Directorio de proyectos : Add fields to online form submission (The budget is a placeholder) - add invoice print functionality to existing windows forms application c#

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Add fields to online form submission (The budget is a placeholder) - Add fields to vb6 screen and to sql database and generate report Add fields to web form and change sendmail - Add File repository (library) to website Add file search to existing project - Add file upload progress bar and file uploaded messages to custom file upload/manager program - david ADD FILE UPLOAD SCRIPT TO WEBSITE - Add file/transfer function to my networking class in VB add filemanager to codeigniter 2.2. CI DB Session/filemanger integration - Add Filter bar for my Wordpress post categories Add filter bar to page templates - Add filter to MS Excel file Add filter to my BBMACD MT4(MQL) trading indicator - Add filters to certain Images Add Filters to Embed code - Add Finishing Touches to Website Draft Add finnancial part in website - Add First Data Donation page Add First Data Merchant Service to our virtuemart cart. - Add fixes to content recommendations widget Add fixes to content recommendations widget - 2 - Add Flash Animation to a Header Add Flash animation to Drupal homepage - Add flash effects to image Add Flash Effects to Video - Add flash preloader to existing swf Add Flash Presentation to ASP Homepage - add flash video editor like in powtoon to joomla hwdmediashare component Add flash video page with scroll bar playlist - Add floating banner with countdown to bottom of site Add floating call me button to my 1 page parallax Avada Theme word press website - Add Flurry to our iOS app Add Flurry, Admob & Rating functionality to Titanium app - Add followers to a Google plus page Add followers to my facebook page - Add font to landing page Add font types, font colours, logos, my profile, website links, photo to a purchased Real Estate website - Add footer navigation in wordpress theme Add Footer row in RDLC report - Add Form Cookies to Codeigniter Form Add Form Cookies to Codeigniter Form - ongoing work - add form security Add form submission to live chat - Add Form to PDF using JS Library Add form to PHP site - Add formfield to (2) 1 PDF documents. add forms and make some changes in SQL database - Add forms to wordpress Add forms to Wordpress site - Add forum member tagging functionality Add forum software to a website - Add forum, restricted login, and customized scheduler plugin functionality to Wordpress site add forums - Add free HTML5 player to the bottom, create current song shoutcast widget and child theme all for WordPress Add free listings to 13 x websites - Add Friend and Private Messaging Script - repost Add friend function for chat system - Add friends on Facebook Group (Only Pakistan) Add Friends on my youtube account! - Add friends to MySpace account add friends to myspace account - Add front end features to Web Application built in Javascript Teechart Library Add front-end Search and Sort functionality to existing PHP pages - Add full name to members profile page Add full page ADMOB adverts to an android/iphone application - Add Fulltext Search And Photo Upload option for Apartment Site Add fullwidth template to wordpress - 2 - ADD FUNCTION CHECK USERS Add function for a open source web system - Add function on android project, harcode to dynamic and small mod Add function on my Existing Android app - Add function to CCGV(trad), OSCommerce Add function to custom login/logout script - add function to my plugin Add function to my shopping card - Add Function to VC++ DLL + Debug Project. add function to woocommerce - add functionalities to an existent project Add functionalities to an existing Appcelerator project - Add functionalities to website reservation system Add functionalities to Wordpress Plugin - Add functionality and fix small issues + design Add functionality and make changes to existing database - Add functionality in website Add Functionality in Wordpress Website - Add functionality to a phonegap app Add functionality to a school management system - Add functionality to a Wordpress Website Add functionality to a Wordpress website - Add functionality to an existing driectory Add functionality to an existing HTML/CSS/Javascript page - Add Functionality to Custom AJAX Map Script add functionality to custom iOS library (display image from server) - Add Functionality to Existing Art Website Add functionality to existing ASP .Net - Repost - Add functionality to Existing iOS application Add functionality to existing iPhone User Interface - Comparison App - Add functionality to existing website Add functionality to existing website - add functionality to javascript popup Add functionality to jMirc (java) to run on blackberry 9000 bold - Add functionality to member area Add functionality to MQ4 indicator - Add Functionality to our Deals Hong Kong Android App Add Functionality To Our Wordpress Website - add functionality to share on facebook and twitter from a web app Add functionality to SHOPIFY P.O.S APP- SHOPIFY P.O.S APP ONLY(AN APP In STORE FROM SHOPIFY) - Add Functionality to Website Add functionality to Website - Add Functionality to Wordpress Site Add Functionality to Wordpress Site - Add functionallity to Admin side of PHP Website Add functionallity to iphone app - add functions as discussed Add functions for a painting shop (osC) - add functions to a ajax table Add functions to a online logo maker - Add functions to an existing project Add functions to an existing project 2 - Add functions to existing iOS webview app Add functions to existing mobile app game design - Add functions to my osCommerce site Add Functions to my Website - Add functions to program Add functions to project. Requires mysql programming, js, java, html5 - Add Functions to Wordpress Site Add Functions to Wordpress Site - add funds to add funds to many WHMCS clients at once - Add Future PHP Online soft Add Future PHP Online soft 2 - add gallery add gallery - ongoing work - Add Gallery to Oscommerce Website Add gallery to website - add games on website add Games on website with unique Description - Add GCSE bar to site Add GD library to server - Add Geo-location data to WordPress MU SiteMap Plugin Add geo-location feature in iOS Swift Project - Add German and French translation for just 5 words in a basic theme. Add German celebrities to our database - Add gGogle Cptcha in Wordpress Add Gif Animation to Jpg file - Add gifting opinion to app Add gifts to my website - Add glowing effect to logo Add glowing effect to logo - repost - Add google adds to my wordpress website
