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Add a shopping cart to a phpbb forum - ongoing work - Add a sign in with Linkedin verificiation feature to my PHP website add a sign up button on my page - add a simple captcha copde to a website - repost Add a Simple cart to our Website - add a simple flash presenter to a zen cart store Add a simple form after a Paypal buy now button is clicked - Add a simple new Sentence to E-commerce Form Add a simple news posting system to an already-existing static bootstrap website. - Add a single page to my Website Add a single pair recovery strategy to a multi-pair expert advisor - Add a slider to my website theme homepage Add a slider to my Wordpress Homepage - Add a small feature to an existing free CMS script. Add a small feature to an existing php web development application - Add A Social Button to Volusion Website Add a Social Media Feed and a News Feed to a Website - Add a Sponsor ''Banner'' to a vBulletin Message Board Add a squeeze page to a current small web site - Add a Store to Joomla Website add a store to magento. secure the site add a form - Add a Surveillance feature to our existing directshow video capture application Add a Surveillance feature to our existing directshow video capture application-2 - Add a tab on productpage off my magento webshop - open to bidding Add a tab to a page on website - Add a tell a friend email link to web site Add A Template To Articles - Add a textbox in form for add/update in existing Add a textbox in form for add/update in existing - Add a toggle feature for captions to images Add a toggle to threaded comments in wordpress - Add a translation tool the the website Add a transparent human torso to a Maya 3D Human Spine - Add a unique image overlay to every listing for the WordPress template, change button color, remove link from the menu Add a unique image overlay to every listing for the WordPress template, change button color, remove link from the menu -- 2 - Add a user registration to my web app. add a user to a php script - add a video player to my site add a video popup for the site. - Add a video to wordpress site add a video up load to my wordpress website - Add a web page linked to SQL 2008 to project based on the Beer Store Add A Web Page to Existing Website - Add a Webview Window to a existent iOS App Add a weight tracker to GETOFFYOURAPP + New Design - add a widget to a website add a widget to existing page - Add a word into my logo, using the same (unknown) font Add a word into my logo, using the same font - Add a Wordpress CMS to existing HTML site Add a Wordpress Contact Form 7 forwarder to an existing form - Add a yelp clone user profile Add a YouTube API Feature - Add ability to display previously purchased products to osc Add ability to downgrade video quality - Add about 10 relevant royalty-free stock images to a 40 page document on autism Add about 1000 products to wordpress - Add access to items from a breezing form record to woocommerce order details (backend screen) add accommodation - add accout in FX7Days forex field Add Accurate listing in Site - Data Entry - Add Actionscript 2.0 features to Existing Site Add actionscript to existing flash - add ad mob to our app Add Ad SDK to Android app in 1 day - Add Additional Adsense code to pages on website/picture Add additional alerts - Add additional email address recipient for forms created using Nforms php form builder Add Additional Email Function to ASP Site - Add additional features to Gridview Add additional features to Gridview -- 2 - Add additional filters/buttons to Excel Dashboard Add additional floors to a 3D Building Animation - Add additional functionality to Wordpress site (WP Job Manager) (PHP GD) Add additional functionality to wordpress website - add additional method in a program (objective C) Add additional modules to an existing PERL code - Add additional photos to a simple photo gallery Add additional Plesk 12 interface port (https port) - add additional title to a movie database Add additonal features to an existing C++ program - Add aditional features on an existing app Add aditional features to a basic app that displays hex - Add Admin Panel to server side of Mobile iphone / android app Add admin platform to HTML website for adding offers - Add AdMob and then upload to Android Market 100 apks Add admob banner and interstital - Add Admob Interstitial in a few apps Add Admob Interstitial in a few apps - Add admobs ad unit to source code Add Ads Admob - add ads to existing ios App Add ads to existing