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  • christheideaguy
    Organizador del concurso
    • 5 años atrás

    Hi Aaditya!

    My Team and I really like this logo. It is in the top 3 right now as we are narrowing things down today.

    Are you able to make a few revisions?

    Here would be our requests:

    1. Replace Family, fitness, faith, food, finances ... with ... "Integrated Life" please

    2. Change Font - Font for "the" and "way" could you use Vevey ... and for "Baden" could you use a font called Lavanderia

    3. Add gradient color to "The Baden Way" and the swirl extention

    4. 3 different color combinations with our provided color palette

    Thank you so much for your efforts on this logo! We love what you have created.

    • 5 años atrás