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Add Internal Search Feature to My Site - Add intersitial banner to app and updating the Admob SDK to the newest Add intersteller ad into my ap with chartboost or applovin - Add inventory management to my existing website, with uploadable images Add inventory photos and descriptions to new website - Add invoice number to web order form Add invoice option to users profile pages - Add ip address (not from host) Add IP Address checker to signup - Add ipad device frame to screenshots Add ipad device frame to screenshots - repost - Add IPN script to send out an email with a PDF as an attachment, or an email that has a link to a secure page where the item can be downloaded Add IPs on PROXMOX to work on windows vz - Add Isotope plugin on custom made Wordpress theme with NextGen Gallery - repost Add Isotope to WP Theme for Custom Post Type - Add items into our webshop Template is available Add Items On Amazon - Add Items to Existing Shopping Cart Add items to favourite - Add items to Shopping Cart Add items to shopping cart - Add Jackpot function. Tablet Functionality and Chartboost integration. Add Jackpot Game to CSGO Betting Website - Add java functions to wpdatatables in WordPress Add Java Language Detection web service. - Add Javascript delay to menu on hover - Joomla Add Javascript donut graphs to website - Add JavaScript SWF Video to WebPage Add JavaScript SWF Video to WebPage - Again - Add javascript to WordPress post Add JavaScript to write to SQL Server database - Add Job Listing Page with admin panel on a Swish Site Add job listings to my website - Add joomla blog to my website Add Joomla Category List Layout to Page - Add JoomlaComment to SOBI2 entries Add Journal board in Dating Website - add jquery components to existing rails application add jquery content slider/switcher - Add jquery menu plugin for mobiles/tablets to our prestashop site Add Jquery Mobile Swipe gestures to my responsive website - Add jQuery Slider to Magento Website Add jQuery slider to website - Add Jquery validation to Wordpress Form - for evgendob Add JQuery Zoom feature to Ajax/mysql/php project - Add JscrollPane API to my Android game Add JSGrid to my datatables php - Add jwplayer to my website and replace to adobe flash player -- 2 Add kerning to font previewer - Add Keywords to Articles Add Keywords to Articles (onsite SEO) - Add KNX support to Roomie Remote Add KP to Weld Screen - Add lang plugin add langauges to wp site, need to get it doen today - Add Language to App (Android e IOS) Add language to English Website - Add languages to wordpress theme add languge to website - ADD LAUGH TRACKS TO 20 MIN COMEDY PODCAST Add Launcher Icons to App and Remove Android Figure from Screens - Add LazyLoad Add LDAP functions to existing class - add left column to site Add left navigation image/link - Add License Code to Video Turbo Store Plugin Add license field to custom magento module with serial/domain check to mysql database - Add Lightbox (javascript) effect to Social Network Add Lightbox and Flipbook to a file manager - Add lightbox to image slider Add lightbox to my tumblr - Add like, share and comments facebook buttons to my html page Add Like/Dislike Buttons to DataTables (Jquery/PHP) - Add Line Chart Add Line Item Properties to Shopify Store - Add link in same page Wordpress Add link page+site map - Add link to NSIS LICENSE PAGE Add Link to OsCommerce Page - Add linked buttons to slider images of wordpress website Add linked buttons to slider images of wordpress website -- 2 - Add links (image maps) to jQuery image slider Add links (with clickTAG) to flash ad. - Add links to ASP script Add Links to Chinese PDF - add links to old site order page, small edit - order selection box Add links to our directory - Add links to URL's Add Links to Web Pages - Add list scheduled posts to visual editor wordpress Add list to plugin - Add listings from Click Bank to Website Add listings into an online business directory - Add listings to Opencart site Add Listings to Pay Per Click Search Engines - Add live data to charts Add LIVE Espn Esport News to my wordpress website - Add live support like live zilla chat to Simple Machines Forum Add live tiles to WorkOnIT - Add load more posts button and make it work Add loading animation in the tab (our previous project) - Add location category to a zip proximity search query Add location detection on mobile to WPGroupBuy wordpress site - Add location map similar to Airbnb - Add log in and register modal to existing wordpress site Add Log in/Sign Up Dialogue - Add logic to a script -- 8 Add logic to a video download page to detect if visitor is a paying member (if not take away options) - Add Login button to WP site Add login feature - Add login page and show menu based in user Add login page to site - Add Login with Facebook Add login with Facebook & Twitter - Add logins to an existing website, allow messaging between users and integrate e-Lecta virtual classroom into website add logo - ADD logo create Add Logo Display Plugin - add logo to a website Add logo to Action Bar - add logo to jersey Add Logo to Joomla Site - Add logo to poster---have AI files of logo and poster Add logo to single landing page. - Add logo to Wordpress theme Add logo to wordpress website - Add logos to PDF Files Add long path support to existing c++ programm - Add macros to extend spreadsheet Add macros/vba/formulas to spreadsheet and tweak the design. - Add magento products add magento products - add mail merg email app to lead database Add MailBeez Autoresponder to existing osCommerce site - Add MailChimp subscribe feature to my app Add mailchimp subscription on sign up (Custom PHP) - Add Manually Products into Magento Add manufacture information to order email - Add map to Joomla Site - laufende Arbeit Add map to website - Add marketplace sections on google Add marketplaces to my magneto website. - Add Master Password Support to Open Source Program Add MasterCard's MiGS (Mastercard Internet Gateway Service) into Convergine's BookingWizz Credit Card Payments modules. - Add md5 validation for wp plugin Add me 1000 facebook friends USA only - Add me 500 facebook friends
