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    Freelancer en YanJi, China
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    ***** Welcome To Fantasy Game Studio ***** As a powerful game studio, we have wealthy experience in developing AR/VR games & MMORPG ( Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game ), RTS ( Real Time Strategy ) and other social games as well as mobile/desktop apps. Passion in: - Augmented Reality (Vuforia, AR...

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    Freelancer en Yanjishi, China
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    Welcome to visit my Profile. I am a web, mobile app and game programmer offering over 5 years of experience on both client and server sides. I have advanced skills in Android, iPhone, iPad, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, Unity 3d, VR/AR. I have completed a Bachelor of Computer Science Degree and completed several...

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    The below list of delighted customers speaks for itself. - Business-Oriented Development Our team permanently works on advancing our technologies and skills, our main tool and weapon. This helps us to satisfy virtually any business needs avoiding technology constraints. - Impeccable Quality We believe that a...

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    Freelancer en Morelia, Mexico
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    My name is Jonathan R. Madrigal, I’m architect from Morelia, Mexico. I’ve been working with architectural visualization for the last 4 years. I am founder for "collective 913" a company who collaborate with architects and 3D specialist from "Panoramica Render Garage" and "Renderinc" Highly adept at 3D photorealistic...

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    Thanks for visiting my profile I have full experience of developing Game ( Unreal & Unity3D ) and VR / AR and Mobile App ( iOS, Android ) 1. Skills - Unreal , Unity Game - Virtual Reality(HTC Vive, Oculus) , Augmented Reality , LeapMotion - IPhone , Android - 3d modeling , rigging, animation - C++...

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    More than 90 Games, 45+ VR projects, 60+ AR projects, 15 simulations and few core android application so far. # Games, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: - I develop all types of games for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Consoles, Web. - I am one of the best Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Developer working on this...


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Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that overlays digital information, such as images, 3D models and videos, in a real-time environment. Augmented reality superimposes virtual objects on a view of the physical world. Therefore, AR supplements and enhances reality.

An emerging trend in recent years, applications using augmented reality have been featured in smart devices such as Windows’ HoloLens but it does not mean that this is reserved for the industry of technology alone. Today augmented reality is used in engineering, design, manufacturing, architecture, and other industries, through applications that utilize this technology. Experts suggest that the enterprise augmented reality app market will reach $2.4 billion in 2019, a staggering increase from its worth of $247 million in 2014. And with the development and proliferation of smart devices, companies must align their strategies with this technology to stay competitive or risk going obsolete.

Augmented reality’s diverse applications have made it increasingly popular among industries across the board, with companies such as Coca Cola, Siemens, and Loreal using it for their respective marketing and sales campaigns and even for business operations. The experience of augmented reality technology has allowed consumers to interact with both product and company like never before. If you want to take your company to the next digital level, can help you find an augmented reality expert that will do just that.

Connect to our community now by simply posting your project and receive competitive bids from augmented reality experts all around the world, in minutes, for free. We have specialists representing every technical, professional and creative field, providing a full range of solutions. You have the chance to post the unique specifications of your project, with the corresponding budget and timeline, and virtually create the opportunity to employ the perfect expert to meet your needs. Browse freelancer profiles, chat in real time, and compare prospective developers with ease.

Hiring an Augmented Reality expert from will give you the services of a professional that you can avail of on a per-project basis, allowing for flexibility and ease on both sides. Employ an expert with all the skills and work ethic needed for the success of your project, with no commitment of permanent employment.

On, efficiency and convenience is key to our system. Communicate with freelancers from anywhere in world through our Desktop App. Our mobile app allows for easy messaging on-the go.

Compensation is safe and customizable with our Milestone Payment system. You may choose to release payments according to a schedule of goals you set or choose to pay only on completion. This is customizable between you and your freelancer. Should you encounter any problems, our representatives are available 24/7 to assist you.

In this day and age, companies must align their strategies with the latest technology to stay competitive or risk going obsolete. Augmented reality has changed the way we see our world and can change the way you do business-- so sign up today and let change the way you get work done.