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Adaptations in osCommerce shop - Adapter board Adapter board For LCD - Adapter trois extensions joomla de eCommerce Adapter un logiciel linux vers windows ou android - Adapting a basic interactive map(repost) Adapting a directory WP theme - mainly CSS + some development - adapting coding to new skin + upgrades Adapting ConsoleCubic spline to new computer. - Adapting of couponic script: Adding new data export tool Adapting of existing 1 PSD-file (not creating); Ongoing Project - Adapting store to Joomla and Virtuemart Adapting tablet design to phone design - Adaption of an Algorithm Adaption of module (community surveys) - Adaption Online designer to Veyton Adaption Online designer to xt:commerce Veyton CE 4.0.14 - ADAPTIVE CHANNEL EQUALIZATION (MATLAB SIMULINK NOT IN CODING) Adaptive channel equalization using NLMS & Variable step size NLMS algorithms using Simulink - Adaptive elearning platform Adaptive Energy Efficient MAC protocol - Adaptive menu design based on Bilinear transformation(on mouse over) Adaptive Mobile Optimised Website Site Creation from Current Website - Adaptive Payments Adaptive Payments by ​PayPal - adaptive product illustration Adaptive Quiz - Adara Africa Online store adas website - Adatbevitel táblázatba Adatbevitel táblázatba - adaugare de continut pe siteul meu joomla experti din romania Adaugare formule de calcul in site php - AdBar AdBasedSite - Adblock plus extension - Internet Explorer- repost Adblock plus extension - Opera - Adboe Illustrator CS2 in Arabic AdBoni Passives Einkommen - adbrite clone Adbrite clone (php) - clone website in asp Adbuilder system - ADC Phone Scraper ADC Project - AdCenter eBook Adcenter PPC Expert - Adcopy for product Adcopy for Trade Magazine - Add a character to Fonts add a little TM to the logo you designed and resend the files - Add Flash Effects To Existing HTML Site Add form validation to web page - add libary folder to html5 editor Add Lime green to text of new logo - Add resize before upload to 'wp_handle_upload_prefilter' Add selected images to Ajax search results - Add "Accessories" and "Parts" Tab to Magento Product Page & Admin Panel Add "add to cart" button Shop Cat Page - Add "Document Read" module to OrangeHRM Add "Edit layers" functionality to Leaflet map on Drupal site (similar functionality as on GEOJSON.IO site) - Add "messaging capabilities" to my Android application. - repost Add "momentum indicators" to my TOS - Add "Round Robin" functionality to back end CRM Add "Save as Image" function to this jsfiddle file - Add "upload attachments" to current accounting system Add "upload file" script to event espresso register form - Add % markup to column in .csv file(repost) add % of completed job to app - Add & Subtract Input Values with Javascript Add & Edit products - Add "don't publish" tick to my facebook app Add "Earn Point System" to my video upload website - Add "MySpace" like features to PHPBB Profile Add "MySpace" type Social Networking Profile to PHPBB Forums - Add ''buy 3, get 1 free'' deal to OSCommerce installation Add ''ccbill'' gateway to existing website - add ''the daily tip'' text box to my WP blog(repost)(repost) Add ''UrlToOpen'' property to DSOFramer for use in web page - Add 'Create an invoice' to our Big Commerce Site -- 3 Add 'create user' endpoint to public GitHub project - Add 'Read More' Button to product and category descriptions magento job Add 'Speakers' to Website - add (FFMPEG) functionality to php upload script with mysql - Repost - открыт для заявок Add (Google Adsense Toolbar with firefox)To install with my Software. - Add +3000 fans to my Facebook Fan Page add +500 votes - add .gif watermark Add .gifv and .webm support for Wordpress Theme - Add .swf to invision power board header add .txt parsing file - Add / Modify ASP.Net & Devexpress Add / Modify / Delete Script for PHP4 SQLite Database - 3 tables - add 1 feature and 5 fixes to jquery/php/mysql/ajax chat script Add 1 feature for my existing software - Add 1 more page for .aspx add 1 new feature and 8 fixes to php/mysql/jquery/ajax chat room script - Add 1 Paragraph of Text to Flash Site (SLC) Add 1 part CMS & Fix 1 Error of CMS - Add 1 theme to 3 websites, also fix an error message on one site add 1 update and fix 1 bug for website - Add 1,500 Likes to 3 Social Media Sites Add 1,500 Likes to 3 Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). - Add 10 likes and comments for each of our post in 2 days add 10 or 15 port fowards to cisco 2821 router via cisco console - Add 10,000 Bands to my myspace Account. add 10,000 facebook fans for my facebook page - Add 10,000 Real USA Facebook fans for 1 Page #86 Add 10,000 Real USA Facebook fans for 1 Page #92 - Add 100 Demo Products to Magento Add 100 downloads to my article - add 100 postings to existing forum Add 100 posts (copy and paste) to my blog - ongoing work - Add 100 products to my Prestashop Store add 100 products to my shop - Add 100's of products to an opencart website Add 100+ Tv Movies To a already made website - Add 1000 facebook friends Add 1000 Facebook Friends in India to The ShopO Group of India - Add 1000 members to (real users, no fake persons)! Add 1000 members to (real users, no fake persons). - Add 1000 Products to Shopify Add 1000 Products to website. Easy Copy, Paste & Tag job. - Add 1000 twitter followers Add 1000 twitter followers - open to bidding - add 10000 FB website likes for 5$ ADD 10000 FRIENDS - ADD 100k REAL USA Facebook Likes to my fan page ADD 100k REAL USA Facebook Likes to my fan page -- 2 - add 11 features to php chat script urgent 1300 INR Add 11 images to a html/javascript web page gallery - Add 125 products to my site Add 12k Myspace Friends - Add 15 sec video of IOS app preview to landing page! Add 15 t-shirt products and colour variations - add 150 product to a website Add 150 Products in a Joomla Store - Add 160 Products to our Online Store Add 17,000 Facebook USA Fans & 500 Votes For 4 Pages #81 - Add 1k restaurants to my site in a day Add 1k restaurants to my site in a day -- 2 - Add 2 buttons with links to Home screen. correct News link url on home screen add 2 cakephp pages - Add 2 customer group in dropdown on Prestashop registration / checkout page Add 2 d3.js ( Dthreejs ) charts and 2 tables on a Drupal responsive site - add 2 features to a basic programmed game add 2 features to a basic programmed game(repost) - Add 2 functions on this BetFair API-NG Projects
Add 2 functions to existing ASP.NET (VS2005) - Add 2 items to joomla site Add 2 JavaScript features to a WordPress site (via custom.js and functions.php in FTP) - Add 2 More $JobTypes to JobPress Theme Add 2 more features in a WordPress site - Add 2 new modules to pHKondo system Add 2 new pages to existing WordPress site using existing page format - Add 2 pages to an order that look the same style colour and font Add 2 pages to current CMS from PSD - Add 2 screens to public Github project (UI only) Add 2 scrollbars for zoom in / out and rotation of an element (image or text) - modification for an existing Wordpress plugin - Add 2 steps form to a responsive html website add 2 tableadapters to dataset - Add 2 WP Menu Pages to an existing Restaurant Website Add 2 x Modules to OpenCart - Add 20 products into Prestashop Add 20 Products to eBay - Add 20,000 Twitter Followers Per Day Method Wanted Add 20-50 product in my store - Add 200 listings of Australian and NZ craft stores Add 200 new e-books to opencart store - Add 200 Products to Magento Add 200 products to my shopify store from a manufacturer. All Data supplied - Add 200,000 Fan to Facebook Page Add 2000 between two Facebook pages (1550 & 450) - Add 2000 products into a new Prestashop store Add 2000 products manuelly into my magento shop - Add 20k likes to a facebook fan page add 20K more twitter follwer - Add 25 items to Magento Add 25 products into Magento - Add 250 Posts to a Blogger Blog (from another Blog)(repost) add 250 product in woo commerce with details , price, image - Add 2D-3D effect to existing flash logo add 2fa security + google & facebook signup clients account - Add 3 Charts to Excel Macro File Add 3 Colimns to PHP report - Add 3 features to our SMS software Add 3 Features to our SMS system - ADD 3 functions to a working PHP script Add 3 functions to an existing website - add 3 lines of text add 3 links to existing webpage - Add 3 new product categories and pages to Prestashop v1.6 cart checkout -- 2 Add 3 new Schemas to my IOS app's backend - Add 3 Permanent links to Video/Audio related site/Blog..., PR3+ Add 3 plug-ins to my Site - Add 3 WordPress Posts to my homepage (screenshot included) Add 3 words into the Website Heading - Add 30 New Threads a Day (1,500 a month) to Forum Add 30 posts to site *content already has been written for u - Add 300 leads to our list Add 300 leads to our list of music blogs - Add 3000 facebook friends to profile Add 3000 facebook friends to profile - Add 301 redirects to htaccess Add 30k real and genuine users to my social network - Add 3D modelling to existing 3D model Add 3D object into existing DWG drawing - FOLLOW UP WORK available - Add 4 columns in a wordpress theme Add 4 columns in a wordpress theme -- 2 - Add 4 functions to my little php script add 4 images i have to my homepage on wordpress - add 4 pages for existing website add 4 pages to exsisting site - Add 40 blog posts on a site Add 40 new fields to table and 4 php forms - Add 4000 Facebook USA Fans/Likes For 3 Pages #82 Add 4000 Real USA Facebook fans & 500 Likes #132 - Add 449 variable products to my website (Woocommerce) Add 449 variable products to my Woocommerce website - Add 4th Column on Grid View layout, WooCommerce Grid / List toggle Add 4x4 Products to New X-Cart Store - Add 5 lines of code to compiled mac application Add 5 more files to the add and edit item pages - Add 5,000 - 6,000 to my 3DCart Shopping Cart. Add 5,000 Facebook Fans - Add 50 Independent escort On Cms Add 50 Independent escort On Cms -- 2 - Add 50 Products To Woocommerce Site Add 50 simple pages to existing Joomla website - Add 50,000 Real USA Facebook fans for 1 Page #91 Add 50,000 Twitter followers from -arab- without admin access - Add 500 followers to youtube and G+ Add 500 friends per hour to The ShopO Group of Egypt - Add 500 products to an opencart site within 20 hours Add 500 products to an opencart site within 24 hours - Add 500 Youtube Like for My 5 Videos Add 500 Youtube Likes for My 5 Video - Add 5000 Indian Women Targeted Facebook Fans Add 5000 legitimate users to a Facebook Group - Add 50000 Group members in my FB Group Add 50000 Group members in my FB Group - Add 53.250 Facebook fans to multiple fan pages Add 54 drinkware products to Ebay using Inkfrog - add 6 easy web pages and 2 autoreponders add 6 easy web pages and 2 autoreponders(repost) - Add 60 more leads of auto agencies Add 60 products to e-commerce site (VirtueMart) - Add 694 Products to our Amazon Marketplace Add 7 eBay auctions - add 700+ products to our amazon shop Add 7000 ean codes into Magento store - add 8000 youtube subscriptions Add 802.1p Tag VLAN on WRT54G - Add “Collections” functionality to our online prestashop online-shop. Back + Front Office Add ”Mobile Bookmark Bubble” and show fullscreen code to existing - Add \'PDF Export\' to Target Plotting software Add a "PHP File Upload" button to my website - add a "Delete" and "Hide" button for uploaded videos onto Portfolio page. Add a "donate" button to our drupal website - Add a "Remove Ads" IAP to an iOS App Add a "Saved credit card" or "Link paypal" extension to account on website. - Add a ''count'' function to an existing 3D USB pedometer Add a ''did you mean?'' mechanism to Drupal 6 search - add a 1 to a small 800 excel records with phone #'s -- 2 Add a 10 sec music snippet to a flash home page only. - Add a \"function post to\" from an xml to virtuemart 2 shop Add a \"like\" button to website - Add a Auto Post social media Pluggin to my Website add a auto tracking number generator in a website - Add a badge feature to an existing Rails application Add a Badge to App Logo - Add a banner wordpress site Add a bar to the top of a Wordpress website - Add a blog and redirect link to an existing wordpress website add a blog as discussed - Add a blog to my bootstrap/html site Add a blog to my existing website - Add a booking page to my website Add a booking php page to magneto - Add a bunch of textboxes and html (no graphics) to page from a static .jpg. Add a bunch of textboxes and html (no graphics) to page from a static .jpg.(repost) - Add a Button to Flash Add a button to google toolbar - Add a calculator App to Wordpress Home Page Add a calculator to Wix website - Add a CAPTCHA Anti-Spam to existing Wordpress Site Add a Captcha in a simple contact form - Add a cart to an existing website add a case - Add a Chat Box to existing Iphone and Google Play game app Add a Chat Box to website - Add a CIC payment gateway to a wordpress donation plugin Add a Circling Tool to Adobe Acrobat - Add a code to my website Add a collapes (show/hide information) facility in my bootstrap table each row - Add a column on wp theme