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    ...Further develop an existing application which has been written in Visual Basic using Microsoft Visual Studio and debugged using Integrated Development Environment (IDE) prior to an executable file being created. During beta testing data has been manually entered and transferred to a Data Logger which writes to both an Excel worksheet and an OPC ...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    Desarrollar software Finalizado left

    ...proven track record developing business solutions using Microsoft and others cutting edge technologies. Interested in a challenging technical environment where innovation, team work and curiosity is encouraged to create great products and services. SKILLS • Languages & Frameworks: C#, Visual Basic, C++, Pascal, Java, Java Script, Python, Ruby on

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    ...need an a complete application that tracks employee skills. An employee should be able to log into the system, input his or her data, upload a personal resume and other files, and then log off. The employee must be able to log into the system and to update his or her data and cannot be allowed to view anybody elses data; the application must be secure.

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    ...based application, using C (preferred), Python, Visual Basic or similar which can read/write and manipulate Excel files in the cloud. The prototype application must be able to:- 1) enable user to upload two or more Excel files to the cloud based application; each file represents a financial model spreadsheet 2) enable user to aggregates ...

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    I am short a developer and I need someone with experience in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and some desktop VB.NET I have a number of SQL (2005 and 2008) databases with Microsoft Access (2007 and 2010) front end. These use Microsoft Access and VBA as the user interface and I need someone to help out on an ongoing bases. It is not a huge volume

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    I need a demo application so that when a excel user enters data that it gets saved into an access database that is on a network drive. The same application needs to be able to query the information from an access database to display in a different excel spreadsheet. So, basically I need a demo of crud operations (create, review, update and delete)

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    concept address database Programming language: Visual Basic general architecture: • enterprise windows domain environment • local database application in Access 2010 - 32bit or 64bit version English – using VBA and SQL • tables on a central SharePoint 2010 server (published to SharePoint-lists) • user the current NT-user as ...

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    I have a website with which I need to exchange data on a regular, automated basis. I have a third party application that allows me to do this data exchange efficiently using a spreadsheet (Excel). I need a person with advanced Excel skills to build VB macros, who will create an automated and efficient set of buttons to exchange data based on various

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    ...(professional development management) requested is one Excel file with VB Visual Basic, embedded. The application should be able to run on most versions of Excel which means using basic features of VB that would be supported by most versions of Excel. This should be a desktop one user application. It will reside on a USB and all dat...

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    This is a kind of demo application and a real project will be based on it. It should be a VB.NET (Visual Studio 10) desktop application, using SQL Server for database. For the data access must use "massive" library, [iniciar sesión para ver URL] And the GUI will be based on [iniciar sesión para ver URL] (developer can use the 45-day

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    ...have already developed a Visual Basic 2008 application which has 5 forms. This application is supposed to be connected with MS Access 2010 so that can retrieve data (database file in the same folder of the app) and have the ability to export to PDF or Word. What I want : 1) Connection to the database when application starts 2) Connection

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
    16 ofertas to physically come into the office, hours are negotiable. Under the guidance of editors, interns are responsible to write Application Web Programming code. Programming environment will be in Microsoft Windows, using Visual Studio, SQL Server, SVN and SQL Server Reporting Services. The end result of the Web Applications are be geared toward data acquisition

    $2 - $10 / hr
    $2 - $10 / hr
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    MMdifLang Finalizado left

    I have an application written in Delphi 6 that is working fine. It uses MS SQL as Database and Crystal Reports 7 for printing. I need this application be written in another language and am open to suggestions. Basic requirements: 1- The application must use MS SQL 2- Must run under Windows XP, Vista and 7 both 32 and 64B 3- Must have interface with

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    4 ofertas a web based application to be used by a Waste Management agency. The data will be stored in a Microsoft Access (2003) Database and the reports will be generated to a Microsoft Excel (2003) spreadsheet. The code shall be written using a combination of Visual Basic, HTML and JavaScript. The data will be stored on a Microsoft Access (2003) databa...

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    The project involves generating Excel based reports from an Access database. A database already exists and includes 5 years of survey responses. This database needs to be updated using the specifications that I will provide. I will also provide clear specs for what the Excel reports will look like and what calculations are necessary (e.g., percentages

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    Time recording system Finalizado left

    ...clients. They need to be able to record time and expenses against each job. The system will run on their corporate server, and will operate as an intranet application ??" staff will access the system using Internet Explorer or other web browser. The development has already been started and an initial prototype exists, but we have taken on another project

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    Excel Auotmation Finalizado left

    ...Windows 2003, I wrote a web application using C# in dot net. User can trigger the server to dynamically create an Excel file and save it to disk for download. So far so good. But when I want to also save VB script into the Excel, I get "[iniciar sesión para ver URL] (0x800A03EC): Programmatic access to Visual Basic Project is not...

