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    Search Utility in Java Finalizado left

    I need a Java programmer to change an existing search program. The program is written and running. The search program will create a file in pass I and pass II will read this data. Pass II is already up and running. You will have to change the input screen to allow an input parameter for the search engine and keep the information that it finds in a file

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    The goal of the project is to create a Content Management System similar to Yahoo! Groups ([iniciar sesión para ver URL]) but with some added functionality. In a nutshell, a user will be able to create a group, personalize some group settings, and add group modules (calendar, to do list, forum, file manager, photo album, etc.). Once the group is created,

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    ...[iniciar sesión para ver URL] Application must allow me to quickly customize a web-based form that delivers data and processes queries from a MySQL datbase. Customization of the form must include color scheme, field choices and field layout. Form will be used to deliver 10-20K records to web visitors. Records are listings of homes for sale. Each

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    Data Transfer Finalizado left

    Database transfer and creation (MS Access 2000) Create a program using Visual Basic 6 that will gather and manipulate data from a pre-existing MSAccess 2000 database then transfer data to a new MSAccess 2000 database (Using ADO). This program will be used to update existing customer databases to the new version. Program would need to check the registry

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    ...this please contact me: 1. Take an Access Database 2. Parse the contents of the Access DB into mySQL format ready for incorporation into a remote mySQL database 3. Encrypt the data client side before sending and Decrypt it server side, before inserting it into mySQL. Write the encrypted information to a text file. 4. Zip the local textfile and send it

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    Plumtree Gadgets Finalizado left

    ...where content leads will update data, content, graphic uploads, document uploads. User merely sees the content, attach documents if any...etc. The Plumtree platform will provide the security aspects + audit trials. -------------------------------------------------- Would also like to create a Plumtree gadget to allow users to create their own Webpage somewhat

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    MS ACCESS UPDATE Finalizado left

    I have data in a .net datareader which I want to export to an existing (or new) MS Access table. I need to prompt the user to create a new access project, or update an existing table. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that

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    ...of account class. This can be done by arranging them in a hierarchy below a common abstract account class. Besides designing and implementing the account classes, you should create two further classes containing main() methods. One of these should be an interactive application program acting like a Bank, that allows the user to open an account, deposit

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    12 ofertas

    ...their email address must match their website url or it will not accept the submission. Both will be fields on the form. I want the users to be able to update their data by logging into their account to make updates so they will need to create a username and password when submitting their information. The ezines will be displayed by choosing a category

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    a. PART I: Create a Microsoft Access database with the following fields: · ID Number · Date Added · Last Name · First Name and Middle Initial · Address (2 lines) · City · State · ZIP Code · Telephone Number 1 · Telephone Number 2 · Fax Number · E-mail Address b. Index the database on the ID Number and Last N...

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    ...for an online cinema ticket booking system. So far I have all the data fully normalised and stored in tables using mysql front. I am having great difficulty doing the php coding part to make the web interface. The deadline for this project is very urgent and I am needing a coder to create a non advanced system. I have a few requirements with which to make

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    Modify VB Program Finalizado left

    I already have a data extraction program created but it needs some modifications. I will provide the program to coders based on feedback and bid amount. It has some confidential information contained in it so I will not release it to the masses. Here is my idea, Take the existing program and make the following modifications: 1-Take out the hard coding

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    We are looking to create a website and logo for a new mortgage company. This is just the first stage of development, so expect a good deal of follow-up work for additional lead-generation type websites. I am very competent technically, so I will be easy to work with. Basically, I would like to emulate the general functionality and framework of this

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    ...tblNonAvailableTime - Data table containing information related to why resources are not available such as vacation etc. tblPhase - Reference table for Phase field in tblProject. tblPriority - Reference table for Priority field in tblProject. tblProject - Data table containing information related to projects. tblProjectStatus - Data table containing

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    Overview of the requirement: 1. Create an XML tree view (from [iniciar sesión para ver URL] file) using server side script XML, XSL and asp (to be displayed like example 1). 2. Be able to update the XML file ([iniciar sesión para ver URL]), by right clicking on each node and edit the data in the right frame or div (like example 1) 3. Display the dotted lines of t...

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    ...member of a secure website from which I need data extracted into an Excel Spreadsheet. I have included a file with a [iniciar sesión para ver URL] that gives the specifics. I need an installable program to put on my desktop that will run everyday to perform the neccessary tasks to update the Excel Spreadsheet so I can update the database for the website I am getting ...

