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Nombre de usuario: AAMSONS

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Ubicación: ISLAMABAD, Pakistan

Miembro desde: junio 2011



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  • $32 USD
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    Did the changes very fast and was patient with our accounting department. Great programmer! Knows exactly what he was doing.

    Project Description:Hi, theme I purchased is I have done some work with it to my site is I have having some problems (not too familiar with Wordpress) and need them fixed...
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  • $155 USD Hace 9 dias

    16-bit RISC Instruction SetMemory Access InstructionsDescriptionFormatOperationLoad ByteLDB rd, rsard:=Mem8[rsa] Loaded byte is sign extendedStore ByteSTB rs1, rsa Mem8[rsa]:=rs1Load WordLD rd, rsa rd:=Mem16[rsa]Store WordST rs1, rsaMem16[rsa]=rs1Data Processing InstructionsDescriptionFormatOperationAddADD rd, rs1, src2rd:=rs1 + src2Subtract SUB rd, rs1, src2rd:=rs1 – src2Arithmetic Shift Right ASR rd, rs1, src2rd:=(signed) rs1 >> src2Logical Shift Left LSL rd, rs1, src2rd:=rs1 > src2Bitwise ANDAND rd, rs1, src2rd:=rs1 · src2Bitwise OROR rd, rs1, src2rd:=rs1 | src2Set on Less Than SLT rd, rs1, src2rd:=1 if rs1 < src2; rd:=0 if rs1 ≥ src2Invert (1‘s complement) INV rd, rs1rd:=!rs1MoveMOV rd, src2rd:=src2Hamming Distance HD rd, rs1,src2 Rd:= Σ | rs1 – src2 |Control Flow InstructionsFormatFormatFormatBranch on EqualBEQ rs1, src2, labelBranch to label when rs1 = src2Branch on Not EqualBNE rs1, src2, labelBranch to label when rs1 != src2JumpJMP labelJump to label (unconditional)Control Flow DetailsIn the case of the branch instructions, the label is an offset (in 2‘s complement format from the PC) that is left shifted one place before being added to the PC.In the case of a jump instruction, the label is a 12-bit target address, logically left shifted one place and concatenated with the upper 3 bits of the PC.Register BankGeneral Purpose Registers; 8, 16-bit registers, numbered R0-R7Operand Descriptionrd -General purpose register used for storing the result of an operation rsa -General purpose register which stores the effective address for a memory transfer instruction rs1 -General purpose register that contains a source operand src2 -General purpose register that contains a source operand or immediate dataAchieve Hamming distance with and without HD rd, rs1,src2Solve overflow problemMake it a pipelined RISC designUse ‘display’ to show all the output in the console.( $display($time, &quot; >&quot;rd, rs1,src2);)Should be able to deploy and run on Baysys-2 fpgaCode should be original and not something that is copied from somewhere

  • $8 USD/hr Hace 18 dias

    I have a lot of small projects, to describe projects and accept prices are lose of time most time.I need someone that i can trust to work all time and if we make it hourly work it&quot;ll be easier for both sides.Bidders must have minimum 5 hours free time in days to work with me. It&quot;s not everyday of course but might be necessary.I prefer eagle cad, bidders must be able to use it as pro and knowledge of electronics and pcb design rules.Thanks for interest.

  • £150 GBP Hace 18 dias

    Engineer to join the development team on a contract basis to contribute to the development of BLDC motor controllers in the power range 0.5 to 1kW. Based, near Newcastle upon Tyne in Northumberland, 3 - 6 month contract that could extend or lead to perm role for right person.

  • [Sealed] Hace 18 dias

    I need to have a pcb designed or located if already on the market this is my needs for the board.110/240 volt input maybe a design for both or either a switch to change the input voltage.This will need to run 4= 110 volt motors, 4 speed controllers.I&quot;m assuming this will need to be designed like the quad-copter boards because it will be controlled by a RC remote control.I will need a accelerometer on the board.I will need a gyro and possibly a magnetometer. The use of these motors will not be to fly but will need to be controlled as they crawl along the ground, if you have any questions about how this will need to work please ask me because I&quot;m not a PCB designer or Electrical engineer

  • $155 USD Hace 18 dias

    I&quot;m looking for someone to take an open source firmware for an STC-1000 temperature controller and adapt it to a different temperature controller. The firmware needs to allow the user to create different temperature profiles. Each profile has a specified temperature for a specified time period before going to the next temperature and time period.Here&quot;s a link to the open source firmware that does a better job of describing how it works than I can. would prefer to be able to modify the firmware through a USB Microchip ICSP PIC Programmer instead of an Arduino. There is an attached picture of the processor of the target controller that I need the above firmware adapted to. I can provide more pictures and information at a later time.

