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    Freelancer en Bacolod City, Philippines
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    I promise quick layout design, unlimited revisions, great customer service and 100% original designs! I do. T-Shirts Design Logo Design Book Covers & Packaging Flyers & Posters Business Card Social Media Designs Banner Ads "your success is my success"

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    Freelancer en Tulsa, United States
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    Hello, My name is Blake Connally. I am located in Oklahoma, USA. I am a native English speaker and I focus on web development. I've worked on projects ranging from a high-scale social media network to basic portfolio websites. No matter the depth or difficulty, I can make your dream a reality. Flexibility is one of...

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    Freelancer en Odessa, Ukraine
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    Self-taught 3D artist with a great passion for working in computer games industry. Presently looking for a suitable vacancy and freelance jobs. SKILLS: • High-Poly, Low-Poly modelling • Sculpting • Texture baking • Realistic and stylized texturing • Basic rigging and animation SOFTWARE FAMILIARITY: •...

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    Freelancer en Castries, Saint Lucia
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    I am a talented and experienced Drafting Specialist. I have good experience with Drafting, 3D modelling, Renderings and Design. I am a hard worker and enjoy working at all critical conditions. If hired by you I will be responsible to complete the task within the stipulated time frame and with utmost confidence....

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    Freelancer en Merida, Mexico
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    - Website design - Motion Graphics - UI & UX Design - Packaging - Branding

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    Freelancer en Podgorica, Montenegro
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    I am a geologist with 10+ years of experience in groundwater research, MODFLOW modeling, GIS, data processing and report writing. Please be free to contact me to discuss your project in detail.


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What are computer graphics? “Computer graphics” is a very general term for any image that is displayed to the user on a screen.  “Computer graphics” can refer to any visual digital media, whether it be a picture or a movie. When used within the realm of computer science, the term “computer graphics” refers to the image data itself. This data is generated by specialized software used for the development of custom images.

Computer graphics are used in the development of user interfaces, sprites and 3D models just to name a few. Graphic designers use their knowledge of computer graphics to create these images for users to enjoy on their devices.

Modern applications rely on computer graphics to allow the user to interact with the system. A graphical user interface (or GUI) makes operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux accessible to the average person. Without the use of computer graphics, the modern operating system would not exist.

Computer graphics also play a significant role in video games. Video games use computer graphics to develop the three-dimensional worlds and characters enjoyed by many. Specialized software allows graphic designers to create three-dimensional images for use in these applications.

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