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Add HTML5 Player to 1 Page - Add human American accent voice into the videos Add human body (kids) to existing solid work 3D Model - Add Hyperlinks to listview - for rajtuhin1 Add Hyperlinks to PDF document - Add iAds to xcode Add IAP and Charttboost at cocos2d-x - Add ICMPv6 to existing project Add Icon to PhoneGap Project and Send APK - add icon to product images in a bigcommerce site add icon to shopify theme - add icons to my site, easy!(repost) add icons to theme via workaround or inserting into font - Add if else statement in a pinterest clone script Add if function to show old price - Prestashop Product List. - Add Image and link to Magento Store Add image and link wot Wordpress site - add image field in customer group prestashop add image field in customer group prestashop -- 2 - add image on image product same size add image on pop up - Add image to Magento product Add image to menu - add image to website in the space on home page Add Image to word press Revo slider to my taste - add images Add images and shortcode to article - Add images and prices for hire section of website Add images and text to CMS - add images into my website into the correct listings -- 3 add images into my website into the correct listings -- 4 - Add images to asp site add images to banner - Add images to invoice OSCommerce Add images to joomla articles - Add images to Sales Report in WP eCommerce Add images to site - Add Images to Woo commerce items Add images to WooCommerce Products - Add improvements to the Hotel web app. Add improves to iPhone App - Add in another language to existing website Add In App Chat option to existing iphone and Android mobile app - Add in C# for excell Add in different words to animation & copy in new voiceover (PINGPRO) - Add in geolocation to my Shopify store Add in Google Post Code search into wordpress - add in the CMS an "upload image" option to be displayed in the website Add in theme or make a plugin for Transfer - Add in-app purchase feature to an existing iOS App Add In-App Purchase Options onto A Developed Emoji App - Add IN-APP PURCHASES to my app Add In-App Purchases to PhoneGap App Build - Add inc. vat after price Add Incl. of tax as per attachments in magento website - Add indicator filter to EA Add Indicator filter to EA: NEED FAST - Add infinite scroll to custom wordpress site Add infinite scroll to existing WordPress categorypost-widget - Add info from spreadsheet1 to spreadsheet2 (2) Add info from text document to html document. - Add information from 100 properties info from old sites into new sites Add Information from 220 Business Cards to Google Address Book - add information to website ADD INFORMATION TO WEBSITE AMA - Add Inserts to Samples Template Add Inset Border to clickable thumbnails - Add Instagram logo and link / Make contact details dynamic to existing website ADD INSTAGRAM LOGO AND LINK TO WEBSITE - Add Interactive DIV layers to a Dynamic Flash website Add interactive feature to website - Add interior and exterior to existing images Add interiors to a 3D house model - Add internet radio extention to add interRapidSSL Intermediate CAs - Add intro to podcast MP3 file Add Intro/Outro To Audio File - Add Invite Function To Already Existing App Add Invoice and Check-in/out to MS Access Equipment Rental Access Template - Add iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support to existing app Q Add iOS and Android tablet touch functionality to an existing HTML5 web application - Add IP Timer function on my website! Add IP to country database to my advertisement script - add iPhone app function - 09/05/2017 06:48 EDT Add iPhone compatible pages to existing PHP website. - Add IPv6 Next Header to Java Program Add IPv6 to WHM and cPanel. Also use the IPv6 on powermta - Add item to drupal menu Add item to Etsy - add items to an exsiting project Add Items to Array, send email. - Add items to online store Add items to online store -- 2 - Add items to Top Bar (wordpress) Add items to website - Add Jasper Reports and LDAP authentification to Spring Security to an existing Spring Roo project Add Jasper Reports and Spring Security with LDAP authentification to an existing Spring Roo project - Add Javascript Behavior to Flash Buttons Add javascript booking widget to resort website - add Javascript image hover zoom / flyout zoom effect to php site - repost Add JavaScript interaction - Add JavaScript to my HTML code and some minor features Add Javascript to our Flash Player - Add jfreechart graphs to data from csv, Json and xml Add Jingle chan to asterisk2billing - Add Jomsocial Groups Custom fields Add Jomsocial Groups Custom fields - repost - Add Joomla Single-Sign-On (SSO) into WebZash add joomla site login to chat - Add jquery ajax to forms and update database tables Add jquery analog clocks to webpage - Add jQuery File Upload to my existing PHP Video Upload script - With Chunk support Add Jquery form to a webpage + some cosmetic changes - Add jQuery popup on Shopify theme Add jQuery popup on Shopify theme - Add JQuery to form Add JQuery to keep track of multi-selected checkboxes in css popup panel - Add JS and PHP validations to AjaxCRUD add js animation after that upload to wordpress (good comments) - Add judges directory to my site Add just 1 Page for me to site. Bids should be no more then $30 - Add Keyword & Notify Post Titles Add Keyword Density to Articles - add keywords to my website add keywords to web articles for search engine optimization - Add Label to Site Origin Page Builder Add label to the empty bottle ASAP - Add language and more improvments Add Language Declaration to Website HTML / PHP Pages (CMS) - Add Language to Joomla websie Add language to Software - add languge to website ADD LAPTOP SCREEN DATA TO A WORDPRESS WEBSITE - Add Launch/Navigation Header Images and QR Scanner to Existing IOS/Androids App Templates Add Launcher Icons to App and Remove Android Figure from Screens - Add lazy load to my wordpress Add Lazy Loader option to an existing WP slide - Add leaderboard to Wordpress design Add left and right arrows to slideshow - Add levels to ios game add libs to my app - Add light box to image slider Add Light Box To Website and Upload To Server - Add lightbox to Creloaded 6.3 Add lightbox to Creloaded 6.3 Pro - Add like button and fans to our Facebook page. Add Like button in my website - Add limits to existing EA