iphone app - Add Adsense Code and FTP to New Site Add Adsense Code And Google Analytic - Add Adsense to Thesis WP Site add adsense to wordpress - add advanced search option to script Add advanced search to left column of magento site - Add advertising column and pull down menu to Invision forums Add advertising SDK (supersonic & nativeX) for Unity3D game - Add AES encryption to MySQL database on website (for sybian phone app) Add AFC Form to Frontend - Add Affiliate Links to Existing Website Add affiliate links to HTML template in iDevAffiliate - Add Affilinet traking to prestashop Add Affix and Scrollspy Functionality to Multiple Navigation Elements - Add Airline Frequent Flyer number Add AirPlay icon on volume bar - iOS radio app - Add AJAX Contact Form to Website Add Ajax Drag-and-Drop Cart Feature to ASP 3.0 Cart - Add ajax or jquery functionality to existing photo gallery Add Ajax Poller to Existing Site - Add Ajax Updater/Poller to an existing site Add AJAX-Request on Kendo UI form - Add Alert and Confirm to webview of Android App Add alert message to Android Quiz app - add alertpay and google checkout payment options Add AlertPay Payment Processor to vBulletin 4.x - Add all data in from the website into my website one by one Add all data in from the website into my website one by one -- 2 - Add also folder column in send Add Alt and Title Text - Add Amazon Checkout to Existing iOS & Android App Add Amazon Checkout to Existing iOS & Android App -- 2 - Add Amazon S3 Uploader/Downloader to existing Swift Project Add Amazon s3 Video streaming to exsiting app - Add an accordion to our website Add an activity (use gps to track running distance,speed..) - Add an advertising page with slideshow banner to an existing web application. Plus some other minor work (see doc) Add an Affiliate program to a osCommerce site - Add an app to my shopify store Add an Arabic option to an established opencart shop - Add an easily editable gallery to my BigCommerce website Add an easy photo contest on my facebook businesspage - Add an Email Subscriber ListServ system to my Wordpress website -- 2 Add an Embed Video Source Code to my user accounts - Add an extra attribute to display a number in each row/ products column in Magento Add an Extra Cell, properly aligned, to WPF DataGrid - Add an icon onto Wordpress Menu and Drop Down Menu Add an icon to a Wordpress homepage - add an image to 55 wordpress words Add an image to a SWF animation - Add an intro with our logo and contact info to an 80mb .mov file and compress for web upload Add an IP blocklist/allowlist to my AWS hosted PHPMYADMIN database/website - Add an online store add an Online Store - Add an option to enter coupon code in checkout - open to bidding
Add an option to the Woocommerce Backend - Add an Text box attribute to Prestashop add an Text input attribute to Prestashop - Add Analytics code to drupal website add analytics event tracking to Contact form 7 submitted successfully. - Add and configure a plugin Add and configure custom filter module to existing Virtuamart web shop - add and delete images and video in magento home page Add and delete things to my exisiting site. FAST - Add and Fix features in Silverlight Program(repost) (1687764) Add and fix functionality on PHP/MySQL/JQuery website - Add and refine search functions to an existing page that searches in our documents table add and remove a element on website - add and set up shopping cart Add and set up wix hotels to my wix website - Add and verify a site on google webmaster tools. Add Andriod - in APP purchase option - Add animated gif support to PHP Project ResourceSpace Add Animated Glitter Images to Photos and Pictures Script for my Website - Add Animation to Static Image Add animation to title screen - Add another 1000 Products to Existing Magento Add another 200 followers to our account - Add another name to my business card template Add another option to WP theme in the back end and display in the front end - Add Another Two Menu Items Too My Site Add another wordpress into existing wp db - ADD API FOR MY WEB add api from chinavasion to my zen cart program / emagic manager - ADD API to my web Add API to order management system - Add Apple Pay To Website & Test Android Pay On Website Add appliances to empty kitchen jpeg - Add appropriate Gallery to Wordpress Add Approval Button to C# .net website - Add Arabic Language to Shopify Add Arabic Language to website - Add area to application add area upload pictures and create folders in a php gallery - Add Arrows to a Calendar