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As a D&D nerd (or should i say all spellcasters in D&D) are challenged with utilizing spellslots or any other markers that is used on a "day to day" basis inside of D&D

The project is a flat board with room for spellslots with an additional board that handles all other slots imaginable. The whole thing comes together with magnets.
It needs to come with a removable stand so it can be upright to save space on the table.

The additional board needs to be just as tall as the other board with room for as many nameplates and following pins. On the additional board there also needs to be room for 7 pins per nameplate and an extra nameplate (not visualized) at the top.
The nameplates needs to fit the nameplate holes but there need to be enough material on either side so you can remove it with your fingernails.

The magnet holes needs to be standard magnet sizes (3x3mm) as shown here:

The final product must be so its easy to 3D print.

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  • Hriday72
    • 4 años atrás

    #extended #extended

    • 4 años atrás
  • SzecsodiBalint
    • 4 años atrás

    Replying to your message, I cannot see Christophers product because it's sealed.

    • 4 años atrás
  • SzecsodiBalint
    • 4 años atrás

    Does it have to be decorated in some way? (or just keep it as simple as it's shown on the drawing) Does the "Spellbook" and "Levels" texts have to be designed or it will be written by you? What model type do you need for the 3D printer? (I think .obj can work). How many dolls do you need (shown on the spellbook picture)

    • 4 años atrás
    1. ChristianOlesen
      Organizador del concurso
      • 4 años atrás


      First i need it in an STL so i can make Gcode out of it.
      ALso it doesnt need to be decorated and the nameplates is pretty much just a standard nameplate that you can change out. So i need a standard nameplate with text that i can change myself.

      As for the spellbook, i would like the text to be indented into the board.

      • 4 años atrás
    2. ChristianOlesen
      Organizador del concurso
      • 4 años atrás

      Actually if you look towards Christophers product, its a good starting point.

      • 4 años atrás

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