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    Freelancer en Kyiv, Ukraine
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    Web development: -HTML 4/5 -CSS3(Bootstap) -JavaScript(jQuery , Angular, AJAX, JSON) -PHP(OOP, work with MySQL) -MySQL -Prestashop Java -Android(Google Market) -Java SE -Maven/IntellijIDEA/Eclipse/Android Studio/Git Others: -Version Control System(Git) -OOP -MVC

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    Freelancer en Nairobi, Kenya
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    I am an expert mobile apps Developer targeting mainly iOS and Android platforms. I have been in the mobile apps development industry for over 8 years and during this period I have delivered quality services to major companies and wonderful Clients both within and outside Listed below are Services ...

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    Freelancer en Naro-Fominsk, Russian Federation
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    - More than 7 years of experience in various companies and on the freelance. - Creation and support of websites of various level of complexity. - Skills: PHP, MySQL, Javascript (JQuery, Ajax), HTML, CSS, etc. - Yii, Laravel, Modx, 1C-Bitrix, WordPress - Used: memcache/Redis, MsSql, git/svn/mercurial, ExtJs, Google/ ...

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    Freelancer en Bangalore, India
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    I am a talented and experienced full stack app developer expert. I have good experience with java script based applications and native android, windows phone app development and I have been working as a developer form last 8 years. I am a hard worker and enjoy working at all critical conditions. If hired by you I w ...

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    Freelancer en Mohali, India
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    I have the experience of working on projects based on Artificial Intelligence using Python and Java. I use some of the most secured PHP frameworks like CakePHP and CodeIgniter for my designing and development process. Custom CMS's are my strongholds. I am also well familiar with JIRA, Redmine, BitBuket and BaseCamp ...

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    Freelancer en Kharagpur, India
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    Coding is like playing music to me. I have brief knowledge in PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. I have already worked in several PHP frameworks like laravel 5.*, codeigniter, ZEND, cakephp etc and JS frameworks like Angular js, Backbone js etc. I have also worked with android and ios developers to provide t ...


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Why hire a developer with experience using Backbone.JS? Backbone is a lightweight framework that allows JavaScript developers to structure their code under the MVC format. MVC (Model View Controller) allows a developer to create a script that better retrieves and populates data from a particular source, format the view into the desired output and to create and save custom states of those scripts for each user in a specialized URL. As a result, Backbone creates JavaScript files that are more organized and better preserved for debugging at a later date.

Many JavaScript developers have noted that mastering the use of Backbone within their own coding practices can be difficult and has an steep learning curve. Even those familiar with the basics of programming in JavaScript can benefit from having a developer proficient in Backbone joining their web development team.

The importance of JavaScript and Backbone.JS in web development is here to stay and those interested in creating applications should note this trend carefully. Knowledge of Backbone continues to be increasingly important and those interested in creating content for the web face making one of two choices: the first being to learn JavaScript for themselves or the second, consider offshore software development. has an incredible wealth of software developers for hire that are sure to meet your web application development needs. You will be able to hire JavaScript developers with ease using the plethora of tools available to employers using the Freelancer platform. It’s as easy as posting a public project. Post your project for free. Simply write a detailed description of your JavaScript and Backbone.JS needs and in no time freelance computer programmers will be flocking to your project, offering competitive bids for their services.

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