Add Limousine Booking & Payment - add link exchange to sites add link fields give name to field when add products and show that fields in invoice - add link to html website Add link to Joomla footer - Add link to wordpress table / Formidable Pro Add Link, Remove Files - Add linkes on my website Add linkes on my website - ongoing work - Add links to 100 nasty recipes to my site Add links to a section of my site and fix bug - Add links to message boards and blogs Add links to my directory - Add Links to sites (small job) Add Links to Spanish PDF - Add list of posts with given label to a blogger hosted site Add list of posts with given label to a blogger hosted site(repost) - Add listings eCommerce website add listings for 120 night clubs into web directory - Add listings to my website -- 3 Add listings to my website -- 4 - Add live chat to my website Add Live chat to wordpress site today - Add live streaming to existing media distribution website. Ongoing needs for site enhancement, Add live streaming to my website - add LLVM/Clang support add LLVM/Clang support - repost - Add Local Pickup Shipping Option Add Local SMS API to woocommerce in wordpress - Add locations for audio, video and automation. Rough drawing will be provided with example. AV Documentation. Add Locations page to Website - Add logic to a script Add logic to a script -- 2 - Add logical test Add Login and bug fix to ringtone app website - Add login functionality and form to email Add Login Functionality to MVC Application - Add login to script Add Login To Steam through My Wordpress Blog - Add Login with Google to Unity3d game Add login, register, logout to ionic app based on mysql database - Add logo and G+ badge to JA Wall template Add logo and images to cms system. I have tpl file to add images - Add logo on a Joomla site Add logo on car image and make it look realistic - Add logo to flash project Add logo to Flash site (WA) - Add Logo to mobile responsive version of site add logo to mobile version of website - Add logo to spinning record Add logo to stock image photos - Add logo tye to Vault logo Add logo watermarks and some dynamic text to images for website - Add Logos to Add long path support to existing c++ programm - Add MA strategy to existing EA to make work together Add Mac OS X 64bit Support to libvidcap - Add Magento Handling Charge To Specific Customer Group add magento option - Add Mail exception handling feature add mail function - Add mailchimp signup form Add MailChimp signup form to mywebsite - Add manifest to resource file Add manipulation graphs to existing PERL project - Add map and Make Sub manu very quickly - Joomla 2.5 Add Map location and new contact details to our website - Add markers to existing google map using json data source. Add markers to google map using json data source. - Add mass Child vb Add Mass content for Joomla website - Add maven and Tycho to tiny Eclipse RCP Application Add max_execution_time = 60 to PHP.INI - Add me 500 facebook friends Add me 500 facebook friends - Add me in to other photos - Repost - open to bidding Add Me Into Photographs | Substitite People In Photo - Add Media icons onto listing picture in Flynax (Flynax Custmization) Add media page to web site - Add member stats + install newsletter script Add members area to existing website - Add membership feature to Wordpress website Add Membership features to BuddyPress Site - add Memberships system and payment method to free script Add Memebership Module - Add Menu Data to Website - Repost - open to bidding add menu footer to my website - Add menu to existing program - Delphi Add menu to existing program - Delphi - repost - add message system Add messaging feature to existing android app - Add Meta Tags to existing website SEO Add Meta Tags to my PHP site and make sure all links are working fine - Add metatags, title and SEO friendly urls to exited script Add method of payment for Magento - add microformats to site Add microPDF417 to quaggaJS - Add Misc contributions to OScommerce Add missing "Discount Amount" into Admin "Add new order" - Add Miva Shopping Cart Functions Add mixpanel tracking event into my Django project template - Add mobile gestures to image instance Add Mobile Landing Page Image to Our Website - Add mobile responsive support to an existing webpage Add mobile responsive website to existing website - add mod_pagespeed to a Bluehost WHM Add Mod_Rewrite to foum - Add modifications to an already existing app - 06/12/2016 16:23 EST Add Modifications to android and ios app - Add module in phpBB Add module into a component - Add module to PHPnuke Site! Add module to shopping cart and other features - add modules to existing websites Add Modules to Home Page + Some minor Modifications to Home Page, then Convert Site to Responsive - Add Moneybookers to my eCommerce site Add moneybookers to the site - add more balance Add more basic charts to simple JavaScript that already creates charts using CanvasJS parsed from a CSV using Papaparse - Add more content on the videos on my website with my keywords! . Add more content on the videos on my website with my keywords!! - Add More Feature To An Existing Plugin add more feature to current task - Add more features to an android app and web admin -- 3 Add more features to an Android App - add more fields in the php admin from a flash site Add more fields to a Prestashop SQL Query - Add more functionality to existing WordPress CMS website (WorldPay/PayPal integration) Add more functionality to my dating website - Add More Images to Site Add More Info Button on Prestashop Website Short Description - Add more pages to exsisting website Add more payment methods to 2 websites - add more share bottoms to pages and put an email subscription box add more storage to aws website - Add more user roles with permissions on visichat platform add more websites to multiscraper for opencart - Add mouse wheel support to a VB6 UserControl add mouseover text for 1 image - add mp3 download feature for youtubify script that uses youtube api Add MP3 Files To Page - add msn contacts Add MSN Contacts to Accounts - Add multi language support for Node.js Applications page views. Add Multi Language to English Joomla 3.0 website - Add multi threading to existing python code