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Automated Glaucoma Detection - Automated grabbing infos from a website (2nd project) Automated grabbing infos from a website II - Automated Hospital Management Automated Hospital Management - Automated Human-like Bot Automated Hydroponics Software - Automated import for an auctionhouse -- 2 Automated Import of Distributor Data Feed into OScommerce - Automated Internet FEDEX/UPS account address insertion Automated Internet Marketing - Automated Java based Schedule Clicker Automated java file reader - Automated keyword searcher (google, yahoo and bing) Automated Kickoff of Flash Program in Facebook - automated light switch socket automated light switch socket - open to bidding - Automated Linux command to cast vote Automated Linux Video conference - Automated log-in system for users at Automated log-in system for users at - Automated lyrics with Chords script Like Automated Machines - Automated Mass Faxing Program/Suite of Programs Automated matching of 3D data - Automated Migration and Recruitment Service Website Automated MLM Site - Automated MyQSL and RoR fallover Automated MyQSL and RoR fallover - open to bidding - Automated nightly inventory updates for ZenCart store. Automated NinjaTrader Strategy - Automated online posting program Automated online Spotify playlist creation - Automated Order System Automated Order XML Processing w/ Paypal IPN - Automated Page Layout Web to Indesign via XML Automated Page Re-Directing Software - Automated Payments Automated payouts using WebMoney API - automated penny auction bidder software automated penny auction bidder software - Automated phone unlock web server - Repost Automated phone unlock web server - Repost - open to bidding - Automated Pick-up-game system for Counter-Strike Automated Picking Ticket Printing - Automated PM / Chat Room Auto Responder Automated PM / Chat Room Auto Responder(repost) - Automated Posting of Content to Site(s) Automated posting of content to twitter - Automated pressure Keypad Automated pressure Keypad -- 2 - Automated Product & Update Script Automated Product + Update Script - Automated profile visiting tool for dating website Automated Program - Automated program to pull files from a public website and merge the files into a flat file automated Program to read/write from SQL & Post/Read from YM - Automated Publishing System Automated pulse surveys that measure employee engagement. - Automated Quickbooks Product Export App Automated Quickbooks Product Export App(repost) - Automated Recaptcha OCR Automated Recaptcha OCR - automated registration/confirmation system Automated registry forums - Automated Reporting Automated reservations system (simple) - Automated Robot Cell High-level monitoring application Automated Robot Cell Monitoring Application - Automated scary character Automated Scheduled RETWEETS for Twitter - Automated Screen shots using SnagIt 8 Automated ScreenShot System - Automated script for online game needed Automated script for Sina Weibo site voting - Automated script to query webpage for stock levels from txt file or CSV Automated script to scan web site for email addresses - Automated Search and Results Reporting automated search for buildings with a certain shape in google maps - Automated SERP Tracker Automated Server based Parsing tool and system for Google Alert Emails - Automated Shopping Assistant Automated Shopping Assistant -- 2 - automated Sitemap for Google Automated Sitemap in XML - automated social media posting software -- 3 automated social media posting software -- 4 - automated software - open to bidding Automated software - translation - Automated Software Patch Automated Software Programs Posters - automated sportbetting software automated sportbetting software only programmers with sportbetting expierience have an exe file but doesn't work ,but worked before - automated stock market trading Automated stock option trading spreadsheet - Automated stock update from excel/csv to Magento Automated Storage and Retrieval System - Automated submission tool for custom forms Automated submitter to social networks - Automated system creation Automated System for Fifa Coins website - Automated Taxi Dispatch System automated Taxi dispatch system - Automated test coverage automated test facility - automated testing Automated Testing - ASP.NET Online Order Processing Web Application - Automated testing with selenium and Automated Testing Xamarin - Automated Ticket Purchaser/Spinner/Bot Automated Ticket Purchaser/Spinner/Bot -- 1430 - Automated Ticket Purchaser/Spinner/Bot -- 71894 Automated Ticket Purchaser/Spinner/Bot -- 77818 - Automated tool for posting to people on Xbox. Automated Tool for sending a series of teaching emails - Automated Trade Execution Automated Trade Management Strategy for NinjaTrader - Automated Trading Application (GUI using Qt) - Automated trading Automated trading C++ Programmer - Automated trading scalping system currencies. Automated Trading Software - Automated Trading System Automated Trading System - Automated trading sytem for NinjaTrader Automated Trading TWS Api - automated trial reoccuring system for vpasp shopping cart automated trigger release - Automated Twitter Script/software - Upload random images w/status update Automated Twitter Tweet Poster for Multiple Accounts - automated upload of stock inventory file to amazon api Automated upload to Flickr (Mac OS X 10.6) - Automated video creation tool (PHP) Automated Video Download App - Automated voicemail script writing for toll free number Automated VOIP calling Software - Automated VPN WHMCS Module with client Automated VPS Server Creation + App stack - Automated web browser / bot Automated web browser / bot program - Automated Web Robot -- Fill Out Survey - repost Automated web scrap, excel, vba, macro, pivots and graphs - Automated Web Slide Show Automated Web Slide show - Automated webscraping of retail websites Automated Webscrapping - Private project for Jay - Automated Website for affilates
