add tables to a database Add tables to Access2000 database - Add Tabs to Website from Ebay RSS Feed Add tabs to YouTube clone script - Add tags with ajax to oscommerce/creloaded website ADD TAGS, SEO YOUTUBE.COM VIDEOS - Add Taxi Metre Feature to Existing App Add taxonomies to custom post types and sync with Geomywp search form - Add telephone number to wordpress site in header php file. Add telephone numbers to Fleet directory - Add template to Main Site and Members Panel Smarty add template to oscommerce / creloaded - Add TestFlight SDK to our Build & Upload to TestFlight for Testing Add Testimonial and Before & Afters Pictures Integreation... Also a Tell-Friend Script and Some Small Other Things - Add text and formatting to an InDesign restaurant menu Add Text and Graphics to Four Banners - Add text and photos to an existing site add text and photos to flash website(repost) - Add Text content to an already designed eBook (Rush) Add text content to construction Website - Add text on images Add text on images - HTML/PHP/CSS - Add text to 40 PowerPoint pages Add text to 5 images - Add text to a Wordpress Template 6 pages Add text to an html and duplicate 25 times using different name and logo - Add text to flash coupon Add text to flash menu - Add text to images Add text to images - Add text to my pictures! Add Text to Pages That Currently Do Not Show Any Groups - Add Text to Speech to My Current Quiz App Add text to the 2 document you already made me - Add text with instructions to a web based template for a designer to follow. Add text, image and barcode to PFD in JSP/Tomcat - Add texts attributes to a Twenty Fifteen modified template and have the attributes available in the WYSIWYG editor Add texts on the paypal button in the mobile checkout website - Add textures to two 3D models and import into After Effects using Element 3D (with textures!) Add texturing on an existing 3d file .obj - add the ability to pay via credit card on my website Add the ability to Post data via an API - Add the Dynamic Form Generator to My Custom Php Submission System add the effect from the youtube video - Add the functionalty of distance on search/filter modules and search pages in joomla site? Add the functions and cookies - Add the new message system ADD THE OPTION TO ALLOW IMAGES FOR PRODUCT CATAGORIES (WORDPRESS) - add the seperator in log for inactiveness Add the sharing feature to my website? - Add the words "News" and "TV" to existing logo Add the Wrought Iron Products to favorites and check which of the pictures are exceeding the containment box. - add thesse files to my magento site add thesse items to my magento site - add this code and check function Add this code to my wordpress site - Add thousands of gift certificate codes to WooCommerce (WordPress) Add thousands of gift certificate codes to WooCommerce / WordPress - Add three new tables to existing website Add three people into a group photo - Add thumbnails function Add thumbnails in a single image slider.. Please see picture - add time delay in second to rtmp live stream Add time function to joomla module - Add Timesheet/Employee Project Component to Joomla Add timestamp to posts in content slider (SmoothSlider) Wordpress - Add Title attribute for categories - Oscommerce add title in a ligthbox photo gallery - Add to a flashgallery call shadowbox function Add to a Gay romance/erotic book for me - Add to Add to Address Book Hyperlink - Add to background, dogs and cats ADD TO BAG / CART BOT - disneystore - Add to carg early. Shopify Add to Cart - Add to Cart BOT Add to cart bot - Add to cart Bot/Program Add to cart button - Add to cart changes Add to cart Chrome extension - add to cart nike Add to cart Nike bot - Add to Cart software Add to cart Software - Add to current Logo Add to current logo using same font - Add to Existing Javascript Validation Add to existing list of Agents on Excel sheet - add to favorites add to favorites - Add to javascript / HTML5 game two features: arrow to indicate active player and putting in new sprite from a source image Add to lightbox PHP Script [do NOT bid for driutheman] - Add to my EA Add to my EA -- 2 - Add to my Website add to my website - Add to PHP MYSQL website Add to PHP MYSQL website(repost) - Add to shooping cart funtionality Add to shopping bag image & Shopping Bag Image for website - Add to Website Add to website - Add TOC to an assignment Add Today's Widget to an existing iPhone App - Add Top Bar To Woocommerce Site add top sellers to categorys and same to home page but with brands - add tour booking functionality to an existing website add tour booking functionality to existing website - Add tracking to Bulk Email System Add Tracking to my website - Add transitions and design powerpoint Add transitions Jquery to slider - Add transparency to background of small JPG photo Add Transparency to Images - Add True Monaural (Mono) to DSMixer Component Add Truecrypt to a Linux Distro - Add turing # to contact form(repost)