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    I have programming skills: 1) J2SE (Java for Desktop applications, 2 years experience) 2) Android development (1 year experience) 3) C++ coding( 3 years experience) 4) UI Design 5) Design and Concepts (Operating system related assignments, disk scheduling..etc.,) I also have experience in admin related jobs : 1)...

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    During last 7 years, i developed a wide range of iPhone, Android apps making use of Xcode, Android Studio and Xamarin. About 75 apps had been successfully created for native and hybrid, which are widely used all over the world. My competency lies in complete end-end management of a new mobile apps as well as fixing...

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    Thanks for opening to my profile. I have been doing Mobile & Web development for the past 10+ years, I have plenty of experience and a great eye for software development. I had already completed all job perfectly on time with high quality and I have many experience of developing mobile app and back end communication...

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    Welcome to my profile. I have over 6 years of development and implementation experiences over 180+ apps from small applications to large scale & complex enterprise solutions. I would say that "getting into the mind of the user" is one of my strongest skills that allows me to produce the highest quality software...

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    I am an Android developer and have very good experience with Java and Android technology. I have successfully completed 150+ projects on Android. If hired by you I will be responsible to complete the project within the stipulated time frame and with utmost confidence. Thank You.

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    We are Dignizant Technologies from Surat, India. We are here to give you best quality app and client satisfaction. We value people over profits, quality over quantity, and keeping it real. As such, we deliver an unmatched working relationship with our clients. We are one of Top 10 Freelancers for the Mobile...


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What is Android Wear?

It is an Android-based software platform designed for smart watches and any other wearables. The aim of Android wear is to provide information to the user at the right time and in the right amounts. It employs what is referred to as a card system. This system allows messages and notifications to be delivered in summary but with the option of either; delving into more details by swiping to the left or dismissing by swiping to the right. SDK has made it possible to customize your Android wear giving it a personal touch.

What You Should Know For Android Development:

  • Utilize the Standard and Well-Known Elements - stick to the standard native Android buttons and elements throughout the pages.
  • Diligently Test Your Product - be rigorous in your testing. If you can afford it, get a testing platform where you can test on lots of different devices. Otherwise, you are going to run into fragmentation problems.
  • Focus on Design to Standout in the Marketplace - design is becoming more important in Android’s marketplace. Excelling at design is a good way to be competitive and it’s becoming more and more the norm since the release of Android’s Ice-cream Sandwich OS.

What to Look for When Hiring an App Developer?

Understanding an App Developer’s Portfolio

Their portfolio is not like a website where they just build on a whim because they just want to be creative. Most of the time, because they are so expensive to produce, they are limited by the client’s budget and creativity. You have to talk to your developer and make sure that they have the vision and the skills to be able to do it – especially if it is a complicated app. allows you to vigorously screen freelancers via their online portfolios before you make your choice. 

Meet the Creative Team

Make sure that the creative team and the sales team are on the same page. While the sales team will be handling the contract, it is important to ensure that both you and the creative team understand what is stipulated on the contract. There could be something in the contract saying if the creative team finds out that it’s much more complicated, then they will have to raise the price. Be sure to post project with a very detailed description - so you can be sure the job is done right. 

Base the Contract on Milestones

For example; you can set a milestone for getting the first wire frames. It protects you as the employer. If you find out at some point that you don’t like how that team is working, but you want their wireframes, you just pay to that point and then take the wireframes with you. You have to do that at every single milestone and know when things are going to be delivered and the price is to be based on those deliverables. is home to tens of thousands of app developers across the globe. Finding the perfect one will certainly not be a problem. In fact, as soon as you post a project, you will start receiving bids from very competitive freelancers within minutes. You will be spoilt for choice. Don’t let that Android wear project wait any longer. Post a project on to get started.