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A Aaaaaaaa... - a a - a a a a - a c# or program using winsock a cad drawing for planning - A Few Items Modify a filemaker database that i can connect it to quickbooks, template attached. - A media relations / Pr executive A micro project in Java - A services and goods demand listing site A Shoe designer - A Vistaprint fucntionality website with multiple API's connection & SOLID Backend A Vocational Platform - Employment Website - A "lottery" website made A "lottery" website made - open to bidding - A & M Global Solutions inc. A £100,000 income proposal - A ''rent-a-coder-like'' Guide booking system A ''Tell friends'' perl script needed - A (single page) toric calculator app for eye doctors a (vehicle) decale disigned - a .NET devloper a .NET devloper - A 1 minute introductory video in HD quality for an app A 1 minute introductory video in HD quality for my website - a 1-page responsive HTML website A 1-page Website - A 10 Point Infographic - Repost A 10 Point Infographic - Repost - open to bidding - A 100,000 UK Gamblers Email List A 100.000 Sport Gamblers Email List - A 12-year old girl crossed Einstein IQ A 120 square grid inside a 30'' Diameter Circle - A 1500 word Ereport on horses A 1500 word essay - Communication Theory - A 2 min AV development a 2 min video for a shopping website - A 2 pages paper about history (in 2 days). A 2 pages paper about history. - A 20 page PDF needs to be written in word doc A 20 page power point presentation. - a 2000 French to English document translation A 2000 word essay - a 22 page full color comic book A 225 word essay about the Greeks religious beliefs - A 2D android game A 2D animated short, comedy film - A 2D image being modelled into 3D - open to bidding A 2D model needs recreating - A 3 hrs filming and 30 min editing for an engagement party A 3 level mobile game for film Kochadaiyaan - a 3 year strategic plan A 3, L3 Coolomar1998 - A 30 page thesis paper written in APA format A 30 sec animation of fabrication processes - A 300-500words assignment A 300-word Business Case Writing Task - A 39 Sec Video A 39 Sec Video - open to bidding - A 3D animation of a battle sequence A 3D Animation of a certain Air Pollution Mask - a 3d character design - open to bidding A 3D character for a mobile game - A 3D DRAWING OF A PLASTIC MEASURING CAN a 3D drawing/ illistralion of a sculpture park based on buildings with landscaping. - A 3D interior scene A 3D Jewelry/Model Design for 3D Printing - A 3D model needs recreating -- 2 A 3D model of a Cartoon character - A 3D motion video graphic of a high performance fabric. a 3d object - A 3D serious game on chemistry using unity3D or XNA - Repost A 3D shape in Solidworks - A 3ds Max model A 3DS Max model in version 10 or earlier. - a 4 to 5 page essay on how italian culture is expressed in the short stoy "War" by Luigi piraendello A 4 year old IT company seeking working capital - A 440 volts Switch Yard protection techniques and methods in National thermal power station. A 440 volts Switch Yard protection techniques and methods in National thermal power station. - a 5 minute 3d animated video a 5 minute code review - A 5 Star Hotel Photoshop Template A 5 to 6 page of story writing need help. - A 50 page introductory and safety handbook for recreational airboating. A 50% completed 12 page web site design needs finished in HTML for non profit Illinois organization. - A 6 Page Paper a 6 page report with bibliography and reference page on why we should work towards a greener planet - A 64x64 logo for a server A 64x64 RPG/Medieval tileset - A 7k words report [TAM in banking sector] -- 2 A 7k words report [TAM in banking sector] -- 3 - A 9gag like web page - open to bidding A 9gag script with partner program - a accurate and fast typist a ActiveX OCX For SIP - a advertising mind map A affiliate marketing website - A analysis report of 1600 words A and B octet IP randomizer needed - A animated portfolio website A animation - A app for Android and iOS and also the website for it A App for iPhone, Android and Possibly BB10 - A application for childcare a application for iphone - A article about obtaining a degree online A article about obtaining a degree online - open to bidding - a autocad drawer based on actual product a autocad dwg - A B TESTING WITH OPTIMIZELY.COM A b u company - A back-end developer for Social Networking Application in IOS and Android a backdrop designed - A Background To a Race for video game A Background Village For My Video Game - A Bangla Natok need to be translated in Noth American English a bank account/atm form application - a banner design and a CSS A banner designed for A Facebook Promotion - A banner for my MineCraft server and website. A banner for my new site - A barcode scan app for ios and andriod A bare-bones web application: No graphics, just code! - A basic application to gather information and create a MS Word document based on choices A basic application to interface with IBM Cognos TM1 - A Basic Desktop Tool A Basic Desktop Tool/App - A basic input program A basic IOS app with the main functionality being drag and drop - A basic phone application using flashbuilder, MXML, Flex A basic photo-edit function on a webpage - A basic service scheduling and payment app for Android A basic shopify site selling two fitness programs - A basic website for an accounting firm, the sample website will be given A basic website for an accounting firm, the sample website will be given - ongoing work - A basic/no-frills PHP shoe designer application a Batch (.bat) script to scan files - A Beatifull Logo :-) A Beautful Encore - A Beautiful, Simple, Minimal Splash Screen Website -- 2 A Beautifull woman voice speaking about our software - a bench of sticks