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    ...information as the data base fields - but in addition it also has a table that lists the different items the customer has purchased. The problem is that we are finding the email is not very reliable - I guess the hosting is not as stable as it should be. We want you to capture the table list into another database table that we will create. Whats is happening

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    22 ofertas

    ...table update and display script. Collect data from user forms and put into MySQL tables. (html forms will be provided) There will be about 4-5 different forms. All the forms will have about 5-7 fields. One of the forms will have 20-30 fields. (You can create the mySQL tables using the fields from the forms) The other part is to list the data from

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    ASP MS Access Finalizado left

    ...backend allowing the insert/update of records stored on an MS Access database. I am now looking for someone to update (only) one of the entry fields in ALL of the insert,update, delete files, and database as appropriate(-not sure exactly how many there are, but maximum of ten files I think) so that the user can enter the data into a text field rather than

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    ...- Let affiliates sign up automatically / log in to check stats / update their record. - Email admin/customer/affiliate when sale is made (using customizable templates) - Can be used for multiple products (I don't want any complex shopping cart functions, just the ability to add/update several products.) - Able to integrate with a third party mailing

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    I need a good ASP or VB programmer to create me a real good bot that will do the following, please see the attached files: NOTE: The pages I have saved are examples of how the code will be compared to a real site. We need to update our database every time the site changes there product prices and etc. 1) Goto the main page: [iniciar sesión para ver URL] 2) Process the output

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    ...The data is then transfered hopefully to our new database. The database must be written in Ms Access and should contain the below fields. The fields are as yet un-normalised however they must firstly be normalised to third normal form and primary keys identified for each table. secondly create the database in Ms Access from the normalised data, ensure

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    Auto Dealer Manager Finalizado left

    ...the name and data type of any existing field and add additional custom fields up to a total of 75 listing fields. Upload up to 10 images to associate with the vehicle. Note the system must be able to handle over 2,000 listings with adequate performance. Homepage Editor Each Dealer is given a homepage by the Administrator. They can update their page without

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    Java Assignment Finalizado left

    Write a JAVA program to implement a information system that is suitable for Thomas' bookstore. Indicate and explain clearly the type of data structure used in developing the system. You are allowed to create any features for the system; however, the features and operations must be relevant and meet the requirements of the question. This Java Program

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    16 ofertas

    I would like to create one small program that Securely delete a any file or any folder without any chances of recovering it. I have made some samples by writing several times with random strings and erase it, but I still think that could be improve by directly writing to the HDD(data area) and etc. All the code should be inside a class module and I

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    ASP database access Finalizado left

    ...need some one to make a small system for me. I have a database table written is access that contains usernames, passwords, long, lat, status and trigger fields. Can anyone create a small app for me? Specs: ASP pages to access a Microsoft access database with only one table. The ASP pages must contain a login/Register new user page. When the user has

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    Screen shot Module Finalizado left

    I would like someone on help me create a VB module or a Vb Control that allows me to stream screenshots of a server to a client.. That means there must be a control for a client where he can rcv and a control for a server where it can send the screenshot. Important thing to note is the speed. It must work even with a slow machine... I've heard of this

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    OLE Finalizado left

    OLE automation Program: Create a tracking program that enables the automatic ploting of a numerical information, through the use of a microsoft excel [iniciar sesión para ver URL] called by OLEautomation. Selecting File Open should enable the user to select a file data to be [iniciar sesión para ver URL] file should be a standard text file Accessed through the file [ini...

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    This is a fun project to use simple code for A beginner in Visual Basic 6.0 to understand. Connecting Visual Basic (VB) to Data Files PART I: Create a Microsoft Access database with the following fields: · ID Number · Date Added · Last Name · First Name and Middle Initial · Address (2 lines) · City · State · ZIP Code · Te...

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    This is a fun project to use simple code for A beginner in Visual Basic 6.0 to understand. Connecting Visual Basic (VB) to Data Files PART I: Create a Microsoft Access database with the following fields: · ID Number · Date Added · Last Name · First Name and Middle Initial · Address (2 lines) · City · State · ZIP Code · Te...

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    Sample member Finalizado left

    ...programmer to add to and update as needed. It is a to be a sample for other programs. It must be a sequential access file that creates a file, allows records to be read, added, updated, searched, deleted, and listed. 1) Visual basic application that allows users to enter member information into textboxes, allows for Inquire, add, update, and delete records

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    C inventory program Finalizado left

    Create a file of Inventory records: Record Format: Field name Data type Length Part ID char 2 alpha/4 num. Part Descript char 25 Unit Price double 7 (2 dec.) Quantity on Hand int 4 Reorder Point int 4 Reorder Quantity int 4 Reorder Date struct 8(mm/dd/yyyy) Delete Flag int default value 0 The program should: 1.) Define a structure template to hold the

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    11 ofertas

    ...Detail, Update Item Detail, and Alias Manager. I need to have a very experience coder to make following changes to: Print ItemDetail To Laser Printer, View Item Detail, Update Item Detail, and Alias Manager Outline of following changes needed: 1) Print ItemDetail To Laser Printer 2) View Item Detail, Update Item Detail 3) Alias Manager 4) Data integrity

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    5 ofertas

    I am looking for someone to help me to create framework of 2 .NET distributed applications that will consist of a few ASP+ pages. Business and database access layer will be in COM+. I would prefer to make it around C++ and C#. Sample flow.... 1. Login page and user verification agains DB. 2. Data entry page. It will contain a few comboboxes