Add Google Admob and scale game to fit any screen - Add Google Adsense code script to my WordPress website Add google adsense code to a mobile website - Add google adwords code to magento site successful checkout Add Google Adwords conversion and goals to my opencart - add google analytics ajax calls to a single page ajax app. Add Google Analytics and 3 Indiviual Blogs - Add Google Analytics Code to website Add Google Analytics Code to website - repost - Add Google Analytics to 3 web pages Add Google Analytics to 5 page website - Add Google Analytics to my site add google analytics to my website - ADD GOOGLE API ON STORE LOCATOR Add google api to my app - Add Google Checkout and Google Base to Zencart Add Google Checkout Button to RSS Feed - Add google dynamic remarketing tag to magento Add google dynamic remarketing to magento - Add google Images search as vBulletin Attachment ,, PLEASE READ BEFORE BID Add google invisible recaptcha to a website - Add Google Map to HTML page add google map to website - Add Google merchant categories to 800 Shopify products Add google mpas to ionic 2 in ion-segment - Add Google Play Services Leaderboard Submit Score (plugin already installed) add google plus circles - Add Google Screenshot to PNG Edit Save Add Google Script using Drupal - Add google tracking code to 3 of my websites Add Google Tracking Code to X-cart - Add Google Webmaster & Analytics to wordpress site Add google website translator - Add GPS coordinates to the site record for Google Maps Add gps feature to an existent android app - add graph to BT serial port android application Add graph to existing iPhone application - Add Graphical Touch to Document Add Graphics to my Content for ONE Backlink to be shared (SEO) - Add graphics to vBulletien template or skin we have up and running - Repost Add graphics to video i.e company name, logo etc for the first 15 seconds - add grid system to Forex EA Add Grid to Existing ExtJS Form / TabPanel - Add Grouping to Multi-Select drop down boxes Add Groups page to site. - add gujarati language in ionic 1 Add H.264 support to linux/windows openwengo - Add HDR camera capture to TapPainter Add header and background image to myspace band site - Add header to php script Add header to Wordpress blog (PSD to JPG) - Add heatmap data from Add Hebrew font to my theme - Add high quality pepsi bottle image into design add high related pr links for my website - Add Hoc Chnages to web SIte Add hoc edits for website as discussed - Add hosting companies to my directory add hosting company - Add Hours and Delete G.O. announcement Add Houzz Icon and link and fix footer CSS on social Icons - Add HTML and CSS code Add html buttons to my opencart website - Add html glossary to Joomla Page Add HTML input panel to opencart website. - Add HTML structure to Wordpress project Add HTML Syntax Highlighting to UITextView - Add html to text file Add HTML to webpage - Add https header with SQUID server Add https to Wordpress website - Add hyperlinks to 3 buttons Add hyperlinks to book - Add iAd to iPhone app Add iAd to my existing iPhone App and upload to App Store. - Add ICEcat XML data to NopCommerce shopping cart Add iCloud functionality to existing iOS App - Add icon on charity listed items only Add icon to a dropdown list - Add icons and legends to search results Add icons in a JFXPanel and ScrollPane - Add IDX Real Estate Feed to a Business Catalyst Website Add IDX Search Form Widget to Home Page - Add Illustration to an image Add illustration to an image - Add image compression to my png imagemagick script Add Image Crop/Resize feature to my website - Add image in website Add image Instead of Embed Code - add image to 2 landing page + psd to html landing page add image to animated GIF - Add image to site Add image to site(repost) - ADD image upload capability to existing form and validate the field. Add Image Upload Feature to Existing Website (lensc) - Add images and categorie to 3460 products in Prestashop Add images and Color Text on Wordpress site - Add images from one website to another Add images in a template I already have - Add images slider and save as a copy button for aticle using seeblod in Joomla -- 2 Add images text to joomla site - Add images to blogs Add Images to Blogs-2 - Add images to MS Access form Add Images to my food Items takeaway online shop - Add Images to Template, Then add to PHPList Add images to tiltviewer .swf file - Add Images to Worpress Posts Add Images with a short description - Add in animation to a pre-recorded video on i-phone for social media identity Add in webview app source - Add in app payment to an iPhone/Android application add in app purchase function within exiting android app. - add in chatt app record and send sound Add in different words to animation & copy in new voiceover (PINGPRO) - Add in geolocation to my Shopify store Add in Google Post Code search into wordpress - add in the CMS an "upload image" option to be displayed in the website Add in theme or make a plugin for Transfer - Add in-app purchase feature to an existing iOS App Add In-App Purchase Options onto A Developed Emoji App - Add IN-APP PURCHASES to my app Add In-App Purchases to PhoneGap App Build - Add Incl. of tax as per attachments in magento website Add include to webpages - Add Indicator filter to EA: NEED FAST Add indicator for filtering trades - Add infinite scroll to existing WordPress categorypost-widget Add infinite scroll to my homepage tabs - Add info from text document to html document. Add info into my WIX site - Add Information from 220 Business Cards to Google Address Book Add information from 58 business card to Google Address book - ADD INFORMATION TO WEBSITE AMA ADD INFORMATION TO WEBSITE AMA - Add Inset Border to clickable thumbnails Add Inset Border to dynamic thumbnails - Add Instagram logo and link / Make contact details dynamic to existing website ADD INSTAGRAM LOGO AND LINK TO WEBSITE - Add Interactive DIV layers on a Dynamic Flash website Add Interactive DIV layers to a Dynamic Flash website - Add interface between website and Parse database via API Add interior and exterior to existing images - Add internet radio extension to Add internet radio extention to - add intro screens and facebook twitter login to ios app - Part 1 Add intro to podcast MP3 file - Add Invite Friends to my Facebook app Add Invite Function To Already Existing App - add invoice print functionality to existing windows forms application c#