A bench painted with kit kat logo and chocolate bars - A Better Community for All A better customer account plugin in for word press - A better WordPress image gallery in an inflexible theme A better You - A Bidding site A bidding website created - A BIG OPPORTUNITY( continuous work on) clipping path , Photo retouching, photo restoration services, object removal, complex masking, hair masking,Raster to vector conversion, A big photoshop design for wall .. - A bilingual translator (French, German and Italian) a bill made - A bio-engineering homework a biographical project on me - A bit help to finish the steps of SMF forums install along with wmf mod A bit help with webstore SEO - A bit of SQL practice a Bit of Tutoring work - A bizness report A Black & White Drawing - Single Panel, Two Characters - A block diagram for a Taser Gun and a washing machine. A block diagram for a Taser Gun and a washing machine. - repost - A blog article for a dessert table company event A blog article written to debate 'Employee Engagement' - A Blog Marketing Expert A blog on garden related items? - A blog set up and designed A blog set up similar to Perez Hilton - A blog writer with an internet searching experience needed A blog writing for my new business - A blogger template A blogger that knows about the automotive industry - a blueprint of a barbershop and hairsalon along with a logo A BlueStacks Kik Auto Responder - A book a book - A book adapted into a screenplay. - open to bidding A book author to reword our autobiography and edit it - a book cover A book cover and its back cover, along with pictures for the pages for my story book. - A Book Editor A book Editor - a book illustrator -- 2 A book illustrator -- 3 - A book on my unbelievable life events a book on nutrition health - A book store for my series of children books I am writing. - Repost A Book Summary - a book writer a book writin - A Booking System API integrating with a Wordpress Theme A booking system for a Bouncy Castle company - A bookmarking website A bookstore homepage - a Boss, an high class lady as my Boss A Bot - A Bot That Can Change The World A Bot That Can Comment on YouTube Videos, and Then Like That Comment With Many Accounts to Move That Comment to the Top of the Comments - A bottle drawn a bottle lable - A BoxShot image 4 a software product (Illustrator/PhotoShop) A boy and his bluey - A brand logo A brand logo - A brand new website A brand new website - A brief Biography A brief description for a city based tourist guide. - A British Proofreader Needed (Fresher) A British Proofreader Needed -- 2 - a brochure for new business a brochure for our menu of services - a browser game (football game) A Browser Helper Object (BHO) written in Visual Basic 6 - A building and construction estimator for quantity takeoffs ( Ceilings and linings) A building estate layout - A bunch of Finnish articles A bunch of funny, creative public images with holes cut out - A Burger Cookbook A burger cookbook - A business card and a brochure a Business card and a Brochure Design - A Business Contract drawn up for the purchase of a Medical Equipment Hire and Sales business. A Business desktop Software app and cloud SAAS - a business directory with coupon and evens a business directory with rating system and map - A business Logo A business logo - a business logo A Business Logo - a business logo for my company A business logo for signage - A Business Plan A Business Plan - A Business Plan A business plan (formulated with facts and figures) for a e-matrimonial portal for divorcess (REMARRY>COM) - A Business Plan for my company. a business plan for personal training - a business presentation of our new company and product with prezi a business promoter online - A Business Sustainability Document A business thesis needs help, 24 hours job., good pay. - A button needs to be pressed using 50 different Google accounts A Button that looks like this - A C program projectt A C program that converting assembly language - A C# sharp program as described in the attached pdf a c# simple program - A C++ game code is required... A C++ Logger App rewritten in NodeJS - A c++ program/script that pulls score daily that I can use - open to bidding - repost A C++ programme for walsh transform - A C-based API for MySQL commands in Linux a c/c++ client can visit https server - a Cad drawing for a water ski fin a Cad drawing for a water ski fin - A Cakephp 2.x website with backend a cakephp programmer - a Calendar VC++ 2008 a calendar with C++ - A Caller Identification app A calnedar with vc++ in visual studio2008 - A cameraman with own equipment a DSLR cannon camera a cameraman/woman with their own camera to do a video shoot - A canvas of me and my friends A canvas painting - A Car Rental Software/Website A Car Rental Website - A card that car store cards A Card Translated from Spanish to English - Fast Please :) - A caricaturist to draw caricatures of children aged between 5-14yrs A carpark in OpenGL using C++ - A Cartoon designer needed for a sports site A cartoon drawing - A cartoon of my Cocker Spaniel Dog a cartoon of my wife - a cartoonist a cartoonist - A case study for real estate class A case study of yourself as a philosopher. - A Cashback Site A Cashback Site(repost) - A causal loop diagram written in Vensim and 2000 word VERY URGENT A cd cover for my single Don't let them Get in my way. - A CDR for Electrical Engineer