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    ...messages or update/insert into the database through a "data class" that can be used either locally on the client or converted quickly into a web service. The initial project is fairly simple but there are ALOT of these and other enhancements to be done such as printing mailing labels, connectivity to Outlook, an Analysis Services piece, data imports and

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    ...intended to create quick prototypes for navigating in experimental asp web sites. It is intended to make it very easy to change the organization of pages of a web site that comprise 20-100 pages that need to be organized in a tree. A typical tree type menu is for example the top right black menu in [iniciar sesión para ver URL] The 'tree data' and

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    14 ofertas need - a model - data for the model - configuration data - calculation engine - plotting function The calculation engine and plotting function don't change. The model, data, and configuration data can change based on the model or calculation that you want to do. Thus the model, data, and configuration data are input to the c...

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    ...will take my white paper and detailed scope documents and use them as a general business rules guide. No fancy or flashy programming here. I just need "work-horse" scripts to create and run an initial portal site with approx 1700 categories. The scripts need to scale to a network of portals without issue. Code must be clean and modular and adhere to accepted

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    Programmer must be a self starter, a good reputation for on time deliveries and have a good concept of the needs of a high volume data entry application. The project will be a Compiled .Net (or similar technology) front end, with a SQL server 2000 back end. I would like someone to be able to work on site or at least be local for meetings as the details

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    SmartStart Contact DB Finalizado left

    ...having duplicate records (don't want to call the company twice) and also have more simple buttons that msaccess provides now, like create, new, delete, update, here is a snapshot of the database i have now, you can update that and don't have to start from scratch, created with msaccess 2000 wizard [iniciar sesión para ver URL] [iniciar sesión para ve...

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    ...that will do the following: - Extract the database schema to a XML file (from SQL Server) - Create a database in SQL Server from the very same schema. - Extract data found in the database to XML (the same SQL Server database). Backup purpose. - Restore data to the database from XML. - Only tables and users should be exported/imported. No need to deal

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    ...Batches Credit and Debit operations must update transactions and later must be added to Payable Batches A C C O U N T S R E C E I V A B L E The Accounts Receivable must automatically inform the system user when it is time to send out invoices System users can be able to quickly and accurately create "Sales Invoices" on individual as well as group

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    Educational Software Finalizado left

    This project creates a VB 6.0 interactive educational software application for the PC Windows environment. The application must display exam data and multiple choice questions. If the user chooses the wrong answer, the application displays the correct answer. Other features include note-taking, scoring, calculator functions, and reporting. Our remote

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    ...or data compression engine that does the following: Compression: Data contains 10,000 to 30,000 text files, uncompressed text size is 1 GB to 2GB. Max space used required: 150MB to 200MB Data format: Descending order in dates. Each row contains a date and contains comma delimited with numeric values, approximately 100 bytes or less per row. Data retrieval:

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    Customer Service Finalizado left

    ...customer data and complaints into an access database each time a customer calls to make acomplaint about their service or other customer related complaint. It will also be useful to the Manager or customer complaints advisors to keep track of a complaint or to make an update regarding a complaint. The program will have the ability to create entries,

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    Access DB Needs Work Finalizado left

    ...Mostly PDF, DOCS, HTML 3. Establish web reporting from database live so customers can view information and create own reports from our database. We would like to host locally on NT Server. Our database can update web portion so customers can see data live. Need to see by customer, ship date, and inventory. 4. Attach extra fields to products for identifying

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    33 ofertas difference. The one difference is…this is just a website that has no connection to the warehouse inventory. So, each time an order has been placed, a receipt of the order form (simplified to understand) is displayed for printout to the customer without paying until item(s) have been confirmed in stock and another copy of the receipt is sent to the

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    1 ofertas

    ...view/update his profile and order list history (if any) 3. Client browse product by category and brand then able sort by price or date, the date is for promotion use, where special price start and end date. 4. Client should able to add product to a wish list area. 5. Client should able to convert the wish list to a customizable printable form for off

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    Multithreaded Finalizado left

    UPDATE: This component my run in COM. This project will create a software agent, which will provide methods to manage starting separate threads, monitoring their status, and provide admin functions such as Create Thread, Start Thread, Stop Thread, Report Active Thread Count, and Max number of Threads Used. The Agent will accept parameters to indicate

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    STOCKS Finalizado left

    Create the sequential file [iniciar sesión para ver URL] containing Number Date Purchase Current Stock of Shares Purchased Price/Share Price/Share Amgen 200 8/19/97 50.750 75.625 Delta Air 100 12/3/97 111.750 97.250 Novell 500 8/27/97 10.375 12.250 PPG 100 12/18/97 56.750 54.500 Timken 300 3/13/98 34.625 15.125 Perform the following tasks. Display information in the file

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