Add me 500 facebook friends - Repost - Add Me Into Photographs | Substitite People In Photo add me on gmail - Add media page to web site add media queries to a website - Add members area to existing website Add members Avatar & some changes - Add membership and map view functions to existing site Add membership facility to booking script - Add Membership to OpenCart shop add membership/forms to wordpress - Add menu button to navigation area Add Menu Data to Website - Add menu templates to restaurant web site Add menu to a wordpress template - Add Merchant Solutions Account Add Merchant Solutions to site - Add meta tag to site for flippa listing add meta tags - Add metadata to photos Add metallic/foil print to a logo in Photoshop - Add mgid code on my site Add Micro paiement modules to my website - Add Minor Functionality to Wordpress Theme - repost add minor functions to website - add missing pr0ducts to website Add missing product images - Add mobile functionality for a current website(repost) Add mobile functionality to current website, add additional functionality to interface with another site. - Add Mobile Phone verification using an API to existing C# .NET Website Add mobile photo uploading capability for mobile users who access my website (iPhone Users). - Add mobile/tablet image alighnment to shopify store -- 2 Add on a Couponic site - add modification to my dating website Add Modification to my Existing Wordpress Site - add module in oscommerce and make it work Add module in phpBB - add module to php website Add module to PHPnuke Site! - Add modules to existing application and revamping the architecture Add modules to existing phonegap application - add moneybookers as payment option to java gae paypal interface Add moneybookers as payment system to youfiverr - Add more animation and texture on blender file 3D Modelling Add more APIs - Add more content Add more content (free public restrooms) to my database - add more feature on a php script Add more feature to a web you've make for me before - add more features to already developed tool Add more features to an android app and web admin - Add more fields in the HTML/PHP form add more fields in the php admin from a flash site - Add more functionality to a project Add more functionality to an existing Rails App - Add More Game Descriptions To My Site Add More HD Space and Fix Sql Error - Add More Pages to Exisiting Wordpress Based CMS Website Add more pages to existing website - Add more Search functions on my site Add more searched sites for Torrent Site - Add more trading pairs to BitcoinBeeper Add more traffic to my FB Page - Add motion to a few simple compositions Add motion to propellers as per our conversation. - Add moving Images to the website & linking HMTL pages together to get a link Add Mower product line to Wordpress site for website - add mpn to website Add MQTT/HTTP client to STM32F4 Discovery using GPRS - Add multi file fields and progress bar to upload form Add multi file fields and status bar to upload form - Add multi user funtio to script Add multi user funtio to script - open to bidding - Add multilanguage capability to a Wordpress site - WPML + on the fly translation add multilanguage for - Add multiplayer (Online) function for ios Game (Dots & Boxes) - repost Add multiplayer (Online) function for ios Game (Dots & Boxes) - repost - add multiple attachments to my existing php scripts Add Multiple Client Fields to WordPress site (MarketPress and Appointment+ plugins) - Add Multiple Instances to software and change style sheets Add Multiple Instances to software and change style sheets (1708232) - Add multiple products with custom options in one click Add multiple row option on FlexSlider - Add music and edit an audio with voice (relaxing-meditation one) Add music and sound effects - Add Music to 3D Animation video. Add music to a go pro video - Add Music to PowerPoint Add Music to PowerPoint(repost) - Add my address in a google format if possible Add my admob to android app game and little graphic modification - Add my business to local directories in London online Add my client's to directories, social media and more - Add my form code in an existing lander (Urgent) add my friend to my groups - Add my menu items to square point of sale system (1 hour of work most likely) Add my Mobile apps to website for download - Add my product to google shopping Add My Products to - add my site to skroutz Add My Sites To Adwords Editor - add my website to wikipedia articles add my website's header and footer design to new wordpress blog - Add Myspace Friends for Callinds only - Part 4 ADD Myspace Friends in St. Louis, MO - Add name and year company has been acquired Add Name To List of Email - Add Nav Bar to Website Add Nav Menu To A Wordpress Theme - Add need codes to user side field box Add needed for 1 item. - Add new Admob and startapp AD Network integration Add new ads to an existing iOS app - Add new buttons & BM Vehicle Look-up function add new captcha + install flash games - Add new content and arrange content on an existing HTML/PHP landing page website Add New Content to 2 Old Articles and Write 1 New Review Article. - Add New Design and Features to Twitter App ADD New Design and Make Edits - Add new edited text to pre-existing site Add new effect in website - Add new feature in an existing application Swift( in app purchase) Add new feature in an existing application Swift( in app purchase) - Add new feature to an existing IE plugin Add new feature to an existing iOS app - Add new feature to my existing HTML5 Web App (leaflet, smarty based) Add New Feature To My Job Card System - add new features Add new features and bugfixing on our website - Add New Features in Email Template Builder - Part 2 Add New Features in Email Template Builder - Part 3 - Add new features to a Wordpress mobile popup plugin - Easy instructions! Add new features to an already developed NodeBB plugin - add new features to blank WordPress theme -- 3 Add new features to C/Java/html5 project. - repost - Add new features to existing magento Shop Add new features to existing magento website - Add new features to iPhone app for 3D molecule viewing Add new features to jobs website - Add new features to NFC Inventory App Add new features to online system - Add new features to the open source java project. -- 2 Add new features to the open source java project. -- 3 - Add new features to the open source java project. -- 4
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