Add Arrows to Twitter Bootstrap Accordion - Add articles to WordPress and SEO them! Add articles to wordpress from InDesign Files - Add ASP or Script code to existing webpage. Add ASP Template to Full XML - Add attach photo and recording to group chat in Conversation App -- 3 Add attachement file to wp_mail (Wordpress) - Add attribute drop down to magento category page Add attribute for shipping - Add auction facility to existing classified advertising site Add auction feature to existing wordpress e-commerce website - Add audio function for AVS Video Script Smarty PHP Add Audio function to Existing Windows App - Add audio to 9 (1 hour) video clips Add audio to a mov file - Add Augmented Reality to an existing app Add Australia Post Shipping Calculator to my site - Add authentication to little webserver Add authentication to RSS template - ADD AUTHORIZE.NET on weebly platform Add payment gateway to my platform - add auto focus feature to directshow video capture application Add auto instant auto delivery to my website - Add Auto-Resume to Cocoa FTP App Add Auto-Stop Function to Flash MP3 Player(repost) - Add automated process to a contact or account in Microsoft Business Contact Manager Add Automatic calling to our script - Add automation script to a PDF document, then repeat the process for all documents in same folder Add Autorenew Option to Admin Panel for Roommates Site - Add AVReloaded playlist feature to 2.5 component Add AVReloaded playlist features to 2.5 component - Add AWStats to website Add Azure Push Notification to IOS App - Add backdrop and shapes support to scatter plot - ongoing work Add backend database support to my Muse built website - Add background design and metatags to Volusion website template add background image - Add background music Add background music - Add background to photos - open to bidding Add background to wordpress site - Add balance on my panel add balance to panel .. socialmediatemple - add banner and some scrifts to my ecommerce+home page Add Banner and Video to WP Theme Header - add banner to magento, fix site speed add banner to php page - Add Banners to 9 Wordpress Sites Add banners to an existing website coded with PHP. - Add Barclaycard EPDQ installation for second website by jump page. Add barclays ePDQ to existing website - Add Basic Chord Accompaniment Notation To Gregorian Chant Add Basic Chord Accompaniment Notation To Gregorian Chant 2 - add basket cart to header Add basketball courts to Illustrator map - Add Best Value to large boxes Add beta to logo - Add Bing ads coupon tp my account Add bing map web page to existing web site - Add bitcoin payment to my Wordpress site add bitcoin payment to our cms website - Add bleed to existing PSD add bleed to my Business Cards - Add blog articles & make some blog setup tasks(repost) add blog column to site by wordpress - Add blog headlines and links to website Add blog images to mailchimp newsletters - Add Blog to 2x Wordpress Websites Add blog to a wordpress website - add blog to magento site add blog to magento website - Add Blog to website Add Blog to website - Add blue sky to my images Add blue text box to existing HTML - Add boat search to existing site Add Bocce Court Image to 2 Yard Photos - Add booking tab to my homepage on child theme for wordpress add booking to theme - Add Bootstrap less variables into Redux Framework (Bulk/PHP) Add Bootstrap to 3-5 HTML pages - Add BP Group Hierarchy to Custom Buddypress Theme add br to php script - add browse buttons in addition to texboxes for html upload Add Browse feature to Able Dating - Add Bullet effect on Video Add bullet points to product description - Add Business Locations using Google Map Maker Add Business logo, description, video from admin area in website - Add Button and underlying script to Google Docs Spreadsheet Add button cart (multiple items) Prestashop - Add Button On Site Simple 5 Min Job Add button on Umbraco cms - Add button to my classifieds site. Add Button to our website Header - Add buttons to an excel sheet add buttons to existing rotating banner - Add Buying features to the existing website (PHP) - repost add buysellads function to my website. - add calculation formula for trading in a software c # Add calculation script to a static HTML/CSS page with fields. - Add Calendar to User Area Add calendar to Woocommerce Appointments plugin - PHP and Wordpress - Add CALPRESS to existing AJAX WP "Responsive" Site plus more Add Camer/Video Upload to Webview based Android App - Add Canasta, Pinochle, and Rummy to Game