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    ...interactive, aspect within my website (built with PHP). I have provided a basic sitemap and wireframe diagrams for the direction of my site, however the photos provided are a concept and I am not hardset on them. I would like the customer specific site to be visual pleasing and user friendly (easy to navigate) 1. I will need graphic/logo design

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    Hello, I have developed an Excel Application that I need you to build an API built into it so that it can access to up-to-date data through a Web site or Web enabled application using the standard Web services model where users of the service request data through XML over Microsoft’s “SOAP?? and data is returned by the service as an XML-formatted stre...

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    This is a development / technical support position for our desktop application. The person will be responsible for adding functionality to the current system, as well as providing technical support using Webex remote access to our customers. The work timings need to be between 10AM - 7PM Central Standard Time [1hr for lunch/dinner] [Dallas, Texas]

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    Hello, I am in need of an experienced Amazon Web Services developer to develop an application which will allow the user to enter a couple of parameters, then use these parameters to retrieve information via Amazon ECS and create a spreadsheet or tab delimited text file with the returned information. I'm assuming VB will work for this, but I am open

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    I am looking for a Visual Basic .net programmer to build an application which will keep track of the golf courses played and the score on each golf course played. The application will allow me to add course information and build a score card for each course in the database. When entering information for a round the application will allow me to record

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    ...setup/requirements on Windows Server 2003 This database will be the back end for a web application. Written in either Visual Basic 6 or Visual Basic 2005 1. I will be importing two Excel files into separate tables in the same Access database. The Excel files will be in a subdirectory of Access Database file. 2. This will be done wee...

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    ...development of an employee training and assessment system. The system will be implemented as an web based application. Users will log into the system using a web page log in. Each user will have one of 5 defined roles. The users' access to the system will be depended on the users' role. The roles that will be defined are Administrator, Student

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    ..."wrapper" for a .NET assembly so it is callable as a C++ DLL. If Project 1 goes well, Project 2 would be a more elaborate project involving real-time SQL queries/updates to an Access database (but that's getting ahead of ourselves). Background: I am a trader and use a financial platform called TradeStation, which has an embedded programming language/environment

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    This is a Windows Visual Basic application and must be developed using the latest visual [iniciar sesión para ver URL] (visual studio 2005) Also good coding practices should be used when coding, so that it can be followed easily. I need to be able to enter a web address into a text box on the application, or use a .txt with a list of domains....

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    ...(accounting) application built using Excel, Access & VB. We would like to modify the application to add some new features and functions. It uses Microsoft Access to store the data, Excel for the user interface (UI) and reports and Visual Basic to create simple forms and menus. I would like to find an experienced program...

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    Specifics: Language: Visual Basic 6 / Visual [iniciar sesión para ver URL] Database: Microsoft Access 2003 Dependencies: Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe PDF Notes: This application is meant to be used by multiple sales persons simultaneously, using a log on system. This application is meant to be run on a windows server 2003 / windows ...

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    Using the sample data provided, create an ms access database then use visual basic 6, ADO coded recordset (no data controls please), MS Excel. Export the tables in a logically formatted fashion to an Excel spreadsheet. The sample data will change frequently, the table and columns will always be the same though. All I need is the sorting (ordertotal)

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
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    VB Application Finalizado left

    I want an application to be developed in VB6. The application should be able to display information from a dataset with 5 or 6 attributes. The main purpose of the application is to show the information in a way by which the user should be able to understand the trends of the data. The developer can use visualization techniques and this should encompass

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    Project Management Finalizado left

    Hi This application is being developed as part of an assignment. The objective of this project is to develop an application which will allow project managers to collect project management information from MS Project and then export this information to other Microsoft Applications. As well as this the application should also allow reports to be produced

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    ...looking for a Visual Basic application to search an Access 2000 database. The application will serve as a search engine for the files contained on the CD, it will not search the CD, but rather search an Access 20000 database(which will be supplied to you), and then use the filename in the database to locate the file. I need the application to hav...

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    ...This should be a very familiar project for anyone who has built such a system before. Development tool must be Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. Data access must be carried out through ADO. Database will be Microsoft Access 2000. Basic requirements... Record general customer information, including their credit details; Analyse customer's invoices, credits

    $787 (Avg Bid)
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    ...need an a complete application that tracks employee skills. An employee should be able to log into the system, input his or her data, upload a personal resume and other files, and then log off. The employee must be able to log into the system and to update his or her data and cannot be allowed to view anybody elses data; the application must be secure.

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    ...central server) P2P application. I already have VB code that will allow for file sharing and instant messaging. This code needs to be twitched around to make it work as I want. Here is the scenario that I need: 1. Application installation. User enters areas of expertise (marketing, sales, etc) which remains stored in the application. User might be able

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