A Look Into Freelancers’ Workspaces

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Freelancers have the luxury of working anywhere and anytime they want. A perk most freelancers enjoy is having the freedom to decorate their own workspaces.

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The most essential element in freelancer workspaces is their desktop computer or laptop (obviously because they do online projects). Some prefer to have just their computer while others want additional work tools (calculators, tablets, pens, etc.) and accents on their desks.

Having a comfortable workspace can do wonders for a freelancer’s productivity. It allows one to concentrate solely on important tasks and dismiss distractions.

Have you been distracted lately? It could be because of your disorganized desk. To connect productivity to one’s environment, Dr. B.J. Fogg, Director of Stanford's Persuasive Tech Lab once stated:

"There’s just one way to radically change your behavior: radically change your environment."

Let’s take a peek at the workspaces of some freelancers from our community:

eshad-salauddin.jpgEshad Salauddin, Bangladesh, Graphic Designer

“I enjoy working at home because of the total freedom here“


jaypatkar.jpgJay Patkar, India, Microsoft Excel - Visual Basic Application Specialist

“ I sometimes work from home as it is comfortable and I can balance my work and family lives. Most of the time, I spend time in my office and supervise my small team”


Linda Shiffrin, USA, Content Editor

“It's peaceful, and I have a nice view of the neighborhood”

kym.jpgKym Dunbar, Australia, Content Writer

“I enjoy working from home, out by the pool or even when I am on the road traveling with my dogs for a competition”

eko.jpgEko Halim, Indonesia, Graphic Designer

“I enjoy working at home or anywhere else. Managing my time and feeling no pressure is so surreal”


Do you want to share your own unique workspace? Upload the photos on your social media accounts and tag us (on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Publicado 31 enero, 2017

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