  • $155 CAD Hace 18 dias

    pls read pdf. need this in the next 8 hrs!!!

  • $146 USD Hace 23 dias

    writing the verilog code, and then using ModelSim simulator.sample code will be provided... Will share detailed requirement with interesting bidders

  • €751 EUR Hace 23 dias

    Build a SCD ( Smart Card Detective ) ;The whole project and informations can be downloaded from : .

  • ₹5555 INR 14/02/2014

    specifications : 1 . Input voltage 0-120 V 2 . Input current 0-100 amps3 . Output : wattage , voltage , current, to be displayed on LCD and Total consumption in KW/h to be stored in EEPROM and also to be displayed on LCD 5. Components Used : 16 x 2 LCD ( 4bit mode ) , voltage divider circuit using resistor network , current sensor for measuring use WCS1600, Micro controller to be used is PIC16F628A.terms and conditions : 1. code should be written on our system using team viewer 2. display of hardware will be made available to you by means of Webcamonce BID is awarded we will be providing you the schematic of the circuit to your e-mail.

  • $155 USD 29/10/2013

    I need an Altera NIOS project setup to get started with a new development. The Ethernet IP (10_100_1000 Mbps tri-mode ethernet MAC) needs to be embedded in Altera FPGA and connected to NIOS. Platform is Altera NIOS Development kit with Cyclone 3 (see NIOS II Embedded Development kit). The ETHERNET-HSMC Card (same site) is plugged into the kit to give access to Ethernet MACs. Deliverables: Quartus project and demo software for reading and writing to MII and Phy interface. Only unencrypted sourcecode is accepted. LGPL license or less is acceptable.

  • $4500 USD 06/04/2013

    1. I need a device that can encode track1 & track2 from magnetic strip into EMV chip card2. I need device that will be able to gather EMV info from card.

  • $100 USD 24/12/2012

    866-607-7929 | 701-232-1328help@onlineracing.tvHOME PAGE | HELP/SUPPORT | LOGOUT Bet Now Horse Racing Greyhounds My Account Today&quot;s Races Results Calendar Video Store Refer a FriendNOTICE: Hialeah has cancelled the remainder of todays card.:VideoSort by: MTP | TrackDOG TRACKSTRACKMTP6Wheeling Day [G]Race: 15Palm Beach Mat [G ]Racing CompleteSt. Johns Mat [G]Racing CompleteTri-State MAT [G] [Mardi]Racing Complete Tri-State MAT [G] [Mardi] 12/24/2012 Post Time: 4:18PM EST MTP:0 # Runner Win ($2) Place ($2) Show ($2)3 Mac&quot;s Lynley 19.60 9.00 4.406 Roc A By Maggie 1 5.201 Dutch Daphne 3.004 Iruska Pensive $2 QUI (3/6) Paid $31.20 $2 TRI (3/6/1) Paid $166.00 $1 TRI ( BO) Paid $83.00 $0.10 SUP (3/6/1/4) Paid $38.41 $2 PK4 (5/3/8/3) Paid $3,170.60POOL TOTALS: $33815/263 28713 38816 44 512 WAGERS: W, P, S, $2 QUI, $1 TRI, $0.10 SUP# DOG ODDS ML MED WEIGHT TRAINER 1 Dutch Daphne 5/2 5 57 Christina Fields 2 Fleet Trent 8 9 61 Barbara Calebaugh 3 Mac&quot;s Lynley 8 3 81 Ralph McMillon 4 Iruska Pensive 4 2 72 Brittany S. Fisher 5 Air Way Amy 12 18 57 Brandon Hager 6 Roc A By Maggie 3 4 58 Brent Woodcock 7 Coach Lazzaro 13 18 73 Greg Geter 8 Rck Flyin Missle 16 9 75 Mike Taylor BALANCE:$0.28 About Us | Terms &amp; Conditions | Wager Responsibly | Help/Faq&quot;s | Contact Us | Privacy PolicyCopyright 2007-2011 All rights is a fully U.S. Licensed, Based &amp; Regulated Horse Racing Betting Site.Providing fast service and payouts

  • $100 USD 12/03/2012

    Motor Control of a BLDC Motor:Phase Control of a BLDC motor. The project involves programming in c++, electronics circuit design and fabrication, debugging.

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