Automated Website Generator - Automated Website Testing Automated Website Testing Scripts - automated winUSB driver installation for win7 and 8 automated winUSB driver installation for win7 and 8 - open to bidding - Automated Wordpress Scraper Bot & Poster Automated Wordpress site - Automated XML Parse to MySQL Automated XML2U feed import for Joomla extension IProperty - AutomatedLogic WEBCTRL Automatedmobilewebsite - Automatic summarization of text by using lexical chains in java Automatic summarization of text by using lexical chains in java - Automatic account maker for a specific game Automatic account signup, C# - Automatic adjustment of prices - module for prestashop 1.5.x and 1.6.x Automatic Admin Bruteforce tool - automatic Affiliate Link Script for WordPress - Repost automatic Affiliate Link Script for WordPress - Repost - open to bidding - Automatic Ambulance Rescue system Automatic Ambulance Rescue system - Automatic AS Group Scheduler Automatic aseptic packaging line solution - Automatic backpage posting program Automatic backup application - Automatic bet placer Automatic bet placer - Automatic Betting System ( Account Copier ) Automatic BIB recognition in picture - Automatic binary options currency trader Automatic birthday card sender - automatic blog posts Automatic Blog Searcher - takes input parameters, finds related blogs with high PageRank - AutoMatic Bot Software (TopOfGames VoteBot) AutoMatic Bot Software (TopOfGames VoteBot) -- 2 - Automatic C LLC Automatic Calculating Software - automatic calling automatic calling - open to bidding - Automatic Cart Creation Module for Prestashop Automatic Casino Attendant (Blackjack) - Automatic Checkbox/Format TextBox automatic checkout bot - Automatic closing of all open web windows and log off/ disconnect from the ISP / Web automatically through a CTRL D key combination Automatic Coffee machine - Arduino to win10 Iot port code c# - Automatic Computer Scraping of Website Information and Images automatic configuration application - Automatic Content Posting Site automatic content posting to a social bookmarking site - Automatic conversion from solidedge 3d file to 3 or 6 different files -- 2 Automatic conversion from solidedge 3d file to 3 or 6 different files -- 3 - Automatic CPU Limitng script (CentOS-OpenVZ) Automatic Crack Detection and Classification Method using image processing - Automatic Daily Draw plugin for wordpress - open to bidding Automatic daily instagram likes - Automatic Data Scraper AUTOMATIC DATA SCRAPER EXPERT NEEDED TO SCRAPE 14 MILLION DESCRIPTIONS OF USA BUSINESSES ON MANTA - Automatic Delivery Epin Script ( URGENT ) Automatic delivery of file following payment - Automatic dial up automatic dial up for most phones - Automatic DNS Flush Automatic document generator with WP, WooCommerce and Gravity Forms - Automatic download and upload to remote FTP server Automatic download of information from a particular website - Automatic dynamic (and unique) content is being generated for each post in Wordpress. I want to make the automatic content static for every post Automatic E commence Checkout Bot - Automatic editable e-shop + website system - with all future like Automatic Email - Automatic Email Follow-Up after Google Calender Appointment Automatic Email form - Automatic Email Program Automatic email reply - Automatic email when cell selected - Macro automatic eMail-Processor - Automatic Exchange Service Website. AutoMatic Exchange site - Automatic facebook feed of photos Automatic Facebook Like Bot and Facebook accounts - Automatic Feature Sheet Generator Automatic Fee Calculator in php - Automatic file sharing upload script Automatic File Split Tool - Break Large Files into Smaller Ones - Re-Assemble Again - Automatic Flash forms filling software. Automatic Flash Games Adder Script - Automatic form field filler app automatic form fill - Automatic Form Submitter using proxies Automatic Form Submitter using proxy - automatic forum topics editor Automatic Forum-Website Submission - Automatic Friend Adder for Model Mayhem Automatic Friend Adder for Model Mayhem Site - Automatic generating graphical tool for collision diagram Automatic generation of Panoramic Images - automatic google translation depending on language selection automatic graph creation - Automatic Hotmail account registration Automatic Hotmail Accounts Creation - Automatic Image Enhancement automatic image enhancement - Automatic import into AmiBroker automatic import list cars on Autoscout24 and other portals - Automatic imports from Wikimedia Automatic Income Report - Automatic Invoice Generation Automatic invoice module - Automatic Jscript select/copy/paste html template Automatic Key press and image processing - Automatic License Plate Recognition Automatic License plate recognition - Automatic likes instantly in my pics - repost Automatic Linearization of 3D Deformation - Automatic liquidation program for TWS api Automatic List Sequence Updater - automatic login and query 2.0 Automatic Login and Register to a website - automatic login two users for windows 7 automatic login two users for windows 7(repost) - Automatic mail merge from Excel to Ms Word- Macro needed! Automatic mail merge from Excel to Ms Word- Macro needed! - Automatic medal when user checks in and uploads an image Automatic mediawiki creation - Automatic Mobile Recharge App Development Automatic Mobile Recharge Programming. - automatic mt4 update automatic Multilevel online marketing system - Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR) for a Petrol Station Automatic Number Plate Recognition using Artificial Neural Network - Automatic on call volume Controller Automatic on call volume Controller - Repost - Automatic Order Placement Automatic order placement on 3th party website - Automatic Page Views Software Automatic pan and zoom software for live video with openCV and C++ - Automatic payments - Feasibility study Automatic Paypal Billing - Automatic Phone Dial from web Automatic Phone Dialer - Automatic Pill Dispenser Automatic PIN code delivery - automatic po creation from item assembly within quickbooks - repost Automatic POdcast - Automatic post to Automatic Post to Facebook - Automatic Postcards Sending